Elk Shed Hunting Part 1 Pursuit Of 400″ Antler Trader

Elk Shed Hunting


Well, just hiked all the way up here over there. It’s right up there somewhere, hey let’s. Go over the video heavy heavy big fronts whose third suck but well can’t. Have it all Stud stead set good mass yeah? Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. So getting closer, my goal is to pick up a set the brakes 400. Before the end of 2015. We’re running out of time. I picked up a bunch of really really big bowls, really nice bowls, but nothing nothing over that 400 mark.

So we’re, hoping to get it down here this month or next month. I mean it’s Thanksgiving two days away. My wife is my wife is amazing. She we leave for Salt Lake tomorrow and she lets me drive a few hours away from home, spend two days looking for elk sheds.

She knows how bad I want to break 400. She’s super supportive. I love her more than anything yeah, so we got Thanksgiving a couple days away and I’m picking up this one. A glass-like queer over there across that big nice can hand across the canyon farther up and see it’s.

All led you down here, yeah another good, six, Pat’s and ain’t heard why even almost walk by this one little older, yeah yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, I just stopped and strap this tape.

This other , on my back, I’ve, got 20 yards away, the hint there’s. No, this one & # 39. S, got something funky another one strap on the back. Thank you. Thank you. Well, I’m glad I stopped and bought extra rolls of electrical tape.

Just before I left town, I’m about got off, got on the maps and left and bucks four miles from the truck you’re. Doing a big loop and shed hunting back towards the truck but get back to the truck and unloading this and then coming back out for miles.

Only take me 30 minutes max to get over there. So I think any that’s. What we’re gonna do, hopefully, hopefully we’ll, keep keep picking them up on the way I got two hands to carry. I still got room on the pack.

I just it’s early in the day. What sheds can still be found? I wanna be able to hit as much as I can. I don’t want anything slowing me down, so fun fun got ta love shed hunting. What was about 30 minutes ago, I was talking about heading back to the truck.

I’m halfway there and I was worried about fine him more. I’m gonna carry him so well. We found one one more and just on another. That might be my other side too. The one who got us up sure looks like it found a couple couple of deer sheds to unspecial bull card light dance, and this one this one’s old, but it’s like you, didn’t.

All those velvet pretty crazy. Thank you thank you here we are just got ta, get that and unload and everything at the truck, lock it up and then second take off the other direction from where I was. And what do you know? We are five minutes from the truck may be.

Actually the truck is just on top right here we’re, just slopping down off right here and boom, that’s. What we like see if we can fill this back up again, what the hell we’ll, just set it up there. We’re not far from the truck.

I’m a whole new steel truck just right here. Top of this hill, I make it there a lot good times, good times, shitload of shuts down, but awesome cool ready for all that turkey now working on their excess off room to put all the other fat into a food coma.

Since I haven  really ate for two days out here: peace out here, we are finally made it back the truck. We got about 30 minutes of sunlight left wow. What a what a trip it ! It’s, been a good trip.

Try to get everything in this video. Do that. What an amazing amazing, amazing truth! I’ve encountered a ball yet you

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Elk Shed Hunting

Elk Shed Hunting, Elk Shed Hunting, Elk Shed Hunting, 

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