Catastrophic Flood in Dammeron Valley Utah Our Friends Home Is In Devastation

Catastrophic Flood in Dammeron Valley Utah

All right, good morning guys, we we’ve been a little m.i.a on the whole vlogging. This week I have I’ve just been busy. I’ve been I’ve been living in my cave of an office with lights out, just grinding away, pounding my head against a big desk and editing stuff, so planning hunts, booking hunts, all that fun stuff, but anyways. So today, it’s last night I kind of go back. I’m getting ahead of myself last night, we’ve got. We got quite a bit of rain, a lot of rain in a short amount of time and we actually had flooding all over southern Utah in places and one of those places was Dameron Valley and a good buddy of mine lives there, and this morning I didn’t Even know this morning I was just got up having my coffee, strolled social media, and I saw on scg news that damron had flooding and 18 houses were pretty much under water.

So I texted Garrett right away and said: hey man is your house safe and he said? No, so I guess I had 4 foot of water in the basement. Busted out, all the windows in the basement was coming through the front door. Wow, it’s a lot of water, so we are heading up right now to help him out in any way possible. And could you guys see here we’ll see what I am today? You always kept me out. Thank you here, my boys. I guess maybe she’s talking loud enough we’re about ten minutes away. Friddle do some video and once we get close just to kind of show where some of the water was running and across, I think I guess they actually had to shut down the main highway. There’s. So much water going across it.

So not a good deal sucks, I feel for him, and hopefully we can help him get things right here. We go. You knock down fences, it brought boats across streets and it certainly left enough mud to last a lifetime. Now this is video one resident gave us. This was water that was flowing to the top of the garage door on her barn. That also means all this water will have got into her basement. The Dameron Valley Fire Department was helping her pump out the water today. In all the fire chief says, he’s estimating 19 homes have flooded, basements and nearly 200 homes have some type of property damage, big and small. Now, even though all the homes flooded are still livable for one woman, her downstairs gym was wiped out a gym. That was more than just a luxury, and so this gym gets used every day in the world to me, so it was pretty hard for me. Yeah say: we’ve been thrown much more power than that. Well, yeah he’s probably still up. You can see where the water came in actually ,

Alright, guys. We are out here in Dameron Valley today helping some friends who got flooded at yesterday. It has totally devastated the whole bottom floor of their house and damaged a lot of stuff. I’m going to go show you there’s a lot of stuff that is not going to be salvageable down here and show you they’re having to get rid of a lot of things. Unfortunately, bed furniture brand new bow, I mean it’s just it is complete devastation. You can’t imagine so we are going to help these guys we’re setting up a GoFundMe for these guys so that they can get the stuff replaced. I’m sure they can use all the help they can get. We will link that in this video, if you can help with anything, please do looks like we got most of this saw picked up. This was all the furniture that was pulled up from downstairs yeah, so I’m going to resume. Helping get this stuff moved because the clouds are coming in again, Garrett’s brand-new beau got hit so much stuff. How overwhelming that must bill got a full dumpster pushed mud through we just spent a day out here, the microphones. On the other side


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