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Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

What’s up guys? Okay, here we go, we are on the kiya Bab we got camp set up and we’re going to get ready to go. Hunt some deer we’ve got. We got Pat over here he’s our cook this. For this 10 days, we’ve got the Kodiaks set up for the clients, got them set up with heaters, cots the whole nine lights me TJ and Carter, or in the alack neck so opening day, Kaibab your hunt tomorrow, sleeping on the job.

What’s up guys JB here it’s first evening of the early rifle deer hunt and JV drew, and he is also a zero guy team member. Several categories. Yes, sir handle open elk and you’ll be Utah Nevada. When we get online nice buck nice young buck we’re going to , let him pick we’re going to . Let him stay in his bed and get some Z’s. We still got probably two hours before it gets dark and we’re just starting moving yep we’ll find him in their bed. So it’s nice yeah. We found it. I guess that is 300. Are you am ? Here we go morning. Number two got coffee. I got the rig loaded up and morning number three here we just got done, walked out on this point and glass. The whole bunch of country JV here is just he’s being picked yet turned up multiple 200-inch deer and he just doesn’t they’re , not big enough to stand the size. I look for six inches. He can tell you hundred, I don’t just not quite there required walking. No they’re going to be closer to the road. Now we’re seeing deer.

They’re just haven’t seen the right gear yet bunch of bunch of little box. A couple 160 class bucks bunch of dough spawns, but if the later in the hunt, the better it’s going to get yeah and it’s been pretty warm, so there’s no doubt yeah, there’s no doubt they’re going to start pushing out and into the open start little pre-rut Action here soon, but a little bit if you can keep up with me, [ Laughter, ], we’re going to go back to camp and have breakfast and see what everybody else is up to yeah make up an afternoon plan. So alright, what up guys so we’re pretty much just running these rims and fingers out towards the canyon trying to turn up deer, their sign everywhere. The deer pushing through here it’s just being at the right place at the right time and I’m working back up off the steamer. I just spotted a shed. Thank you, bagel three-point right by Arab yeah!

Well, pack, that back sure, like anybody’s been out here for a while, it’s an older, shared surprise, the other side’s not lying right here somewhere. I expect to find in here alright. So here we are all sitting around Camp TJ right there he’she’s the guy to the our tonight. His is hunter died. He killed himself a stud look at that bad boy, zgf ma’am give them awesome. I guards the funny feeling in my stomach. I told him we came out. The state road shed ran into a jeep. I just got to show you the engineer. The ingenuity that goes on on the Kaibab brake lights out, don’t want to get pulled over. Oh we’re going to drop a flashlight in there good old, Pat this. Our camp cook he’s a stud I’ll turn the light off. So you can see good old, Pat he’s a hell of a cook. We love having him as our could. What’s up guys.

So it’s day, six of the hunt we just got back to camp from the warning huh and why we’ve been out here. We’ve also had the hunt for Heroes guys out here, Tom Wagner and one of his guys Bob have been out hunting and they filled their tag. Last night, I just forgot dark, and I kind of wanted to just have to explain to you guys what their organization is about and kind of fill you guys in on on it all. So I’m my name is Tom Wagner, I’m with the Arizona elk Society, I’m the lead coordinator for the hunt for Heroes program in in Arizona. We work in conjunction with the Arizona Game and Fish, a partnership to help disabled vets go out hunting in Arizona. You can donate your tag and my my job is to go ahead and find a disabled vet that has applied. They meet the criteria that the state legislature has put together and we take them hunting for free. We take the draw camp the food get out there.

Then afterwards, we even have a processor that will go ahead and process the game, animal for freeform and we’re going to have a European mount done on this. So we’re not quite not quite, I guess, we’re just two years old huh. We did about 4,500 this year. Wow, including elk antelope deer last December, we even had a desert sheet tag donated to us. We’ve had two buffalo tags donated. That’s awesome when the guys are out there in deployment they have their own Brotherhood. They’ve got guys that in in their jargon and the other guys have got their six and when they come back, you know the life is not maybe quite the same and our motto is healing through hunting. We get them out there in the woods, so they can kind of relax, chill get involved with honey. A little bit, 50 % of the guys never had a big game before.

So it’s just a way for us to give back to the guys who gave so much out there and it’s just a lot of volunteers that really come on board with it too. So it’s really a neat deal. That’s awesome. I know we’ve got a ball with you guys in camp because you guys have been great. We’ve had fun sitting around the fire of night chat and just having a good old time, so we’re glad to be a part and help help where we can, and hopefully we can continue to do the exact same thing with you guys. So it’s awesome. We appreciate very much so what do you think HI Jeff bond, absolutely do you harvest. I did. I had easing time like the guide you guys gave me TJ amazing work over hiding behind the tree, what he did for us and for me and what you what you did for us and thank you. This was your first deer since you were what 12 yeah six straight.

So yeah, that’s awesome, dude, that’s so badass Congrats! So yeah! That’s about the extent of it all, and you know we, like I said: we’ve had we’ve had a lot of fun. They’ve been awesome to have in camp and hopefully we’ll start seeing more of what he’s got going and more camps down the road. So now it’s breakfast time we’re going to go grub and sit back, relax and hopefully formulate a game plan for this evening. So you guys in bet well basically in third-world countries, just our marriage, we finally found a balk. Finally do this stuff. This hunts been so tough.

We’ve been all over this country. First, two days, we saw a lot of great bucks. I mean they’re about there almost there, but since then we have metal turn nothing up. A little bucks, yes or severe tonight. Josh found some so tomorrow morning we hiked out to this big old Canyon and yeah. We got this awesome moon. I want to get on video coming up. Let’s see if we can get a clear shot. This thing looks giant. I know it’s not going to reflect the same on the video, but so we we’re hunting in the morning we’re going to hunt till it gets well. He I got to have him back to st

George’s certain time to catch a shovel get to Vegas button, we’re hunting, so hopefully we’re going to turn this buck back up and go lay the hammer to him all right. We’re sitting your closet confirm that was seen last night check out that moon still up. Think it’s so big. Well guys the Hyman’s coming to an end camp is getting tore down tomorrow. Is that actually, the last day, so we’ve got actually one more client still, I’m going to still be in camp with Gabe, but, as you can see, almost everybody else is packed up and gone. We’re going to be second blast out, so get everything packed up loaded on that trailer and away. We go you



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