Crazy Elk Shed Trip w/Tyne Part 2 Antler Trader

Crazy Elk Shed Trip – Part 2

Part 2 elk shed hunting with Tyne in Pursuit of 400″

All right so here we go day to end of the day yesterday, with 12 total horns, antlers, eight of them being elk and then four deer for deer horns. So here we go day two got on the map. Last night, looked at the area, we’re in real close saw a lot of elk yesterday, but just still didn’t really get into the horn, so we’re going to move a little bit to the northwest from where we’ve been going to see what that produces so stay tuned. Whatup, so we’re we’re a couple hours in just been busting our butts to get straight out as far as we could out to this sage flat, and we just heard it on the way I found. You know this old, raggedy Elkhorn and a couple deer horns. But that’s it so it was yeah just bust some butt to get to this flat, so we can start hitting around it and all right here on the edge of it old dead head stuck in the tree. It looks like poor bastard man. We sure going to phone that sooner cool bowl. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you all right, so here we go just did that little video that old, dead head was stuck in the tree not too long ago back there and just kept up the valley here like we were talking after hitting the edge of it and finally found my First brown of the year, and oh not too far away so hard white from looks like gosh. It looks like a hard white. So thank you thing. Thank you. First brownie of the year broke cool bowl and then anything thank you for that. Bull right there, hard white for sure little acorn action gone so right on. Hopefully we get them do a little pocket oven. Here I was putting everything away too soon. I look look to my left and see that I’m sticking up through the brush and see we got another brownie big, think thank you right. There heck yeah, brownie number, two. Hmm, then, a few days, okay, hang tight. We can see if, before I put everything when I’m a walk around this here, a little more, if there’s anything else, I’m missing so okay, so just going around this little patch here, I’ve see sagebrush where we just found the two Browns and the hard white, and I just found just come across this back in this broke back end, so hopefully you can see it just keep walking around here and this one’s old been getting eight alive. Hopefully you can see it and then the other side over here pretty much all been. Eight.

Oh there’s another right there that was cool, so it’s at 3, so think think think. You think think thank you and thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, heck. Yeah that little spot was fun. Just got done shopping everything to the pack. We got a lot more country to go ok, so we just came straight up from that. Little hole we were in is just a little sagebrush valley and it just kind of rolls up this hill just a little bit through these trees, and then it breaks up into another sagebrush Valley, and we just we’re coming in out of the trees right here. Behind me, you can see just coming into it, we got shed. So don’t you think! Thank you. Oh man, this thing is old. Well, hopefully we got from the old old to the brown. Ok heck yeah. We got another brownie, so just pick that one up across the thing here and hang right on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, where’s the other side. You got an oldie, take it. I think things. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, we’ll take it hi.

So here we are being tiny just met up at the top of this here draw I had a drink and decided on what direction we’re going to go. Looking on the map, we could tell this way was a lot lot more sagebrush, so we decided to drop down. Here’s been on one side of this patch, nothing on the other, and I found a couple. I found quite a few horns so far and the time I could see time and hid down here in the bottom just take off a run into sagebrush and he’s got a pretty cool set so check it out. I got one up over here, it’s not a brown, but I don’t know if it’s brown nice. Thank you. Thank you. You think. Thank you. Oh yeah, oh here goes just got the packs loaded up. This is one of the spots we stashed a bunch of our sheds earlier and we’ve hit everything around here. We can hit so it’s about 3:30, where we’re quite a few miles from the truck and we’re pretty heavy, so we’re head now. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the good luck, hard work, that’s how you come out of country heavy. Hopefully you can see kind of oh yeah, please it goes okay.

So here we go day. Three! It’s about eleven o’clock. We started off this morning. We hit by camp again with no luck. It was just I don’t know, hit some of that country looks so good, but it just wasn’t producing so we packed up everything this morning and we took off back down to the south, hit some new country on her way out, basically and hopefully find some more Browns we picked up five Browns so far yeah. So yesterday we ended. We ended yesterday at 27 miles. I found 17 yesterday time picked up 13 time picked up the 13 big big, older sheds, but they’re all pretty big where a lot of mine were broke, but we we hit it hard and found that heavy packs yeah. So today we’re trying to hopefully get around more water, so we can see if we can pick up more browns because they’re obviously hitting the ground. So yes, sir yeah yeah, so here we go all right.

So we’re about 3045 minutes into this third day hike and we’re shooting straight up this hill. We’re parked right by a hill that just goes straight up: it’s real thick cedar, but on top it looks like it kind of breaks open a little bit. So that’s what we’re kind of aiming for right now and I’m almost the top I’m about 3/4 way up this and we got a set of deer so pretty cool little set looks like thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I think you think you think you, oh it’s a freak cool 4×2. I like it, the crazy ones are some of the best we’ll take them alright, so we’ve been going for quite a while now pretty film, pretty deflated after have them.

Two great days like we did and then the last day just be just so hit and miss like it is found the two deer sheds early and then went all the way to the end of where I wanted to be hit. A bunch of that. This signs. Just not there so we’re working our way back towards truck and pick this up, but, finally, lo and behold we got a shed right over here in the trees. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this Brooklyn. Oh sad, heck yeah. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for that one man there old finally, some weight on the pack all right, so here we go all right, so here we go end of day three.

It’s about 3:30 4 o’clock right in there got pretty hot on us today, so we we didn’t go as hard or as far as we have the past two days, but we did find a few horns. Though I found, I found the two deer the elk set, the deer set dog sitting in the dead head and then tying got skunked today. What was that we did 19 total miles today. I did 19, you did about 15, so it’s just a little bit of extra mileage, where I found all my horns but yeah. So what a fun trip me and Tyne killed it we had a ball total can count in the deadheads. You know we didn’t. We didn’t pick up any of the dead head, just cuz everything was so far back him. We didn’t have room for the extra weight yesterday and then the one today was so far gone. I’M not even messing with it but yeah. So if, like 50 horns, total 50, something horns – and here it is so got that set – I picked up yesterday back there set of Browns – I picked up set of Browns time picked up that nasty set. He found we recorded yesterday’s back there couple hard White’s.

We still got stuff taped together, oh yeah front end other things: will have to score that just for fun, because it’s eight-point sides crazy. I got a tiny tip to it. There yeah yeah and then oh cuesta best I’ve done on deer and wild. Well, I’m getting a like. I got to three sets they’re two years off one buck that goofy for 4×2. I just picked up hard white and then a bunch of broken Bowl stuff right there. So yep fun trip think think. Thank you. So till next time peace out, you



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