Elk Shed Hunting Redemption Part 2 Antler Trader

Elk Shed Hunting Redemption Part 2

All right, we are making our way in this morning, okay with us, and I got another road,yeah. Thank you, take some pics and then I’ll see you guys what it looks like the other side is closed, and that is an old little guy right there from where I was just out right there by Brett there’s another one: . Thank you thing that might be the other side. Did this first one there just picked up yeah, that’s it. You bet. Thank you. Thank you. We’re out here. We just decided to kind of walk the edges over here. Cuz josh has found a brown off the road. This is technically where we were going to stop, but I found a shed, so maybe it is where we’re going to stop edit to the top I’m a. Do I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl? I like what you do you body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type.

So let’s go! All right here we go hello, YouTube how you guys doing we got che with us. As I already told you from our road sheds again another day starting off with road sheds, yeehaw Thursday, we’ve already got four sheds found ya, which is awesome. We brought che back so that he could experience what a fun time we had yesterday, plus L pack more antlers. We areit’s a little bit later in the morning right now, but we’ve got a few hours about seven seven hours, nine hours dark. So you want to be home early singing, go to bed early. That was your idea good school tomorrow, yeah which he does handle it all by himself. We don’t have to ever worry about him getting to school. So it’s a very self-sufficient kid. After having one that needed to be really guided yeah, she had to work.

So here we go. Let’s go find some bunk sheds and have fun you guys ready for this all right afternoon. Just switch spots came right down the hill. Here I was a stupid, but he’s pretty wide. Thank you. Thank you thank you and if you can see just a little farther all right after I picked him up, you see that . Thank you. Thank you. Thank you coming all in the second shed. Now, you’re out, you pick him up that Dad had a bad walk, looks like it’s been sitting here for a minute: [, Music ], let’s go Beaufort! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yes, so Ching just hit me on the radio and said you found a dead head, I’m making my way over to see it and found that bad boy we’re going to make a little stash pile because we are literally like five minutes into the hike, so we’re going to make a little pile market and come back for him, so we don’t have to do a pile it all on the backpack right now. Oh yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All right guys, hmm break my ankle here, so I was just up on this rock room right here, just kind of glossing down in the mouth of this Canyon Basin right here and an elk shut down the bottom waiting in the some sagebrush. I don’t know if it’s last year’s or older. It’s definitely white, though sure find the way through the rocks to get down here all right now, we’re down here flip it around, so you guys can see it as a walk-up. That’s a hard way! Last year’s one heck yeah, I think you think thank you, not a bad no weight to it. Yes, there it is get the strap to the package. Keep going find some more.

So I just I literally just hit the button to shut the camera off and I think I just spotted the other side: let’s walk over there struttin, both and same time cool little Canyon right here, there’s a spring down in here. That’s why and there it is right there. It is the other side. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This will match that awesome. That’s how we like to start match, set alright, get the shop down, and let’s get back going you just like that. We are race, ready, all right, let’s get going, probably say an hour since my dear since finding my dad head and my oh and finally stumbled upon a really good-sized oak – oh god, they’re all broken, though they stay intact. Well, I also found that I almost stepped on that one look at that all is all his times are pretty short without being solid.

Alright, let’s keep on going see if I can find his match side. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s oh man. You can’t decide what it wants to do today, I’m either cold or I’m hot, and now that I’ve dropped down in elevation, I’m been getting hot, it’s been slow, but we yeah. We dropped clear down on this finger that comes off the top of the mountain, which is back about probably three four miles, and this thing runs all the way down to the valley. Floor, Britt and Shay are two and three fingers over from me. I don’t know how far up and down there they’ve gone, I haven’t heard anybody on the radio for a little while I don’t know what how they’re doing, but it’s been a little slow for me this afternoon. Until now, I just found a dead head. It looks like a little elk get out. There’s this little cut that comes up off the big draw big Canyon laying down in this put this around is no he’s a cool bull pen, freaky right on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I’ll set the camera up here, Yolo good, just for you I’ll be right back. There is just a goofy goofy little ball got some pollination going on right. There he’s super fat only a g1 and a pitchfork on the other side looks like he died last year. Judging by the condition of the antlers, but just cool ball and get him loaded on the pack and keep going, we got a few hours left and hopefully we can add a bunch more to the pack, get it heavy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let’s get them loaded up all right guys. It is time to pick up another shed. I just got to run up across the straw and I’m actually surprised. I haven’t found anything else sooner than this, because so good, there’s so much speed. So much water, like it’s beautiful, perfect country, so maybe crossing the straw and going down that fingerwill be in my best interest. Let’s go grab it. You sit up on that bench up there, hiding in that yellow grass. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

All right, so this is the final score for today there is another awesome day. Yeah Jay found the deer Josh found that elk , that’s cool, which one’s your favorite Jay you’re , very cool. I like dads the best all right, so we had a fun day. It was a really fun day. Got Jay come out with us. Yeah awesome tater doesn’t come out that often anymore get Brent out here next time and yeah. The old. Definitely be you next time. This is a great spot. We’D hit pay dirt, yes, siree now it’s time to get home because somebody’s got school tomorrow, we’ve got a long drive to Salt Lake City in the morning. Yeah. You got a meeting tomorrow with our new apparel company. We’re going to . Have hats and shirts and stuff nice? Finally, it’s coming. We get us every single day, literally every on some platform or another somebody’s like where our merchants feel handle on it, we’re coming back out with it, we’re finally ready to do it again, except we’re doing it right this time exactly so, we will keep you updated On that, thanks for watching guys later, thank you.


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