Elk Shed Hunting Brown Town Nevada! Best Trip Of The Year! Antler Trader

Elk Shed Hunting Brown Town Nevada

Well, here we go, I know the trip another week, another stupid early morning. I love it what’s up guys. Ah, here we go. It is, I think, it’s the second week of June um, it’s Monday today and tomorrow we we actually going to have two of the cooler days of this month. As far as the ten day goes, ten-day forecast I’ve been watching the weather closely, just looking for a little break in the heat, and today and tomorrow we got it’s 46 right now it’s about 7:30. In the morning the sun’s been up for about hour and a half we left like it’s chill just morning. We left about 2:30 this morning drove we’re here, we’re loaded up and we’re heading out we’re going to give it hell for two days and hopefully pile up. Some elk sheds and, in the meantime, do a little do a little getting in shape for my archery hunt.

So I’ll probably start scouting for that here in the next couple weeks also just wanted to give everything a little bit more time to grow. Before I go and waste a bunch of time so but like I said, we got a little bonsaI little solo, bonsaI trip right here we got the pack loaded up with water. We get a long day to us available to us and we’re ready to go. So, let’s go see: if we can pile up some milk holy crap guys, I am I’ve been stopping going going and going 130. Now I just looked at my miles, have been twelve point six miles already for the day, I’ve got no sheds. I’ve been glassing, I have been covering ground just nothing. Until now. We I just spotted a brownie through the brush right there. I can see it’s tips, hopefully the other side from close whew. That’s a good. I took a shed. Yes, sir. That’s a dang good shed. Yeah Lane, I said, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Did you have the math? We’ve got a lot of length, I mean yes, we busting my butt. Finally, something put on the pack that feels good. Like I said it’s a bit a good day but good day for miles. Hopefully we can keep it going and add a couple more before we start doubling it head and bag. So forget this one strap to the back and scoot around here and see. If maybe we can match it up, okay, well, I think I just matched it up. Fine, like five minutes later, just right here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, huh yeah. It’s him answers on this side. Nice brownie set yeah. They said twelve point six miles. It’s 130 then get dark to almost nine, so we got some time still cover some country. Thank you think. Thank you, man, I’ll tell you what guys it’s been. It’s been good day, but it’s also been a tough day and I’m kicking bottom miles. Uncovering country, that’s the depressing part.

It’s like 6:30 right now. We’re heading back to camp were four point three miles from camp right now, and I just I just looked at my mileage and on the twenty three point three miles for the day with two roads, rough been rough, so I’ve just been getting my butt kicked these Past couple trips last trip think up for Brit. She she saved us, I don’t, I didn’t, find she well. I found an idea, but I didn’t find any elk and then the trip before that I totally just same thing. I think I picked up a couple. Little chalky chalky pieces of crap out shed, and that was it Wyoming was a bust. We didn’t pick up crap in Wyoming, so she’s been tough. I I’m almost ready to let it go, but I still I still got a lot to accomplish before I’m done, but I’ve also got a deer tag. I need to start putting some time and effort into him, but I’m not too worried about that till July. Honestly, I think it’s been one of the best days shed hunting temperature-wise, probably all year it did get hot in the afternoon. It’s hot. Now I’ve been sweating a lot of drink most my water. It did warm up, but man half today was unreal as often so well, hopefully we find something else besides these two, but then with your back to camp. So let’s get going

HI guys. So this is where we’re at it’s day. Two, I woke up early right at sunrise this morning, packed up camp and pretty much just drop. My cotton rolled up my canvas cutter and moved – I moved completely different part of the country yesterday was tough. 27 miles is what I ended up with with a brown set of elk sheds 1 2 sheds. Basically, in 27 miles all day yesterday, soI had to move, it was out, that’s bad! I was beat last night, I literally when I finally got back to the rig. I first thing I did was I set up my cot and then in my bedroll and then I sat in the rover and I started making I made my got my safeguard going. I made some beef stroganoff last night and turned on a little epic, podcast Jason Carter, and I don’t think I was my know. My safe guard wasn’t even ready yet and I passed out.

I was, I was sitting in the chair, just sleep and pretty much for, like I don’t know. Well most the podcast was gone so probably 30 minutes and then woke up. My safe guard was pretty much done ready to go so I pretty much ate real, quick and got in bed. I was in bed by, I think 9:15. I don’t. I don’t think I seen 9:30 last night butyeah. I was wiped out, so we moved new part of the country, we’re going to go, go just going off the map and everything in elevation pretty much shot in the dark. I mean it’s, we do know part of the country we have been over here a little bit, but this spot I’ve never hit. So, let’s see how we do here. We go Hi guys so been a bit since we found this one and I just spotted right up here. We got another one: okay, pretty good shape to it. It is conviction because, oh please, a brown right there, man that thing is like camouflage.

Okay. Firstly, look at this one. Okay is broken, get him hard. Why? Yes, sir! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gosh, a brownie feels so good. Thank you. Thank you, PC a chunky. Little brownie! Damn BAM! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, Oh guys feel so good feel so good, let’s shut these down and see if we can’t turn up their matches. Oh man, guys this has been, has been unreal. It’s uh! It’s gotten hotter. Today, I’ve only got I’ve got six sheds total found. I’ve got only got four on your butt man I’ll do what I guarantee they’re all pushing 10 pounds apiece this max its doubt. I just keep dropping a little bit in elevation trying to get out of where I thought the snow would have gone this year because we did get more snow this year than usual, so I’m just pushing down and looks like that big brown setup here I don’t Know how big it is it looks. It just looks good. Finally, after everything we did yesterday I’m getting a little bit of a reward. Today, that’s a good set focus bird right. There guess it bean stroke a second off nice ball. Really nice ball! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m set up in the shading hold develop. Yes, see you drop there anywhere this year, smaller Bowl.

What’s up guys, I hope we have everything’s in this here’s. That said, I just picked up nice. Heavy heavy set easy ten pounds: each, not a giant bowl good bowl, nice Bowl, just a good good weighing bowl, but nice man, you know starting to mature bowl man, talk about being just beat down, ran down have to yesterday. It feels good. It feels really good. After yesterday, so thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys. I appreciate everything thanks for the love, keep pushing me to do this. Oh hi, Ani, plus a little bit too hot, and this is a brownie. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let go going to match it up really match much up hi, what’s up guys, so pretty much just been running. This trail from where I found this bowl he’s a packed for a really really long time or I went the wrong way on him. But I’ve been sticking on it and running it up his head dropped from way down low and it just keeps kind of going up the top of this hill and we got a little brown set. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you young bull, but it is Brown set.

So we’ll take it very grateful thinking. Thank you. Man, I’m working my butt off today. I’m not this isn’t easy, but it has been way better than yesterday. I’m stay one more day, all right guys. I haven’t even sucked into the pack, yet I just kept falling. I could fall on thatthat washed all the way to the top to come up over the top kind of saddled a little bit and then it’s dropping down into some real thick oak brush and just on a big ol Brown, a big pretty one yeah Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mmm nice, good, heavy antler kid, oh yeah, probably 11 12 on down get so much curl to them hard to show you is always winning good Bowl. Hey! Thank you. Let’s see if we match this one, I’m okay! Here we go we’re all strapped down. Okay, I counted. There’s 1112 sheds total on the back easily a hundred pounds easily. I can feel it. I know we’re going to be lying it back to where we parked unload this. We should have probably another four: maybe five hours is a light left we’re going to drop down another finger, see what we can find on it.

It’s not as big as this one, though so I can get everything in there here we go good morning, guys I so here we go it’s day 3. I decided to stay one more night and hit this stuff one more day, looking at it on the map. I’ve only really scratched the surface of this country and did pretty well yesterday. I think I picked up, I think, end of the day with 12 or 13 sheds, mostly brown and a few hard white, which is awesome. So I decided say one more day got up. It’s early sun’s just coming up and we’re going to go rock it until it’s too hot, but it shouldn’t be it shouldn’t be too bad. I mean yesterday was hot the day before it was awesome. Yesterday was hot. My my straps are actually still wet on my pack, so here we go. What’s this looking fine guys, weird on the board, brownie got some brown shatter right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so going in here for a minute before we continue around yeah holy seven. Eight pound hunt one against a little bit here. Stallone cool have too long guys a day full brownie, let’s cross our fingers. I went up guys so right.

On top, we’ve got the two still the brown and the hard wire from earlier, but right up on top of this finger, I found two more a really old chalk, but it’s big big, heavy old chalk and a hard white. That’s kind of dis formed and super super heavy, so I dropped all the way off this finger and I’ve just been traveling down. I just come down, I mean the other side of this is like thirty yards over. I come down that nothing. I’m come up this side and we got brownie. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you could say sure. Oh yeah weights up right there and high it’s the most Browns I’ve found so far guys on one trip new country never been here before loving it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you think yeah baby, some more some more brown cheddar.

Today we got a brownie, oh man. It was awesome, guys, I’m just living it up and never had an area. I love this much ground on it, I’m going to so party. So sorry, mmm beautiful circle around see if we go matcha. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you they’re ! So heavy in here. That’s this thing’s pushing 10 pounds broke hI what up guys so I’m just kind of circling around in this little sad or just on that older haunted spot another one up here. Let’s go horn. It’s got a lot of length. Where is everything? No bad boy? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. [ Applause ] hard. Why?

What’s up guys all right, so it’s kind of slowed down a little bit,the more I’ve crawled from the bottom towards the top and death. My past I mean I’m not complaining at all. My pack is pretty heavy. I found quite a few shed so far big sheds, but what I’ve been doing is I’ve been shooting across the top coming up, and this disc canyons got fingers that run off of the main, the main plateau that shoots out along this Canyon, and so I’ve been Leaving my pack at the top, because it is too heavy and then diving down each finger and just kind of looping down and back up and the past few fingers have been dry since that real big line long time to hard wide. I found, but this finger. We got a brownie right out in the open. Okay. Thank you. Thank you.

Obviously, I’m going to do it. I’ve been doing and hope we try to match this up, but this has been a slow day for matching up brownies or just certain sheds. If they’re not together, I’m not matching up so look around. What’s up guys, hI celery just coming up they’ve dropped down in the space of this canyon, cuz, there’s a lot of buck brush and they’re buying thing, but we’re working back up right here to the top one at a brownie she’s got it but okay, good brownie! Oh yeah, nice Brown. What you think you think yeah look, how big that thing! I’m broke. Oh yeah, [, Music ] to stop by camp and unloaded the pack we’re going to tough it out the heat I’m going to stay a little bit longer and we’re going to see things at the end of this finger before it’s too late heat and all I Restock the pack full of water, so we’ve still got a few hours see we can find holy crap guys I’ll. Tell you what it’s warm! It’s really really warm! I’m know it’s probably 5:45 straightish right in there I decided I was going to cut off at about 7:00, so we’re getting close, but I made it out to the end of this finger and it’s come out the you know the cop kind of flattens out and Then it just don’t dumps a little bit in and drops and just like I was hoping there’s a sec. It looks like a pretty good set to big brown set so that right, antler is giant. So it’s that one! Well, I don’t know who knows big. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh yeah, that’s a better one than I thought, but thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Seven point I don’t down set I’m going to take some ATL’s, alright guys. Hopefully, hopefully you can see everything here on this giant set of brown shades man, these things, big bowl, guys stud bowl heat orange, are happy to. We gots think that things going to score, I’m a little interested to see sweet back-end on him, gobs of math, a big old devil tines. Has it all got it all man he’s so rad, interesting, scooty scores, prove guys I’ll. Tell you what I have been humping. It for two days out here first day, I did 27 miles gone over that to brown sheds second day. I think I ended with 15 miles total for the day, but man I had a heavy pack all day long. It was nice. It was really really nice. Just Browns on top of Browns and hard White’s, I think I picked up four chalk sheds total this whole trip and two of them are borderline depending on the buyer, would say a chalk or hardlight, butyeah, just a killer, killer trip and beats the heck Out of how the last few trips I mean, I’ve had fun. I’ve had a lot of fun here. Lately Wyoming was a blast any time I get to go with my wife as a blast, but they’ve all been kind of heartbreaking on numbers and size and anything else, and this bull right here this bull makes up for it. So much! Thank you. Yes, all right.

What’s up guys, so I decided to keep pushing. I pushed a little farther out on another finger, hoping to turn up some more some more Browning’s, unfortunately, that last Nick set was the last set that I picked up for the day got back to the camp. A little late, so I literally just kind of threw everything in I mean my federal. I don’t even have room to put it to roll it up and put it away. I actually had to unroll it to get fit in here, so I got to get a roof rack built for this thing, so I got more room but we’re pretty much cram packed with shed. I wanted to lay everything out and try to go over everything because it’s been a while, since we did that, but I just I took advantage of every bush daylight as I had today, and it just didn’t work out. So I will it’ll be late. When I get home it’s 9:30 now it’ll probably be pushing three o’clock by coming at home, so in the morning I’ll get everything laid out and good trip. I think I end it with a little over sixteen Browns, while good, mature Boles heavy ground. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all that the heat wasn’t too bad.

Today we were able to work through it. I finished the day I think, with 20 miles 20 point something yesterday I did 15 and the day before is that I get 27. So the trip had a lot of fun. I think it might be getting a little too hot. I don’t know I’ll watch the weather look at home Stewart days. We got lined up before July and maybe we can sneak out one more trip. I don’t know with the weather like this dude, so any bad guy, thanks for everything and watching subscribing and don’t forget about a promo codes in the bottom of the description. It’s not like. I said I just got done cleaning out the rover as far as all the gear goes: it’s dusty and dirty there’s! No tomorrow we take it down to the car wash today, get it cleaned up, but back to the whole reason I was stopping or unloading today and running. The video now was the fact that I didn’t get back to camp soon enough last night to do a good video and have everything laid out. It was just too dark, so today I’ve got everything I loaded cleaned up and laid out, and this is how the trip into guys this whole front row right here. All Browns tell you what those what three four big canyons! Well, two of them excuse me two of them like right there and there those were found on my day I did 27 miles. There was the only two that I found that day the next two days I cleaned up. Those are all hard wipes and those are chalks back there, but chaff man, cleaned house.

Quite a few nice sets a bunch of singles right there. There’s a set there’s a set. A big ol set, another sweet, big heavy set. A couple big singles thing: a sixteen Browns total, which is the best I’ve ever done in my entire life, on Browns, guys that right there, all sixteen Browns is the most that I’ve ever found for bronzes. I think that’s the most I’ve found in a year on some years, actually so yeah, definitely an epic epic trip. I just allowed to turn around from what it was, because that, first day, heartbreaking



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