Epic Shed Hunting Day w/ Eric Chesser of Hush!! Antler Trader

Epic Shed Hunting

Good morning hI here we go me and Britt snuck off for the day first of December. Some time just got done with all the guiding hunts. We got a few hunts left still in the year, but we’re done guiding for the most part for this year. So now it’s shed time focusing in on our yep first December, we’re going to shut hunt now until pretty much it gets way too hot sometime in May, and I’m a junior camera is good. We love it. It’s it’s time.

Let’s go see what we can find:alright, what’s going on guys, so we’ve moved spots from where we were we’re , not very far from where we started this morning about maybe two miles max mile and a half down the road, but we’re in certain Country, for a certain reason, we’re trying to find a few more off of Brits buck, and I just parked we just parked in the bottom here and we’re working up right now to the top of this Ridge and we’re going to . Just we figure we’ll give this spot about an hour and just working up the ridge we got our. We got our firstand Brits over here coming across right now, typical old, but we’ll take you all real, that’s what you need to be find in right. There find the sheds give it to me girl, not really so. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,those mud puppies.

He seems like such a like more exotic birds like he shouldn’t be in the desert to me migrating. Do you think it’s weird though yeah like it always seems weird to me when we see him like no, what’s going on guys so here we are a couple days later after our little trip Sunday out, hitting it again we’re going to do a new spot New country me Brit here and our surprise guest. We got sitting here in the passenger seat. We’re going to have some fun today, yes, sir, and that’s why Brit and ramires chillin barely hanging in back there, but alright, so anyways we’re out here we’re on the strip. We’re going to shout hunt today with a good friend, that’s down visiting mr

Eric Chesser of the Hofstra Channel, I can’t find a new big deer shed, so I got to come with these guys yeah. I want to replace it up with me, so we got ta take his own, so he can take us the sound of all them pig out he’s been picking out. Let’s go yeah we’re going to Subin get a big ol. Joint nasty set of deer sheds picked up out here today for Eric and just have some fun doing it. So here we go. Five sheds is my goal on this trip, which could be really high for a place like this, but really we’re he’s just going to find one that’s his biggest five one that looks like five believe it or not. That’s how she prefers to drink a whole bottle of water. She gets mad at me when I dump it out wrong. Pipe, went down the wrong pipe yeah, it’s all gone. Do you drink it all?

What’s up guys, we’ve been just working this this finger like we were talking when we left eric’s found one shed so far, not sure about Brett. I haven’t seen her, yet I’ve been empty-handed until now is just walking. I was actually crossing this Canyon. This draw right here. You know we got a big bowl lots of buck brush. I mean this finger. We’re on right now is just loaded with feed. The sheds can literally be anywhere, but I’m walking up this Ridge right now. I spotted a shed just across the cat. The draw house literally standing like right there by that tree just looking to crawl, and I saw what looked like a back in so I glossed it sure enough. It looks like it’s a good shed, but who knows everything looks big when you look at it in the glass I’ve got sidetracked cross in the canyon. Yeah looks like a big, typical good time length, not that old either. Oh yeah good eye guard. That’s a know.

What’s in your shed now we need to find the big boys. That’s a big shed, I’m not going to I’m, not going to dog it at the big. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s a broken cheater, so the farther this way we’ve moved. I’ve been seeing more sign, definitely a better country. I just got back to the truck and only ended up with two Eric found one and I found one and then nothing nothing at all yeah. I need to do some rock steady in we didn’t find anything now. It’s grub time right. I was the first find of the day nope, alright guys. I found my first shed of the day cool to point. My phone died, so I had to wait for till I could find Josh so that I could at least have some footage of the fact that it does exist, but we’re in a good spot. I think, hopefully, we’ll start turning up some more okay, so we’re hiking back off down to to the truck we’re almost over now we were just up on top of that.

Doesn’t look as steep as it really is, but finally just dropped off of that and we’re working next, this little hill right here in our shed just right over here it doesn’t look big. So who knows where the other side could be? Britt went around the hill that way nice little finger over there she’s going to go check out good. Let’s got a drop tine on the beam, a cheater on the back end, that’s a cool shed! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you I’ll. Take that got it sold.

Toots been out here for a while, she stole my shedall right. We’re done we’re getting back to the truck we’re heading down the road. Everybody found a horn today, not what we wanted, but it’s not a bad day find sheds we’re finding sheds in crazy awesome country never about day, but it could have been better on the shakedown yeah. That’s pretty sweet that man gave away to girl, that’s cool yeah! That’s a cool horn wish, I could have got to him a little sooner and his other side was laying right by it, but I’m pretty sure I know as the other side yeah, I had a lot of fun. Now we got about an hour-and-a-half drive back on. Just some of the most amazing dirt roads in the lower 48 yeah, just like Utah’s, paving crews right here, yeah really nice all right, seen a bit

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