Deer At 10 Yards! Arizona Archery Hunt Vlog# 8

Deer At 10 Yards

Good morning, guys hi, we are set up on top of this Gotham point this morning. We’re on hunt number two. Unfortunately, the other guys nobody tagged out. We had some misses. We had a bunch of opportunities it just if something can go wrong. Something went wrong, but this hunt already starting off way better than the other one we’ve got a pretty good buck found he’s a stud. We’re going to sit here and watch him and tell he’s, got probably eight or nine toes with him right now. He’s kind of dogging we’re going to sit here and watch him for a little bit and wait for him to go bed up somewhere and then we’re going to make a game plan and put a stock together.

So man, what a relief to finally start seeing some good deer fingers crossed it stays like this. We got a storm moving in it’s Thursday. We got a storm moving in tomorrow, sometime late tomorrow. Tomorrow night is supposed to have snow or rain Saturday and Sunday. So I’m hoping that helps us more and not hurts us. It should help us if it’s a good storm. Finally, alright see you guys in a bit. Yeah is alright guys. The stock is off. He just left he’s going to drop off the back side here and shoot across this flat and when he gets over there far enough, I’m going to hold him up we’re going to try to get in on himself fingers crossed. I am NOT going on this stock. We’re just going to stay perched up and hopefully walk him in cool cool cool bucks. I don’t know we say so trust me, nuts. I rewatched these videos and it’s like so so cool buck, so we’re going to do this.

So I hate watching myself. I don’t just nitpick the out of it. I’m sure you guys get tired of hearing stuff get repeated too all right. As you can see, we are all in the rover heading off the mountain, and that is because I screwed up royally hi. I’m not used to having a guy that can cover country the way he covers country. So I was going back and forth that the BI nose on him and the spotter on the deer – and I looked – and I had him in one spot and the deer were starting to come off the hill down.

So I had him take off to the right and I was going to set him up to where the deer would hopefully come down and funnel right past him and I watched it. I was watching the deer and I go back to look for him and I can’t find him why I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was up and down left and right and those deer come down and stopped right in some little trees and next thing I know they’re turning around and heading right out. He was maybe 20 30 yards just below him and I didn’t, I didn’t even know he didn’t know where they were at because where he was out looking on the hill, it’s pretty thick so he’s relying on me and I dropped the ball big time. But we didn’t spook him too bad, they really didn’t know. I think they heard something more than actually seeing or smelling. I know they might have caught a little bit of movement, but they went up the hill, nice and gradual and started feeding. We had a car drive by up on top of the hill, the other hill. They went on or side by side or something and they bolted from that, but they didn’t bolt out of the canyon that we’re hunting because of us, so we’re going to go back. Regroup, go. Do some grocery shopping for the week and come back and do it again? I might have these guys sit water tonight and then I might get up on that hill see if I can relocate that buck and if he’s, if we’ve got enough time before it, gets dark and he’s in a stock little spot I’ll just run down and pull One of them off the water and we’ll try but see you guys in a bit yeah, then, okay, guys it’s a big late morning.

Yeah and we’re recording late morning put the safe way here and do some grocery shopping see the food so we’re ready. We don’t have to eat garbage HI guys we made it back from the grocery shopping. We got some lunch stuff over here on the table filled the fridge got steaks. Pork chops veggies got the brats cooking for lunch right now, and we’re going to eat some lunch and get ready to go for the evening. I’m excited this has been so far. This kicked off great and a lot of promise. Lotta promise well should be a good seven days series here, guys all right guys well out of breath. I just couldn’t climb it up this hill to get on the lookout spot. Here I just dropped Kacy and CorI off at two different waters. It’s been hot enough long enough now, since that last storm pretty much all the puddles that have been in the roads in the washes anywhere that was holding water is pretty much dried up now and we got another storm moving in.

But it’s been warm pretty much. Every day, so I figure we’re going to try water out after this morning’s talk and that rig busting those deer. I really don’t expect to see them tonight, so I’m I’m kind of hoping that something that we haven’t seen yet shows up on water and possibly picking something up. We haven’t seen you in so we’re going to sit here till it gets dark and just glass and glass and glass until our eye sockets hurt and listen for the radio see if the boys hit anything or get shot, I can actually see Corey’s water. I can’t see Casey’s water, both of them have a whole bunch of deer tracker on himself fingers crossed this is day one afternoon I seen a bit okay, so I just turned it over here to the water that he’s sitting and cuz. I think dear just running to it he’s got, looks like five or six deer sitting on it right now.

There’s the trees in the way. I can’t see the whole pond. The two of them are like ten yards away backs from where he’s sitting. I wish there was a big old buck on there right now, that’d be so cool. Alright, there’s some more I’m going to gloss down there and see what else is in. There looks like seven dough’s total, not one buck with them, they came down, took their time, ran around drank and now they’re heading right back into the trees, damn its hoping there’d be a rutting buck with them, let’s hope more coming before it gets done. Okay, good news, the the big buck we put that stock on this morning, just stepped out of the tree line with it all his doze. The bad news is he’s too far away and we don’t have nearly enough light to do anything about it. Nothing else has come to the water yet down below, and I don’t know what Kacie is seen on his water at all. I’m not going to hit him up on the radio or anything I figure if they shoots if he shoots something he’ll hit he’ll. Let me know so. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for coming back out, man house.

I was a little worried doctor that rig went by the way they spooked out of there. I didn’t think we’d see him again tonight I figured they might hold up tight and the thicker stuff, but he came out always does come out he’s running running 101 doe ragged right now, so we’ll be right back here in the morning and hopefully we can get A stock, but on Casey’s, going on tomorrow, stock on him and fingers cross, we can get him set up and get an arrow on this stud back to Clausen.

What’s up guys? Alright, we made back to the ranch house after the evening hunt and we’re cooking dinner, and it looks pretty good hungry hungry cut the pork chop top it with some hit of salad, some fresh, green salad and probably some other type of salad. So I look like a fat ass for eating pork, chops so or too many pork, chops, going to finish cooking here and then get the video edited for tomorrow and relax and talk hunting see how it did today seen a bit alright.

What’s up guys dinner’s, eight dishes are done it’s time to get in the shower, relax, make a plan and wake up early and go at it again. We’re going to try to get a guy in position this morning before, hopefully before sunup that way, when they were making the way back to bed, we can cut them off, there’s just so many dough’s. We don’t. I don’t feel like we can put a stock on once they bed down, so we’re going to try to cut him off and take advantage of the buck being distracted, basically chasing that one dough around like he was last night or tonight. You know so tired. It’s time for bed and we got a big day tomorrow, so goodnight, please like subscribe, comment and I’ll see you tomorrow later



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