Crazy Elk ShedTrip w/Tyne Part 1 Antler Trader

Crazy Elk Shed Trip – Part 1

We hit the hills with friend and fellow Guide Tyne H. after Elk sheds in the pursuit to Break 400″.


Out here, hitting hitting they’ll country with the tine here guys tine time called me up so dude, I’m tired you picking up all these small antler you’re coming with me.

We’re going to go find big stuff. So here we go we’re in tine secret spot. So, let’s see how it pans out we’re here for half of today and the two full days, so we will take off Friday now so P. So here we go. We were broad 11 miles in a couple hours later few hours later, since we started and it found one deer. I mean nice little hard white, little cheater young buck good potential and then they got a a chalky deer they’re broken tine. So far, but I said Bob 11 miles in and got a first oh . Finally, so big thing, thank you almost to it right here. I don’t tell a cheater.

It’s a cool shred cheater coming off the you for there. I told her. I think you got a great beam, no cheater right on that’s what we’re looking for right there. No, hopefully we can find more of these, just like him find some big I’ll, take hard, white and round. First, though, so right now peace, alright, so we were just literally straight over on this other finger right here. Sorry, sorry straight over on this other finger right here when I picked up that last I’ll shed and we dropped all the way down this thing, this steep all the way, the bottom and then started working up the other side, and I turn on. I look up this finger next to it and there’s an up shape.

So I mean this: is this straight up and down so I left the bag and everything back down there on the other, he’ll figure out grab it run up grab this shed really big shed that finished, Johnny Big Five, don’t look like the other side. One just picked up, though well big Thank you. Thank you. Alright, okay, so I just got these two strapped on and come up over this little rise here and I almost stepped right on top of this one right there. Well, okay, cool cool! Thank you, yeah well grassy stretch right here and handle picking up about ten of these little shits out of it they’re in here. Okay, so we’re still just working up the same just same draw here in the grass we’re getting out of the grass now pick the edge of these trees, and we had your set cool buck dang buck one there one there. I think you think thank you.

Potential split for short on the g2 split main, trying to split Maine over there cool buck. You know maybe a couple hundred yards here: okay, now we’re starting to get into the thick trees. Another choker! Thank you! Thank you whoo! Oh, I guess I should have looked up the hill farther before I started. Attaching everything I pack, I just got done, attaching it all. Thank you. Thank you. There is well there’s the other side to the first 150 yards up and to the left. Thank you. Thank you has all horns right there in that one little probably 20 other you, you


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