Elk Shed Hunting Redemption, We Killed It! Antler Trader 2019

Elk Shed Hunting Redemption – Big Haul

Just banned a brony HI guys we are cruising back in just a new country and yeah good, oh no, we’re going to put her I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do you know Wall Street you bite, let me prove it and let it go being nothing all right. I’m going to be some and all fine with every breath. Trust me I’m abe the guy at the top. You can’t good morning how’s it your uh, we’re parked. We have found a spot and based off of finding two Brown Road sheds man finding spot. That makes it easy now, hopefully it produces more than just those two. I think it would be a complete anomaly to find a deer and elk shed within what 50 yards of each other off the road brown road. I think yeah we are going to . Do a couple big loops to the north, I guess and then we’ll see how that’s producing we’ve got the radios or Midland radios all charged up and look at our Maps. We got the truck mark so we’ll see how it’s going and then from there we’ll. Just keep talking to each other and if we need to move we’ll, come back to the truck and move down the road a little farther to another spot.

That looks kind of good. Also, we’ll see you guys in a bit. I got my first set on the board and could be the other side to joshan’s there you go know we’ll see I got it. I might have your other side sweet. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Didn’t get a good enough look at dresses to know if that was the other side or not, but we are only about five minutes into the hike, so that is awesome HI guys we got another one. Actually it’s my first since we’ve left the truck, I’m just running, there’s a whole bunch of just little fingers just everywhere out here with little grassy draws and I’m basically just looping around all the fingers. Just I’ll go up on top back and forth up and down halfway down just depends on how deep the draw is, but I’m just running all the fingers just kind of following them.

So I can look in the bottom. I can check the top, and this one is laying down here on the bottom in the grass looks like another Brownell flip this around yeah buddy LeBron elk. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you right. There take a couple pictures over real, quick and then I’ll be right. Back and I’ll pick it up, huh back, not a giant, but it is a brown elk shed those a little bit of red color on the burr, not very much, but there’s a little there all right. Let’s keep going some guys we’re having a good day after having a fewkind of dry trips like we’re coming out with suspect, just not as much as I’m used to. I just found an awesome, freaking deer shed yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Get myself in there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Something was pulling me over here. I was kind of like I want to drop down in the bottom over there, but hey girl, I’m just going to take the long way around. I’m going to drop down and I’ll come back up so good thing. I did nice, alright we’re on the board. Again we got a looks like a hard white deer shed. Nice shed got cool. I got it on it here. Thank you. Thank you week back in, but I cool, and it’s a whitey which is a good sign. Let me take pics of it and then hopefully start matching it up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you got another one down there in the bottom and go down after it and hopefully find a couple others, while I’m at it all right guys. I’m heading over to pick up this brown elk said that I just found, and I glass it up with my loopholed 1040 two’s, the fan tiem BX fives and yes, here’s my , and there he is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, heck yeah. This is when it’s fun is we’re near like consistently finding stuff. You got lots of action, I mean it’s fun, anyways, that’s why I always do it, but sometimes it’s nice to just have a consistent, a bunch of antler to pick up. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you find the other side.

HI we got another looks like a little look, should could be, chalky could just be chewed on not sure yet no, it’s super chunky right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Pretty much like weathered away might have even been burnt in the fire that went through here. We don’t care we’ll take it. This is going to be an action-packed episode. I didn’t bring your ball, though. There’s a ding ding all right. We got another, I’m getting the new Epperly stock loaded up, not a little brown elk right there. You can. Thank you. Thank you. I’m going to get to see that guy’s tracks. It looks like right there right on nothing special little four-point rag horn. Ok, so we were just sitting across this draw right over there, Glasson and well. I was I don’t know. We are Brits down across this big Canyon from me so sitting over the glass and then through the trees. I could see lot white lines and I’m like man, those like tines, but I’ve been fooled before and they turn out to be sticks, but they were so wild. I said you know, I got ta go look and I’m glad I did because it’s a shed and it’s not a bad , it’s a pretty good . Actually, it’s white right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s hard white.

Last year’s cool man, it feels good to be getting into ELQ again told you guys it’s only a matter of time. We’Ll get this stuff figured out. We’Ll start picking up some piles, all I’ll, be right. Back! I’m going to take some pics, oh yeah. I think got some weight to it. Jiwan’s snapped off. Hopefully you guys can see and hear me there. We go that’s best. so far, nice heavy bull trying to match this bad boy up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you alright. So this is my second trip out in this new everly stock pack, and so far I’ve been really impressed with it. I’m really really liking it. I got the main frame with the bat wings and scabbard on it right now and man. It’s awesome. My spotter will fit in one of the fat wings, water gear, everything and then this frame is just the way it fits. I got the longer one super super comfortable. I’ve already started packing more than I ever did before. As far as not counting you know, horns and and stuff like that, just gear in general, I’ve already started packing more and it’s super super comfortable. Oh yeah, I’ve been loving it.

Our last trip was a little lackluster and I didn’t really pick anything up, so I didn’t. I couldn’t give it a solid review on any weight yet, but so far with what I’ve got on here, it’s still just nice. I mean really really nice. I guess that comfortable. I can’t get over how comfortable it is. We’re going to we’re going to see how she does today the way it’s going. Hopefully we can get a pretty heavy stack on this this back today, so we get these strapped down and I’ll see you guys in a minute alright. So I’m literally maybe 40 50 yards from where I just found the big hard white, and I don’t know if I got the other side right here just in these rocks. I could just see times on this side of the tree. I haven’t even walked past to see what it is, but it’s not very far from where I just picked this maps . You can get a little better look yeah. It could be the other side right. There he’s broke on the back it. No that’s an older shed another year. Maybe off this bull have to look at him. Look at the length of that g2 big old long g2 on him, which this , doesn’t have done cool cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Take some pics and see you guys in a bit all right. We got another brownie man, what a good day heck yeah. Finally, this wasn’t waiting for this is a lot better brownie. I mean it’s not as big as those two Whitey’s I just picked up, but it’s definitely the bigger brownie. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I think I’m going to actually hike to the top of this finger that I’m on and make a stash pile. The first pictures all right guys it has been a minute since I found something I was kind of getting a little discouraged thinking about turning back to where we were doing better and going in that direction. I glanced up across the straw. If I, if I say yes, so it’s a good thing, I stuck with it today and my BIOS are killing it for me today. I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m out I’ll use my glass for stuff, that’s not even that far away just to scan the ground because of all the sticks and stuff, it helps antler actually stand out. Sorry, I’m thinking about my aunt I’m trying to talk to you. Okay, I’m going to hit pause and record these they’re cold.

Alright guys. Can you see him over there just chillin up on that bench? Let’s go get him real. I think she’s just about had it today, she’s tired, it’s cool down in here. That’s one thing I’ve been really enjoying about where we live now is every single trip is new, like that, there’s no place I’ve been, which always an adventure, but I really like knowing that I haven’t ever been there before Vinnie Vinnie Randy, the only another Jersey don’t Wander to go pick up my bit, I’m going to get some pictures all right. I’ll come back in to get some pictures. [, Music ] thanks for making it easy right next to each other, you probably just put his head down and boom down on the ground. I actually might see one another one across the TrI just came from. If that is not just awesome, I don’t know what is so. I was just pulling him out. I didn’t realize that he was so well into the ground right there. It’s been here for a minute. Take a look at this. That’s so cool!

Yes, all right now, it’s time to strap them to the backpack! Well, it’s been a little bit. It’s been a little slow since I made our stash pile just working these canyons now slaughter rock a lot of thick cover. I just found a deer shed, it actually looks like it might be brown a little hard white. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just a little guy, nothing special! I asked you going so I literally just picked this deer up like right over there by that tree. You know I’m so you’re talking about how it slowed down a little bit. We haven’t found anything since I stashed, and I walk from right there to here and I was going to loop on this finger and start heading back up and we got an elk looks like a hard white hidin right there behind those rocks. Fine. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh yeah, hard white, five sweet pick it up here. Oh yeah, good, heavy horn awesome. They will tell on him flip this around cool five. It’s good strap to the backpack. You keep going alright, so we’re working back and just come across the side-by-side gear set right there little guy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hmm! Didn’t we in there a couple days. Well, three point:

What’s up guys made it back, it was, it was a dang good day. Finally, thank you. Thank you yeah, and it was a nice day. Super nice. I’m sure I added to my awesome, myfarmers burn is what it was and my lips are dry. Yeah, it was windy; today it was. It was like so windy that it was actually it looked kind of dusty in this guy. You can see yeah, it was anyways Suns going down. We are going to drive home and get some sleep and see if Jay wants to come back out with us tomorrow and tearing up trying to figure it out yep and we’re not done we’re still. going to have a lot more spots yeah, but this is our spot yeah.

Let’s show you what we got but like that, but, like that’s got that giant g2 on it it’s broke, that’s pretty cool set. You guys will see you seen the ATL 2 that that’s a set we matched up. I found the one off the road. One of those I can remember, then, like 10 minutes out of the truck five minutes out of the truck Britt, found the other side rift on that big old deer which we’re going to look because we think there’s multiple years right there of the sandbox we’re just Not sure yet haven’t had time to look and that deer said over there that big heart whitey right there and epic brownie yeah it’s good day how many Browns 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 2 3 hard white elk, one chalk and one super old super super old Yeah and then one brown deer there, one brown deer there and then that sets a couple years old so and the rest of hard white, so 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, deer good day. How many is it total 7? I didn’t hear how many sit on elk so 2 for 19, not counting the dinosaur. It seemed like way more than what’s sitting. There 19 seems like more than was heaven yeah and it was a beautiful country and it was yeah yeah. I love this country days that we dream of, and I was praying so hard for today. Yeah it came true. It did good job babe yeah job, you too, all right guys. We are going to get in the truck and get these loaded up and we’re going to get out of here. Get home, get some sleep and get back. Yeah see you tomorrow



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