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Coloring Antler

Or into the gym – and I have made a commit to start trying to video a little bit mark for our vlog, which is just going to be everyday life, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to be hunting or shy, hunting or about hunting or about deer. This is going to , be what we’re doing that day and most days we start our day off heading to the gym. So that is what we’re on our way to do: yep yep! This is my chauffeur drives me everywhere, so I don’t have to Driving Miss Daisy. You got ta go to the post office, we got some antler shot glasses. We need to get shipped better finished and we got a crapload more stuff to do today. I don’t know what yet but there’s a lot as our favorite maverick right there.

Our town is growing incredibly fast, like it’s getting out of control. at the summit, ready to work out all right. We’re done with the gym. Britt and Bryn just took off to the DMV to get the new new car registered and I’m getting ready to start another project so got the shot glasses done out. Antlers are gone cars fixed running and today I’m coloring this bad boy. I’ve got the skull partially put back together from when having to cut it and now we’re going to call him and I’m coloring him, because I’m still in the air on whether I’m keeping him or I’m selling him. And if I keep him a 1 colored. And if I sell them, I think you’ll do better colored.

So that is the project of the afternoon. When I got it out, I’ve got some canola oil. I got a rag, that’s saturated and what I’m going to do is I’m going to rub this whole rack down with some canola oil and let it sit for a minute and probably hit it one more time and then from there I’m going to use a oil Based paint and I’m going to paint the whole thing and then I’m going to take some more rags, I’ma, saturate them and some lacquer thinner and rub it all down. So I’ll kind of show you guys it’s going to be tough, to show you everything, while I’m doing it because of the mess that it makes on my hands and I don’t want to touch the camera.

So what I’ll do is I’ll? Just get a process done and kind of show you guys how it turned out when I got done with it and then on top of it, we got Remy who’s going to be dropping her ball in the way, the whole time because she wants it thrown huh. Ooh, all you do yah yah yah. Oh dad messed up, so it again huh ready Maggie likes to chase around me. She thinks she’s, pretty tough. You need to probably go in the house because you’re kind of dumb and when the girls get here, you’ll probably get run over. So alright, let’s get started the DFB today to go. Get my car registered for lagoon. Yes, indeed, we’re going to or while they’re going to again, this is going to , be their first big experience to be responsible and handle stuff responsible, yeah you’re operating a motor vehicle yeah.

Okay, we’ll keep you updated, Brett everybody’s favorite place in the whole entire world, the DMV, let’s hope, there’s not five trillion people and got ta be a mom okay. We got it all welled up and see you’re , not there’s quite a bit. What we’re going to do is just let that sit, and in the time of letting that sit, what we’re going to be doing is we’ve got some hundred grit sandpaper, and what we’re going to do is we’re just going to hit all the tips just kind of Clean them up, smooth them out we’re not going to go down into any of the any of the texture of the antler. We’re going to stay out on this on the smooth part of the tips and just kind of soften it whiten it a little bit with this before we have color, and the reason is is because when you sand on antler it it hardens it differently. So it doesn’t absorb paint like antler. That’s not that’s, not sanded, so we want the tips to stay white and smooth and pretty, and we don’t want them to absorb paint. They will get paint on them. It just it happens. But if it’s, if they’re , smooth and stuff, they won’t absorb the paint and the color like stuff – that’s not sanded!

So we’re going to do a pretty good sanding job on them, really quick with 100 grit and then, when that’s done I’ll show you guys what we do next and how we go about painting and Maggie’s having some canola oil Maggie Maggie, hey! Look at me. Are you having some canola oil and sawdust she’s, a fiend when I do antlers she comes out here. Just keeps licking up all the antler dust so see in a minute, your very first vehicle, the title coming in the mail. It was so fast that was literally like two minutes. We pulled the number out and they were like calling our number right away. We don’t even sit up. Are you ready? What are you getting ready to do yeah? What are you doing get in your car smelling? Good, I can smell it out here.

Somebody who had it before oh you’re , going to , want to make sure that you empty that vacuum tank. What are you doing Maggi? Is that roll one around on the carpet all right? So that’s what they’re doing they’re hanging out in the hundred and five degree weather – and I am NOT – I am innocent lights off, because nobody in my family knows how to shut lights off drives me crazy. I am going to go and finish up some painting and then dinner is not too far away. This is one of the projects. I’ve been working on be upside down cute. A lot of the stuff I’ve been doing is for event planners. Another light on probably can’t even see my face on that one. There is a lot of the projects I’ve been taking on are for event planners.

So that’s why that is trolls. It’s for a trolls birthday party, and this is what I’m going to go back to finish, painting all of us, so I will show you a finished product when I’m done all right. I got all the tips cleaned up shined out now I got my raw umber cuz, the color I’m going to use. I got it in there and I’m just going to cut it down thin it out with some lacquer thinner and start rubbing it on all right. We just got done eyed and paint and taking paint off. Basically, I used the burnt umber, like I just showed you or no it was. It wasn’t burned raw umber and broke it down with some lacquer thinner, applied it all over the antler and then pretty much got another rag and just saturated it, kept it saturated with lacquer thinner. What I did is I took a water bottle, so I don’t have to keep opening and dumping the lacquer thinner. I took a water bottle, filled it up a lacquer, thinner and just punched a little hole in the top, and then I just kept saturating. My rag and just rubbing everything down just constantly just blending it rubbing it in and highlighting it, and it looks to me it doesn’t look right yet, but it’s wet still. It’s going to take about a day to dry, and then I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I might add a little bit more color. I might not. I think I’m going to like the way it’s looking now, because it’s got the I wanted a black or look for bowls that are in the burns and stuff this bowl was was close to a burn. So I wanted to. I wanted to add a little black to it and you know it’s a desert bowl, so I want it to be light too, but anyways I’ll show you what it looks like now and then what I plan on doing with it. You know still – I don’t know – hopefully that’s better – hopefully my video wasn’t just all jacked up because of the Sun. So let me get out of this shadow right here, so it is right there and I got the tips fairly white. I still want to get them whiter, especially the back end where it is stuck in the dirt right in there come on okay. So apparently it’s getting too hot. For my thumb, it’s not wanting to focus right now go morning, sunshine, but you can see. There’s color there it’s just it’s stained there yeah, it’s not going to , come out with color by just wiping it and sanding it. It sits in there pretty good.

So what I think I’m going to do is I’m going to try a trick. First, before I even mess with paint color, because I want it, I want them to have a natural, a natural look to him and I don’t want to have too much paint as far as besides the brown, obviously so yeah. That’s! Where he’s at I’ll. Try to video them the night to see if I get a little better, so we’re going to . Let him dry and we’re going to go sit in the air-conditioner format. I am sweating. It is a hundred something that reads out here today. Just ridiculous got the TV cranked up to way too high and I’m just now getting around sister hurting dinner. I’ve gotten as far as defrosting the chicken . Are you pushing buttons going after Natasha [, Music ]? That’s all back! I told you to turn it down. I can’t hear myself think anywhoI’ve gotten as far as chicken. So this is what dinner is tonight and who knows? Maybe that’s that’s all I’ll. Do we have a cupboard full of stuff but nothing to make something? If that makes sense, like you only have 3/4 of the recipe for everything that I’ve been looking at sub, I don’t know I’ll. Keep you updated I’ll show you what I end up with josh is a lot more of a creative cook, I’m just alike.

Let’s get this over with so we can eat food can cook. I sometimes like to cook like on Sundays, when, like everybody’s here and helping, but I really don’t like weekday Mills in Burnley – she doesn’t help of anything. This is what really does bring Wednesday boyfriend’s on her phone. Looking for Instagram followers right all right leg up, so what’s happening right now they ramen noodles, they always save the day. Friendlies, cooking or masterpiece Romney go quit eating with the chicken uh-huh. This is what I decided. I had a type age of vegetables in the freezer, so I use that kind of like a stir-fry. I don’t even have four kids teriyakI loser sauce tastes, good, I don’t know yet so I’m making homemade teriyaki, which is soy, sauce brown, sugar, rice wine, which I didn’t have so I said to some other red wine thing I had and water fire. Okay, can you I know, I need to taste it first I’ll taste it like me, maybe a little more brown sugar here. I’ll put. How do you want to taste it? I don’t want you to just put your finger in it.

Okay, I can get a cold like a month ago. No, no just get a different spoon so that I can I’ll take a chick move forward and we have no more chicken, oh boy, various the way. Saucy more brown sugar, huh, alright, we’re almost there. So we do it up fancy here, man, we got the paper plate yeah, I don’t care. We are a fancy family. If you haven’t been able to tell that by now, especially with our taste in music, yeah we’re the paper plate kind of family and I’m going to go get some drinks in the garage. Oh and here here’s all the laundry I haven’t done. We have more important stuff to do. Yeah you in the grocery store, but try not to ever run out of that. This is my lifeline. This is the one true indulgent that I love in life Eric Burdon anything. Oh somebody put it in the fridge where it goes all right: let’s eat some supper home, welcome, shaded in both eyes and really thinks setting a table is merely bed time.

Finally, this is hella good, like it now time to go to bed. Well, actually, we’re not going to go to bed we’re going to go and sit in real-life bugs that’s a good day. We got a ym, I got orders finished dinner, cooked  bring these vehicle registered the gym. What else did I get then got a couple orders place like new orders. I need a water now we’re going to upload this video we’ll start editing it so that we can have some more consistent videos back



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