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DIY American Flag

Painted American flag tutorial great 4th of July home decor idea!

This is my first DIY video, so please don’t judge me too harshly. I am going to be makingone of my American flag antlers, you start off with just any antler. It doesn’t really matter and then spray paint. It white we’ve already gone through all that. This has dried for about two days, and so it’s nice and not sticky anymore. So the first thing that you’re going to want to do is just get some masking tape or painters, tape and tape off this bottom section here this is going to be the blue part, so just wrap your tape right around this top to keep it separated from Where your stripes need to be, you can do two pieces. Cuz see it misses right there.

So then I’ll take another piece of tape and just kind of tape it off. It doesn’t have to be perfect just enough to keep it as separated for your blue part, and then I will move on to my next step. I will go through the colors. I’ve got. I’ve got this primary blue from Americana. That is, I’ve got this Tuscan red. Also, americana buttermilk, which I’ll be using for the highlights in the stripes and a super titanium white form estas okay. So what we’re going to just do is eeeek our pain and we’re going to start by just painting the base of this blue. This project is really easy, don’t you don’t need to overthink it? I’M just doing this video to get myself video wised, so I know how to use the YouTube better, because I get told that YouTube is the place to be so. We will indeed find out if it is place for me to be cuz. I’M not I like to do what everybody else likes to do. I guess plus I like to share my arts and crafts and stuff.

This is what I live to do. I love coming up with like new ideas, new ways to do things I paint for a living, so this is obviously something that I feel like. I could produce a video on and hopefully somebody will like it, hopefully I’ll get more than like 27 views like maybe I will get 200 views and if I get 200 views, what if I give this antler to you, that’s a good idea. Okay, so that’s a planet.

What we’re going to do. I’M going to paint is here antler, I’m going to make my video and then I’m going to give it away and I’ll probably give it away my husband’s channel cuz. It’s he’s more popular than I am yet, but I’ll beat it. I have every intention of beating him because that’s just my way, you know, ladies yeah girl power just kidding. Unlike everybody, a lot boys and I like the girls all equally, you can all share. In my video I’m happy to do that so anyways I have painted the bottom of this blue. I’M going to keep on painting it until it is the solid color that I want it to be. I’M going to probably be like two more coats and then we’ll move on to the antler stretch or not.

The antler stripes did the flag straight okay. Here we are back with our dried blue base. Hey everybody! It’s blue! All right know what we’re going to do is pull off this tape and see, like you, have your nice little pretty straight line boom. Just like that, you got your blue line. I went and grabbed these. These are ones that I’ve already finished. To give you an idea of where I’m headed with this project all right so now now we’re going to do our strengths, and I have painted a few of these last year. Somebody gave me some major grief because I didn’t have the exact number of the stripes correct and I May not have the exact number of stripes correct on this one either, but it has zero disrespect to my flag, so yeah, I’m just going to put that out There I love America, that’s why I’m painting it antler like an American flag: okay, oh alright! So now we’re moving home, I’m going to squirt out some, my red and some of you type Ayres are going to want to like map out your red stripes. I am NOT one of those I like to just wing it, and I will just start painting where I feel like a red stripe should go and then I’ll do it on this one, and I don’t know we’ll just take it and see where it goes.

That is art. You just do what your brain tells you you should do and for me my brain is telling me to start a red stripe right there. So that’s exactly where that red strat is going to get and then see what I do is I’ll bring it around onto this back side. You could just paint just the front side of it if you want to – and I actually might just do that just for the sake of time and maybe I’ll just come back later into it on the back side, but see I what I’m doing is I’m just Kind of making them be wavy, they don’t have to be perfect unless you want them to be perfect, and in that case then please make them perfect. Didn’T you know to like you could go like all the way out with a stripe. If you want, you, don’t have to do it like this. It’s just the way, like I said that my brain led me, I’m going to keep on going, keep on painting red stripes when I come back this whole thing. It’s going to be all red and stripy and we will discuss the stripes okay, okay, alrighty, welcome back folks. I have completed these stripes on the antler.

As you can see, I went ahead and just did the whole antler and now you could move on, but the stars on the blue part or you could do the highlighting like what I was talking about on the white part. I’M actually, I think, I’m going to skip that step, because I actually like how this looks. I don’t know if you can see it very good. I like the cracky in it in the white part kind of makes it a little rusty key. So I’m going to just leave it so now we’re going to move down to the blue part and do our stars – and this is as simple as when you learned how to do a star in kindergarten just get see. I got this little tiny, skinny brush, we’ll see, I’m just doing it like. How are you do a star, it’s too hard to just like draw it out for me, but see so then all this do then randomly all around the blue part and then once I’m done with the stars, I’m going to seal it with a topcoat so that This can’t scratch off because it is actually kind of scratchy Bowl. If you will, then that’s basically done and ready to use us home decor all right guys.

So I have finished the stars on my patriotic American flag. Antler turned out pretty cute, maybe a close-up of it. Hopefully, you can see it in its entirety. The last step that I will take on this particular antler is to put some of this varnish on it’s americana product again, and this will just help, keep it from getting scratched up or chipped or anything, let it dry like, maybe two or three hours or overnight. If you feel like it and then you’re ready to set it up in your fourth of July decor or your everyday decor, because every day is a day to be proud that you are in America and thankful for all that this country has provided us with. I, as I said earlier in the video I’m going to , go ahead and give this bad boy away. We will do that on antler traders, YouTube channel, probably follow me on instagram. I will I’ll post some sort of information, so you know where to go for your chance to win this.

So thank you guys for tuning in to my very first youtube video. It was fun and interesting, and hopefully I was able to bring something to the table that you were interested in. Hopefully I was a little bit entertaining. I don’t knowyeah thanks good appreciate it.



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