Elk Shed Trip Part 2 Antler Trader

Elk Shed Trip Part 2

The Pursuit of a 400″ set of Elk sheds

Oh yeah, that’s a big bull. Look at that shader! That is cool three Hertz he’s at least sixty. Well, hopefully, I’m unloading up here and you can see everything and you can hear me the wind’s blowing winds blowing pretty hard, but what a stud set I mean got. Some characters got the extra, a cheater that kick her up going on right. There good long main beams – I mean okay from its average fronts, good swords, I mean just a nice Bowl, I mean, like I said, he’s he’s probably a 360 bowl, if not he’s he’s definitely 350, I’m still pretty uncomfortable with judging these things like, I am deer Gear, I tell you what it is, but these elk are different for me stuff. Yes, sir, that’s what we’re looking for. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hopefully we can find start finding the big big ones now, let’s first set of this trip, so BAM. Alright. Well, that sucks, we are eight miles from the truck it’s about 5:20 right now about ten minutes of light left, so I think we’re going to start heading back, try to get as much hunting him as we can before we’re in the flashlights, but man I just I thought I was going to get into him after getting that far out there on some of that stuff and especially after finding this killer set right here. But I didn’t I mean it’s this. It ended up hitting boot tracks again older, but you know when they’re white they’re not hard, so we picked up. I think we’re going to end the day right now, since its run in the day with eight sheds first set everything’s been singles. Yesterday we had 12 and man we’ve busted our ass we’ve. We’Ve got a long ways. We put some boots boot boot tracks down, that’s for sure, but yeah, just one of them days.

I think we’ll be moving tonight somewhere, but get on the map get on the map and peace-out tell what upset so here we are day three moon spots again after my personal best yesterday of 33 miles on my feet and picking up eight sheds and that wasn’t going to work for today, god yeah yesterday, I thought I had a good spot found picked up that big set and then nothing the whole rest of the day so plus on top, but between the two spots and the country I was in yesterday, I picked up A lot of singles that’s set last night was or yes, the evening was the biggest was the only set of the trip. So we moved spots just got here. It’s about nine o’clock took a little bit of driving to do this, but oh well. If we didn’t find a bunch of horns or any star getting into the big big stuff, hopefully break 400, then it’s worth it, but it’s going to be cold. Today, I’m going to put a sweater on already forecast before I left town forecast said snow, but it wasn’t talking about snow till later in the day till you know tonight, so hopefully it stays that way, but these clouds are pushing fast. So hopefully, hopefully we can beat the snow and get a few horns picked up if not had a good trip so far, we’re not twenty horns. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you, but uh. Well, let’s hit it hopefully I’ll, be seeing you here shortly with another set, so alright!

Well, I just just left the truck literally it’s just kind of over this rise a little bit, probably 150 200 yards at the most, and we already got our first set. So hopefully this is how the day is going to continue to go. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Good set holder, butgood, have you say all right so, since the last video found another little pink, shocker, nothing special, but I just come across this and right in the path looks like it might be, one of them days where we just Braddock. We find one here there which all right, whatever I don’t care, I like finding sheds, but I just cannot get into big stuff. I don’t know, I know I’m in the country for it. I know I’m in the unit for it. I just haven’t found it yet, but we’ll keep pushing late. Alright, so dropped everything at the truck. I went all the way back to truck and inside the head to the South Moore, because I wasn’t finding. I found four horns in eight and a half miles. One direction so I decided to come back to the south but drop off a little bit more, a little lower country from the truck and paying off better thirds kind of looks like same bullets on my back right now, big back end.

What up so here we are the end of day three ended up picking up a couple: more horns, since my last video, the last clip you’ll see here, you’ve seen picked up. I think I ended today with ten yeah yeah yeah ten, so I believe we found thirty-two elk sheds. This trip ended up finding in that last area. There ended up finding four years off of One Bowl, which my last trip three years off of One Bowl was my first and this time four years, it’s crazy to see four straight years of this Bowl and he really didn’t change a whole lot. I mean and maybe added a little bit extra here and there, but not much mass, pretty much the same. Every he’s pretty pretty close, butyeah. So I got two sets today now three sets today and then one so for four sets. Total! Oh no forgot! Five sets total what I ended up with, which up until yesterday, I didn’t even have one set. So well also did my best hiking miles. This trip 33 miles BAM. So there’s in the bottom right there there’s two horn there’s a set a year. Another set another set, so there’s one two, three four and then that’s the step from yesterday cut that one right there that weren’t big, but it’s so old and shocking grouse character on that one yeah. So there it is a lot of miles. Hike 432 of shoulds dang. I wish we could have got 400, but oh well, it’s a work thing. Thank you!


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