Dingle Hopper Multi Tool and Elk Sheds with Shed Crazy! Antler Trader

Dingle Hopper Multi Tool

What’s up guys here, we go another trip with Benjamin shed crazy over here. It’s all about the Benjamins baby yeah, so we’re out we’re after sheds of the antler kind. Okay, that’s good! Look for him on the ground! Yeah watch where you’re walking, snake snake country and elk country and deer country and cow country and frog yeah and birds, there’s birds out here too, the wind right now, kinda has them down and out of the country but they’re out here, yeah we’re bird watchers. That’s what our first passion is yeah, but first we got to be bird finders. We got to find him before you watch him, so we’re actually a two-part multI task. You actually have a bird watching channel. He doesn’t really do him, but he watches the mine. You know yeah so yeah here we go.

Hopefully we can pick up some elk sheds and have fun today. Stay the night hit it again tomorrow and then we’re going to drive home tomorrow afternoon evening. So, let’s do it all right, so we’re about 30 30 minutes in and we got the first shot of the trip and it’s a brown and brown we’ll take that for sure all day long. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I only go for a couple days weeks. That’s what we like seeing. Hopefully we can pick up some more of that right. There. I’ve been on the radio, let him know what’s up guys, so just kind of wandering Browns just keep wandering checking all these feet sources. Alright, so been going for a bit, we just got the two sheds so far, actually, just seeing that nice little herd of bulls, all young bulls, every single one of them, little rag Horn bulls – there was eight of them, two of them I’ve shed and I’m two Of them have shed, is it and everything else is broke or in packing?

So figures sit down right here for a minute take a little break. I actually have a little snack. I don’t I don’t usually pack too much: food or snacks I’ll hammer, a bandera bar and usually some five gum is about it, but I have been craving smoked oysters these past couple weeks and kipper snacks, so I’ve been packing. Those along with me bit and UNITA knows you ready to hammer some right now: they’re , actually bacon, flavored, Ritz, yeah buddy. Look at that mmm! I just bought it one cross this little candy here little shed then big. Another hard white, though thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We like the hard whites we like them a little bit bigger, but we like the hard light, kinda decided to cross this Canyon right here. This bigger Canyon, get on the other side a little bit more sagebrush and go pound that and see what we can pull out of it. Let’s go yeah, not that big, but pretty cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right, so the winds picked up really really bad. We’ve got some unreal gusts coming through, so the quality is bad. I apologize, but we got another one here, broken choker. Thank you. Hi. We got one more white, oh no. We got a set starting to wonder about this spot. I’ve already been in my mind. I’ve already been making plans to move the weights. Unreal put a lot of miles on so far just trying to get into antler, but it’s the way it is there’s not always honey holes everywhere, but we’re get this picked up shop to our back and keep going alright. Well, hopefully, hopefully you can hear me, here’s that set. I just picked up, not a bad set nice Bowl, not a giant by any means, but super concave bases that ants all over this one, but pretty cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The sagebrush. Can you see it all right there? It is hard like I got a seal back there, keep we got a storm rolling in Hall them, but to get back to camp thunder lightning the whole line. Thank you. Thank you. Just going to grab this and keep trucking yeah, I’m filming you, oh did I see some hair. Does the carpet match the drapes? No damn speck home Muppets? Alright, let’s show you all the room in the world. Okay, rub it in there I forgot my tent pegs. You know you’re one of the only two I know man, I got my hands on the prairie, looking at the only other one if it rains or snows like it was when we were sitting in the truck eating dinner, having our safeguard mac and cheese on ice Plug I won’t. I was just telling what we’re eating you know. It’s, like you wouldn’t say like I was having a non whopper with cheese. No, you guys eating a whopper with cheese. All right good, oh my dwarf, went so warm I’ve got. I’ve got the thumb. Cheat and I’ve got the memory foam mattress on the cot tonight. I got my other mattress right here. Hopefully I’m getting that I haven’t even aired up the climate. I don’t need to. I mean if I guess, if I need a little bit more comfort, I can throw a few breaths in the climate but good night good morning. Everybody so slept like a baby. Honestly, I’d still sleep, you don’t really have a son. I don’t think I don’t really know what’s going on out there, but it’s super super warm super comfortable. I want to show you what we kind of got going on on here good morning, bad.

We woke up the snow and got for these canvas cutter bad rolls. Now we’re only going to find Browns, I’m good with that. I’m pack Browns a lot easier. Oh, what good does slep really good? We got your real gritty tip of the week coming at you live from the mountain, not from a studio or a shooting range or a pickup. We were actually on the mountain picking up sheds, so you guys that have real beards in mines, mines real but mine’s, not really that manly. I mean compared to some guys like this beast of a man right here. If you got a real beard, you know you got to keep it tamed. If not, that thing will tame you. So we like to pack with us our beard, oils and lotions, many beard products, but I’m just kidding we don’t we don’t really pack that stuff.

We actually go to the source, we grab a pine tree and we scrape the sap off of it pine, sap and dirt. There’s nothing better for your beard, that’s that is Pines happened there, but you know, when you got a beard, see me I can just kind of rub and in finger mine straight and smooth, and I can even part it like this, but guys like being pins, got It I mean that thing is: you’ve, got more, become more hair on his face than I got on my head, so you got ta brush him out, guys cuz, you don’t know. What’s living in there, you really don’t and when you start adding pine sap and dirt a pine marten, yeah they’ll get baby, so you got ta brush him out. You know so because we don’t believe in packing brushes that right. There is the real purpose. The best thing about it is, is I use it comb it out. It works really good I’ll put in my pocket. Look at look at look at the definition. In that I mean that is a combed groomed beard looks really nice and when you’re TV personalities slash internet celebrities, you have to do this kind of stuff or else your followers. Nobody wants to look at. Nobody wants like an untamed, an untamed beard. Yeah I mean I just spent 20 minutes fixing my crow’s feet the truck. Does it look good guys? Can you tell I like to bring in a spoon when I’m done and just kind of flatten with it? You know yeah smoother, oh roots, rule on your cheekbones to try it on your cheekbones yeah and what really works. If you want to get them nice, rosy cheeks, you actually just flick your cheekbones with that spoon, yeah smack yeah, just like that, but see. Well, now you got Lions cuz, you did your comb, you got to use the spoon, the scooper, all my products yeah, make sure and see the beauty about. This guy’s is now that he’s done. That’s going to go on the dash and we’re going to have two person acts with it later, just like that that is multitasking with multI using with recycling. I mean nobody’s greener than that.

So that’s your real gritty tip of the week sheds and forks Plus pine sap and dirt forking sheds for kids. Oh look lucky feather there. Now, I’m ready now, I’m ready for my climber shot yeah when that rain coming down. That wind was unreal yesterday, yeah for sure. That’s why I had that big blister on my hell, because I wasn’t stopping to fix it. I wasn’t worried about it. I actually didn’t record picking up a couple antlers. Oh there goes my battery. I feel like I’m going to explode or something here any second. I guess I’m the wrong guy. If we got a bomb going off cuz, I wasn’t too worried alright. So here we go day two. Hopefully we can add to the stacks on stacks. Here I want to get into some Browns. I’ve only got one. Benjamin here’s got two, it’s all about the Benjamins baby, but yeah.

So here we go. Let’s have fun, walk a lot and cover some country. I need snacks, snacks. Yes, I’m going to stay close to him, so I can have snacks too. Look at this only trying to glasses. We got to get him hooked up on a marsupial, so this stud here can be sporting, the best vinyl harness on the market and then once we get him the best buying a harness on the market, we’re working on getting him the best glass on the market. I said the best all right, so we’re just just left camp cruising across this little sagebrush fly here, get back over on the other side of this canyon that we can’t buy and hit the trees and uh. We got a whitey right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, nothing big, I’m going to GPS, this one actually GPS it and hopefully grab it on the way back. Yeah, it’s white yeah, but yeah, I’m a GPS. This on the way back and keep heading out. As far as I can and work it all the way back today, so thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Let’s keep going what’s up guys, so we found we found three sheds so far and the first two were pretty close to we’re closing up the camp that I decided to stash them, and then I just picked up a Spiker here. I don’t even know how I’ve seen it, but I got lucky, but I’m sitting here and I’m glass in this big basin. This big kind of sparse cedar, juniper and sagebrush basin here below me and I’m I’m kind of want to just go over. I’ve got a couple sheds found down here and I just kind of want to go over and talk about these uh. These bx3 mo hobbies they’re twelve by fifty they’re the progress guys, I’m blown away.I mean I’m serious. These are Britt’s actual by nose. I’ve been using him when she’s, not with me just because I want to you, know, see what they’re all about in test amel. I have packed fifteen by fifty six for probably the past six years. Maybe seven years now die hard. I love my 15:56. There is no for me, there’s always been no replacement for that extra magnification. It’s worth the wait, but after running these, the few times that I have the handful of times and the clarity of these by nose in low light and in everything is just dude. These things are unreal, I am, I am in love with these things. They’re super super light and just like I said, the clarity is just it’s unmatched. I’m amazed. I truly am amazed. I don’t know what the retail price on these is. I will look it up and post it for you guys, but I know for a fact, the price of these verse, a lot of the other buy knows out there.

It’s it’s unreal, how the the price difference between these and some of the other stuff. With the clarity on these things, it’s unreal when I get all the rest of my stuff and I’m going to be doing a big comparison, big breakdown of all of them and I’m going to be comparing the what I’ve used in the past. So if you guys want to see a comparison to other stuff, let me know like I said: I’ve got. I’ve got enough people out there that have other by nose and other spotting scopes that I will gladly gladly do a comparison with, but right now this it’s guys, I’m just I’m amazed by these. I’m going to have to get me a pair of these, because I, I can’t believe, the clarity and how nice they are they’re . Just super super nice to run so, let’s pack up I’m going to head down drop down into this grab. These sheds that I’ve got glossed up, hopefully find one or two more get up on the next finger on the other side and sit down and do it again.

So, let’s go so just got to the first one I glossed up and like a thought, it’s a little choker, a little rag or Bowl, but we’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, it’s snowing doesn’t bother me. No. I enjoy it, but it’s caused me to start singing snowing songs and Christmas songs, which is kind of annoying so, like I always do when I’m out here shed hunting and I got a song stuck in my head. I start changing the words to it and singing about shed honey, making up shed hunting songs. Anybody else do that kind of past the time I don’t. I don’t listen to music when I’m out here. I’ve tried it. I just I don’t like it plus I. I don’t have enough room on my phone because my phone’s always full of video, so I don’t. I don’t listen to music and I sing to myself a lot. Maybe one day I’ll feel confident enough to release one of my solo albums shed hunting songs that you can shed hunt to snack time got my bend. Arab are some blue typhoon, some bacon, Reds and some smoked oysters? Alright.

So hopefully I don’t. My battery don’t die, but I just come up on pretty cool little scenario right here. You got that little chakra right there, those two broken chargers and that one’s stuck in a bush pretty crazy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you think you think. Thank you thinking. Thank you and thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, guys we’re all done. It’s getting dark we’re in the truck farling got everything loaded up because of the snow we didn’t do an outdoor photo like we should have, but it’s been cold and snowing and we’re so just burnt out tired, so another good trip. Another successful trip had a lot of fun. Our two day was was worth it. Thank God. Peace out have fun number love, I’m on Instagram right now. Watch my how I concrete do the first time CNN so person you


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