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Custom Built Fire Truck

What’s up guys all right, we’ve got a little bit different video today for you it’s going to be longer than a day, but today I wasn’t. I’ve already started on this project and so I’m a little bit ahead, not a lot just a little bit ahead ofum kind of what we got going. I guess but anyways I figured I’m going to video what we got going so excuse me: I’ve got dust everywhere. I’ve got a dust mask on. I had gloves on. I don’t know where I put my safety glasses but anyways. This is what we got. We’ve got an old mac fire truck here that my brother-in-law brandon brought bought here about a year ago. My brother-in-law brandon bought about a year ago and me and my other brother-in-law greg, are partnering up with him on it to turn it into something, really, cool, really really cool. You guys are going to see um, but right now I just want to kind of show you guys what I’m doing and I’ll keep doing this to kind of keep it going. Um, I’m the worst at videoing. I just all right. We got a fire truck, we’re going to turn in something cool, I’m going to be doing most labor on it.everybody’s going to help, but some of the bigger stuff is kind of my project but anyways, I’m in the bed of the truck right now and what we’ve got going. I’ve already taken the lids off of this is the word. It holds the water and I’ve already taken all the lids off and uh. We’ve we’ve used those on other projects and everything, but then I went through and I cut out all the baffling that they had in here. It kind of helps the water from sloshing side to side and and all that other stuff helps the vehicle stay secure. A lot more stable and secure on the road with this much water in the bed of it with turns and and braking and stopping and going so I’ve got all the baffling cut out now.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to take the plasma cutter. I’m going to cut a line right there on that wall and I’m going to cut a line right there and then right there and there I’m going to take that chunk out and I’m going to move this whole wall in to the edge of right here. Basically, I’m going to do the same thing on both sides, and this is going to be we’re going to build this wall up, and this whole spot right here is going to , be where we’re going to hold what it is we’re doing with this truck, because of What we’re putting in right here! That’s the reason I’m bringing the wall in is so you guys will see anyways um, but on top of it, I need straight access to this panel right here, because we’re going to be mounting stuff all along this right here. We’re going to jayden’s going to start painting or not painting shading is going to start today, he’s going to be sanding all the red on this truckI’ll jump down. So I can kind of show you guys here a little bit more of this truck.

So, as you can see, it’s basically fire engine red with lots of diamond plate and the diamond plate over the years has actually been painted. So we are not going to try to polish this up we’re going to actually raptor line itblack and then everything. That’s red we’re going to go with the darker just deeper red um, we’re going to lower it to the ground. I’m going to , be starting on that after I get the bed done um, but it’s going to sit way lower, so jay’s going to be sanding everything. That’s red and then we’re going to paint it red we’re wrapped a line in black we’ve got a bunch of cool things that are going to be going on in the back end of this thing, we’re stripping everything off those are out their market lights. We’re going to be taking all those off and then we’re going to be building stuff back here and then we’re also going to be building stuff within these boxes. Right here, so stay tuned, guys see what transpires and and how this turns out. Hopefully I can get a pretty good, in-depth video for you guys to seeone of our little side. Hustles see all right guys, sogot a whole bunch of the stuff done yesterday on the fire truck got done about seven seven thirty last night and I ended up even with safety, glasses and safety equipment on. I ended up getting a piece of metal.

In my eyes, so today I don’t know if I can even open my eyes to show you, but today I just went we had had it removed and then they had to grind the rust out, which was pretty awesome, and now I’ve got a band-aid over my Eye that looks like a contact lens, which is pretty crazy, but because of the issues I wasn’t able to show you guys what we got done on the fire truck last night.

So tomorrow, I’llresume that work and show you where we’re at we’re eye protection. Even though I did, I still got something in my eye, so we’ll see you guys in a bit thanks to this hottie for taking me on her birthday today is her birthday, happy birthday, babe yeah, I’m pretty good, so messed up our plans, but I’ll make it Up to her see you guys sorry, I gotwelding dust everywhere or grinding dust. Excuse me all right: we’ve got the doors built and uh. Now, we’ve got to go, get some help, so we can lift them up and put them up on top here and weld on the hinges anda holding a couple holding mechanism. We don’t want the wind to be able to flip them over on somebody while they’re in the back of this doing what they need to do and so right now, I’m going to show you guys the doors that I’ve got built and then we’ll get them put Up and I’ll show you guys what that looks like, so this is the passenger side or right side door right here got it all put on. I’ve got myflat stock here for a lip, so the other door will come up and sit right here when it closes, and this will kind of be a lip.

We’re going to have to put some liner in there to kind of seal it up, make it airtight or watertight, but there’s one door and there’s the second door. I just got done tacking on the the sheet metal on it. So there they are two big doors to go right. There sit up on top. I added that this weekend kind of helps support the load back here, because the front doors are going to actually sit up on that that line or that rim up there for support and then back here for support and then once these are on. I’m going to build two more doors right here, that’ll swing out and then swing back in and then these doors will come down and sit on top of those doors.

Basically, so that’s where we’re at and that’s what we’ve got done. Jay has been sanding. There was a bunch of big bubbles and rust spots on this thing and once we got the sanding them down, we realized there’s a lot of bondo, see: there’s old, bondo right there, a lot of bondo on this thing, so we had to cut out all the Rust we put in some new pieces, I filled in with the welder. I filled in all the holes that I was showing you guys chase, got those bondo’d and now we’re starting to sand the whole truck. So we can repaint it nextorder of business is going to , be lowering this thing as soon as I get these doors built, we’re going to jack, it up, take the leaves out andremove every other leaf polish them up and then put it back Together, so we can get this thing sitting a little lower to the ground, but that’s where we’re at guys. Anybody know what we’re doing with it. Yet it’s coming you’re going to see. So thanks forfollowing along, if you’ve got any questions hit me up. Let me know, and I’ll do my best to answer – see you in a bit good morning, guys all right. Wewe finished and it’s not totally finished, but we pretty much finished the uh, the big overhead doors on the fire truck yesterday. So there’s the top one, the right one and there’s the left one I’ll show you guys how they work. Just like that. The video camera brandon you’re talking to the video camera, yeah buddy, HI internet, that’s ray!

That’s my brother-in-law, brandon brandon and I and my other brother-in-law greg are the ones that are going to be putting this fire truck to use, I’m building it and they’re kind of handling, all the other stuff so which you guys will see yeah so anyways this one. Pretty much justcomes down and granted we’re going to have seals on everything rubber, all that good stuff, so it seals up nice and tight and comes down nice and easy this one’s a little heavier. We’re probably going to , have to put some struts on it. I’m definitely going to have to build some handles for it, but once it’s closed that comes down over it. Just like that, and now I’m building the two doors that are going to go right here and those are right there. I welded them up this morning or actually I welded them up last night, just before I went home this morning, I went and got some steel diamond plate and I just cut the panels that are going to go on those and then we’re going to hinge it And put them right here and they’re going to swing out right here.

So that’s where we’re at so far and I’m going to get back to work and get this thing buttoned up. So this back half is is done and then the next big order of business is going to , be lowering it so see you guys in a bit as soon as I finish, these doors I’ll show you how they turned out. What’s up guys, we are back and we’ve got the back doors done. That’s that right there I don’t have a locking mechanism put on them yetor a handle, but there they are in the rough before paint andthere’s the roof. So we’ve got a few more little things to do in the bed and then it’s going to be paint for that and then we’re going to start painting the outside and then we’re going to start. Attaching more stuff. We’ve got some uh. We just got in one of our things for the truck well, four of our things for the truck right. There, four 4k 50 inch tvs for the fire truck. Has anybody got a clue yet? What this thing’s going to be anybody? It’s going to be pretty cool. All right, I’m going to get the top open and everything and then I’ll show you guys really quick kind of what I got done in there andwe’ll go from there all right. We got it opened up. So what we did jay built us some handles right there, just to kind of help, pull it down and close them.

We’re going to put some lift struts on this. We just don’t know when, where we’re going to put them and how we’re going to put them yet it uh, it May be one of the last things we do. We’re going to see how it goes from there, but anyway, so what I’ve got done now so far, is I put up thissteel screen right here and I did it just with self I welded these two bars in, but then with the still screen. I just used self tappers, just in case it gets mangled or beat up. We can swap it out really easy without having to grind welds and stuff like that, because all this function is right here is to let water go through it. We don’t want things to go through it, but we do want water to go through it. Now this side’s pretty much done. I’ve got a nice cleaned up lip. I got rid of the gouge marks from the plasma and everything and we went and got some of this just little plastic siding stuff, and this is going to go on that like that. But first we’re going to run a bead of silicone all the way down. It and then I got the little two inch strap put in to kind of fill in that gap between the water tank of this truck and the actualhard side same thing over there. Two inch strap we’re going to silicon all that off now and uh. It’s really it’s! That’s not going to hold water in nothing.

That is more so to keep the water out of that from the fender wells that are right there and right there. This side was a little bit worse than that side. This one had a little bit more rust, so we decided just to fill it and then we’ll silicone it and then I’ve got to get into. I got to get underneath and get the cap off of the old drain, so I can attach new pipe to the old drain and run it in a 90 and out the side with a petcock or a ball valve or whatever. So we can drain the water. That’s in here without having to get underneath it or do anything stupid or special. That is where we’re at. I also have made sure the generator one of the generators inverter will fit in this back box and uh. I’ve got a few things to do in there.

I’m going to plumb the exhaust of the generator out the side and weigh up the front of the frame and come out probably probably somewhere up along thethat hose reel and have it go up in the air and then on top of it. I’m going to insulate the inside of this box, but I’m also going to put I don’t know how, where I’m going to put them. Yet I need to look around and see what’s under around the you know inside here, but we’re going to put a fan in and then another exhaust hole just for air circulation to help the generator stay, cool andover here. This is going to be we’re going to put propane tanks in this bad boy right here. It’s all going to be plumbed through the truck hidden You’ll never have to open this, except for two change: propane tanks and this box right here. This is going to be the media box. This is going to housestreaming devices stereo equipment, the whole nine is going to be in this box. It’s going to be super, secured and locked up we’re going to seal every crack and crevice in this box, as well with new seals on the door and everything to keep it water and air tight and uh.

What else we got here, we’re in the middle still sanding chase sanding, here’s all the insulation for the box in the back once I get it, painted we’re going to double insulate the doors put pieces in between all the framing and then another piece on the outside And then we’re just going to cover the whole sides and the walls, everything, but the floor is going to be insulated in here.

So any ideas, yet all right guys, I got ta get back to work, so we can get this project done and get it doing. What it’s supposed to be doing, we’re going to shoot for a week and a half, and then this bad boy should be on the road, see you in a bit all right good morning guys. So it’s been a day or so. Since I’ve updated you guys on what we got going on with the fire truck since then, we have reorganized the shop, it’s fully open now and we got most of the hardware off the fire truck and chase got most the fire truck sanded down for paint we’re going to have to tape it off. The cab is going to get painted everything’s getting painted different colors.

We had our paint show up yesterday, so we got the regal red and then the black and everything like I was telling you guys everything. That’s white on this trucks like the roof that banner wheel wells, all that’s getting spray painted are not spray painted painted black and then all the diamond plate is getting raptor lined black everything. That’s red is going to be regal red again, soyeah. So let me show you where we’re at here. I got the back doors done on this bad boy. I’ve got to put a couple more things on them. I need to put a little stopper right there on that one, and then this one once it’s closed seals it all up, I still got to put a handle and a lock on top, but once it’s opened up, okay, now that it’s opened up, I got everything Finished in here that little plastic trim on the edges of thismetal edges. So that way you know: they’re , not sharp everything’s been silicone closed now.

So this is all pretty much watertight, and this is all watertight right here. I’m going to kind of tell you guys what we got going here a little bit without telling you what it’s going to be. Yet this is all going to be a cooler area for ice and stuff, and this is a little personal cooler area for ice. So it’s just going to be one big and we got big ice machines. This is going to be a storage bin for the tvs, both sides. We got those sitting up there getting ready to go in andnow. So I pretty sure I was saying we were going to put the generator in there. That’s not going to happen. Now on the back here. We’re going to mount that big bad boy, big old, broiler stove, oven, thingy, for what we’re going to be cooking um. It’s going to sit right here and then I’m going to build. I got to go over and pick up the hardware today when it comes in, but it’s going to mount right here when the fire trucks moving and then once we’re set up. It’s going to swing out away from that, so we can still get in there anduse that box plus get into the back to add and fill and do what we need to do back there. I just got a bunch of the stainless steel pipe. I’m going to mount a rail. I got ta build it, but I’m going to mount a rail that comes out a little bit goes all the way across. So the tvs can mount two tvs on each side will mount up here.

Show you what we did up here so I took the big hose reel off we’re not going to put that on. I covered it with the steel diamond plate. That’s all going to get raptor lined we’re going to put the actualwater cannon back up on it mostly for looks, but where it’s going to sit, if we want to hook it up to water, we’ll be able to so the water cannon’s going to sit There and then I built up this box right here. I had to make it about three inches taller for it to work this way, but the generators going in there now that way, it’s easy to get to. We can get to all our plugs a lot easier without being in the way I fabricated up a little exhaust system to come out. It goes right there andwe’ve got it set up. We were going to ratchet strap it in, but I think what I’m going to do is I’m going to get some of those bands like that and I’m just going to put it where the wheels used to be across the axles to mount it there. So it doesn’t move around and then right up here somewhere we’re going to cut a hole and put a fan and over here we’re going to cut a hole and put a fan. So we get air flow through there to keep that generator. Nice and cool plus, by doing this now we have a whole bunch of storage space. So that’s where we’re at so far, let’s go show you guys what just showed up from amazon yesterday. So there’s all our raptor liner, the guns. We got a media receiver ball. Punk glues, seals adhesive. This is for that insulation. That’s going to go in the bed of that truck tape to mask stuff off. What do we got here? Oh, these are all our little cube lights, so I think we got 12 of those, so those are cube lights so 2, 4, 6, 8. 10.

I think we’re missing all right: we got 10 cube lights. Those are the tv wall mounts. We got four of those for the tvs, another big roll of steel. This is for the back of the fire truck the big doors uh. We got some indoor outdoor uh, 100 watt speakers. We got four of those andhere’s the locks for the box and then we’ve got rope, light led rope, light. That’s going to get mounted up underneath that lip of that wall from the top to the bottom and then the big part, the part I haven’t told you guys about that is in the works right now. A lot of that stuff is supposed to be here next week. It’s kind of the last part of the install anyway, so no worries, but there she is guys next week we’ll be painting her and today and tomorrow I’m going to get that thing mounted onto the back and I’m going to get the tvs mounted onto the sides.

So see you guys in a bit, so I wanted to show you guys what we’ve got done so far and where we’re at so that big charbroil, I was showing you guys it has mounted on the back of the fire truck. I went and bought a trailer hub, bearings and spindle and basically just attached it. I welded it all together, right there and put the bearings together we’re going to have the grease down here. I’ve got it all supported down there and thenwe’ve got it welded in truss to the side of this angle iron. We got a kickstand right here, we’re going to put a lock mechanism right there, but the way this bad boy works. Oh, let’s move the welding cart, so this will swing out just like that.

It’s going to get plumbed and stuff for propane. We’ve got the cover off right now. Propane lines are going to run, they’re going to pivot come down right here, come out, go underneath and into this box right here top of it. We’ve got the tv mounts, welded up and in place. We’ve got one tv up to show how it’s going to look, but also for clearance for the awnings that I’m putting up and welding in place right now. We’ve got one awning up over here. I’ll show you guys so there it is right there and the tvs are going to go next to it, but the tvs are going to store into the back of it. We’re going to have 250 inch over here 250 inch on the air side, awnings coming over char broiler on the back, and we still haven’t revealed what this truck’s main purpose is going to , be, if you guys have guessed that yet, let’s hear it anyways! That’s where we’re at so far it’s coming along anybody know what it is. Yet, let me know so these doors, the big doors on top when they open they’re going to miss the tvs, so we can always get into the back of them and add stuff. No matter what without having to take stuff down, but there she is seeing a little bit.

What’s up guys all right, we have got some more done on the fire truck first coat of paint is on first layer, I should say in the paint is on soflip. This around show you guys. Okay, so we got the roof. Is black on the fire truck the stripe that I was telling you guys that was white? It is now black that will be black also, but it’ll be rhino. Lined black and the wheels will also be black, but we have. We have to take them off to lower it, so we’re going to wait till we take them off, so we can sand them up a little bit better and then we’re going to paint them put them back on and we did the inside the boxes, black, the Roof is uh, the doors on that are black, the bars are now black. We did the outside of the grill black. We left the stainless part, it’s going to be stainless on top and more box stuff, and we’ve got thebed all painted black. Now, once all this dries, we got a bunch of work still to do in here and we got quite a bit of work to do on the outside of the truck still um, but we got to get the paint down, so we can do it.

There’s no sense in going through everything that we have to do to put everything on and then take it off to paint it so we’re just going to do it all while it’s on yeah or after it’s painted so now. After all, this is dry. We’re going to mask everything again that we just painted and we’re going to come through and we’re going to spray all the red. The everything that is red is going to be red again, just in a darker red and now all of the diamond plate, including this wheel. Well, it’s all going to be raptor lined so there it is. There’s brandon he’s over there cleaning all the overspray off of him. It’s coming along. We’re almost done got a bunch ofhardware to install and we’ve got to get it lowered after we’re done, painting it. So we’ll keep going, keep showing you see you guys.

We don’t care if we get overspray in that compartment right. No, it’s all right! It’s already black! We’re almost done guys with paint we’re going to be killing off all our tape here. Very soon, all right guys, we are done with paint on the fire truck. We’ve got a couple little touch-ups from stuff that we’re putting on andwe’ve got to do the pinstriping and the decals, but I figured i’d show you guys where we’re at now what we’ve got put on and kind of a little sneak peek of really what This is going to be, if you guys have been wondering up until this point, so there it is. We’ve still got to do the wheels but we’re taking those off. So we can clean them up good and paint those, but new red paint, new black stripe and then all the diamond plate is raptor. Lined I’ll show you guys what that looks like comes out really good, so freaking good. So we’ve got the rope lights going up right now.

Actually I’ll come over here, so you can see them. So these are color changed, led lights, they’re , going to run all the way. Underneath this lip right here and uh, we got the flat screens up and then we got the awnings up and those will come out. We’ve got all the lights mounted. Well, not all we’ve still got a few more so there’s cube lights. Therecube light there. I’ve got to still loom all the wire and tuck it away we’re still wiring right now we got two lights: there we’re putting a beacon that beacon’s going to go back up on each side. Over here we got lights over there, we’ve got the grill we’re putting the grill back together. Right now we got the inside of the box insulated. Now we’ve got we’re going to line it and cover all that insulation up. The box has been painted ready to go and then we’ve got one side done.

Oh we’ve got speakers added we’re putting we’re building our control box right here. That’s going to have the stereo in it we’re putting all the light switches in that okay working on building mounts for these right now, but there’s our beer taps who uh, who guessed it was going to be a beer truck yeah. That whole bed is cooler and will be flat stream. Tv storage, um. We got yeah dude we’re just at pick up, put put everything together stage right now. We got to build a mount in this back box for propane tanks, for the cooker out here and uh. We’re drilling the holes for the taps on this side right now and what else do we got to do so propane finished running all the light, we’re going to add a few more lights,paint the wheels decals so yeah, that’s where we’re at there. It is guys well once we get it done, I’ll, pull it out and I’ll set everything up. So you guys can see how it looks all displayed. So it’s time to get back to work, we’re about done.

What’s up guys, okay, here it is, it’s almost done. We’re taking it to the diesel shop right now to get uh, get the get it running a little bit better and we’ve got a rear main field leaking, so we’re going to . Let them shop fix it, but we got the armies up tv’s up and we got the taps up. We got drip pans, coming we’re just waiting for those to show up what do you guys think pretty badass so yeah, so those things right there? Those are for the tvs, the flat screen, tvs that ratchet strap’s not staying there. It’s just for right now until we get everything finalized on this, but grill’s done. That thing swings out. You guys seen that got my box all done for the kegs andinsulated. So we got decals getting ordered we’re going to decal the hell out of it and put it to work. What do you guys think? Let me know we’ll see in a bit and I’ll show you more here later you



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