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Exploring Pine Valley Mountain

What’s up guys, it’s Sunday, we were going to go shed hunting today, but the weather kind of screwed us a little bit. We opted to work on Saturday and get a bunch of stuff done, so we could get out and go today with some friends but, like I said, the weather moved in yesterday was not what we thought. It was going to be come last night. That makes sense, but anyways it was just way it rained all night long snowed in some spots. It still was raining this morning. It’s supposed to be off and on all day today, picking up later this afternoon, so I got a video posted or loaded ready to go. It is scheduled and we’ll have that posted later today, but we decided – and you know what another Sunday Funday so we’re going to go plan a Sunday dinner and something to do Jaden’s kind of been pushing to take the truck back out and play in the mud. Since we have mud now, he basically just wants to drive it, so we might be that brenly’s at work.

So it’s just me Brit and che today. So let’s go see what’s crackin and make some plans and go have some fun today and we’ll take you guys along. So let’s go see if everybody’s ready, Remy’s not ready maybes like what are we doing dad? Sorry, it’s just a shake good. Just water bottle in hand how about you macaronI you ready to go out to the office cuz! You don’t get to go. Do Sunday, Funday, cuz, you’re too little. How about you? Are you ready for Sunday Funday? What are you doing? What do you want? You pictures change on chromecast, nice, see the point on your phone yeah. Are you ready yet so Sunday Funday getting off to a slow start? That might be why I have them on. If I have a mom. No, I said if I didn’t say how tomorrow nope what’d, you say: mags, you got it rough dog, okay, what’d. You say I guess they checked with us. Oh yeah, myself maybe come in. She wants attention. Yeah!

Okay, I’m sure you guys are doing sitting here watching this way. Yeah you ready. This is what I did only yesterday, all that all that all that all that all that I worked from 10 o’clock tell it’s prob about nine o’clock. When I got done in the night so long day, now we’re going to go play, have some fun, oh shut, the light off. I hate that they leave the lights on. You saw the electricity taking this car out or this truck out again, I guess reliable. It’s actually not as cold as I thought it was going to be out of here. This is the popular places yeah. Where are those kids going don’t? This is what we call the turkey fern that when it’s universally known and hey, we’ve always called it. The turkey farm – it’s just like right up above our house, the closest place that you can get to just for a quick like run around kind of day. We don’t mess around with [, __, ], hunted or anything in here, because there’s a bajillion people that do it’s a cool little country, road we’ve done some hunting around here. Look at Pine Valley, man. This is Pine Valley. All up in there. You can’t even see half of it, it’s probably getting covered in snow vehicle issues. No okay! I was like let us this is so pretty. You live in a very beautiful, beautiful place, ! Do you want me to hop in the back? Oh yeah, you’re going to have to like a young or not I’m doing splits. It’s kinda, there’s like there’s like this, like extra layer on the scene, they’re vegan stuck on climb over I’m riding in the back, it’s kind of squishy back here a little bit.

So I figured I’d. Oh hey, that’s my hand. I’D like the boys sit up front, don’t get all crepe a you’re on dirt. Roads tires on this brand-new. Do you earth yeah one point: buuut straight drop over there. I will admit that I am totally nervous right now because well it’s not because we can’t do it it’s just because I do not like pitches, and I don’t like Heights. The roads are kind of muddy, so let’s make me a little nervous yeah. I know, though, you’re doing a puzzle in it. You’re done need to come out here and teach you when I’m not in there.

Okay, so I’m making shading back up just like in show you get. Is this sick, sick custom paint job on this van right here and stop right there over there, these whack jobs? No I’m just kidding black jobs, but the plates say it all Ezra. I hope that somebody’s here, okay drive back, keep driving. I hope that’s, not somebody. Chariots, I think they’re going to close mountain lion hunting, hear a wolf puking out a rainbow. That’s awesome, I love the people can just do what they want to do express what they want to express the only time I don’t like it and put it infringes on what I want to do when I believe I don’t push my values and my beliefs on Anybody else right, hey, you have to hide, how dare you so I it really really really bothers me that since I don’t do it when it happens, you know what I mean so, which is what Arizona’s going through right now Arizona’s going through a battle right now, With flying, hunting and lions are so bad in the save Arizona that they’ve reduced tag, prices, yeah, they’ve, reduced, non-resident tag fees just to get more people harvesting them, so they go in a good way.

They don’t just get shot to be shot or trapped or poisoned. You know it’s better to be harvested by a hunter than it is to be managed by an agency so because we’re going to we’re going to use it we’re going to use it the way it needs to be used, food and everything so yeah. It’s just like work yeah, it’s not bad! So we’re going to stop up here and shoot someone too, and I think right over here, might be a good spot unload it. It’s jammed, please how many is in this tank 10 gun for the BIOS Jay’s going to . Come over and shoot now that all of them to us all who’s, the just shoot up really fast. You can’t be more tactical than me. What go away boy get your tactical stance!

Oh, where are you shooting at that needs a bigger clip? That’s not fun! How many was an attention I think in some chick amongst stuff driving trucks, Wow Vega, there’s your daily inspiration, people HI so me and chair going to have a little competition and we’re going to see who can shoot this limb off of this tree in front of Us it’s only like party 25. No, it’s not it’s like right. There. You just loom right here, sticking out, doesn’t good one on the top. Well, the one right in front of this tree right in front of us. Yes, like five yards. No, it’s not you suck! Five yards all right. I want you to pay attention here, we’re talking about the littlest little limb that comes off the very tip of that you got ta shoot that with a 22 easy-peasy old man, all right we’ll see exactly. You turned it up to nine when it’s five feet away. Yes, yes, you suck you suck and another one.

Okay, I didn’t know there was so much ammo another one miss again and with another and he’s out, ladies and gentlemen, go load. It one shot Jerry. I’m going to show you what branch I’m talking about since he wants to be a jacket. You go load the gun, so I’m talking that little itty-bitty branch right there in the sand coming off that tree. That tree is like ten yards from here from where I’m sitting as a 10 yard shot, but that branch is smaller around than my finger, I mean it’s it’s little, it’s just tough, not knowing where the guns hitting to cuz that scopes of pls alright.

So I didn’t, I said right where your back heel is right, where your foot is now the one that look that one right there, it’s hot, it’s the one that comes up and does the like: a backward 7l yep cameras, rolling, dude, [ Applause, ] I’m trying to hit the stick yeah. You can’t hit the big one, the big one, don’t count this thing sucks all the crap he was talking. No, I was aiming at the base of that stick and look where it hit on the right of it. Yep look show him I did was in on it. They saw it all. Okay, we’re done, shooting I’m going to jump back in the truck. She wants to drive some more go play around on the hill, some more and look at snow up there. We’re going to go get some dinner, Steph, Berger. Okay, we made it off the mountain alive. Chayton didn’t kill us, which is a pretty big accomplishment, proud of him right now, so we’re heading into Walmart Walley world get some stuff to eat.

Okay, we just got home from the store taking the puppies potty hamed Remy wants to play with a ball or dad got her new ball. Come here. Come here drop drop, she’s got it yeah, so we’re a good dinner now and have fun she’s, not bad. A minute: yes, whenever one, you just read me the directions as McGowan, so we’re going to try it’s Sunday we’re going to try this recipe. It is called. So I don’t know. I guess it’s just called sweet potato salad. Give that a try. I am chopping. My favorites and gross Brussels sprout pretty making all right, so we are making little cheese, stuff sliders and what we got here is we got about two pounds of hamburger meat and we’ve got about a quarter cup of 57 sauce and then I dice it up yeah. I diced up a nope, no barbecue yeah. I diced up a whole bunch of jalapeno and put it in here and then I got two tablespoons of red steak seasoning. This is my favorite. I put it on like everything, but I got all the shout out for you mcCormick. I got all those she’s mixed into the Berger here and what we’re doing is we’re taking a small amount. We got some cheddar diced up, just put it in there and work it into it. You sweet little package little ball. This one’s got a little too much Burger Nabal’s make them into ball, starts getting old.

You should link the recipe and then once they’re about done. Then we’ll glaze them with barbecue sauce on top and then finish them up, cooked with barbecue, sauce and we’ll be done, and then we’re going to put them on little rolls and have little sliders all right. So we are making the sweet potato salad and I have got everything pretty much done, except for the sweet, potatoes and bacon. But this is all healthy. No garlic, green pepper and green onion, then we’ll put some spicy brown mustard, potatoes bacon and then there’s like a dressing that I’m about ready to make. I think dinner is served. We’ve got my sweet potato salad, little barbecue, hamburger sliders!

Oh, you flatter balls filled with cheddar. Those are the funds and we recently discovered a Mexican Street corn not recently, and we eat it with everything. Okay, guys so Sunday dinner is over and now I have to lock myself in my totally messy office to finish some projects that need to be in New York next weekend for a big party. So that is what I’m working on. I’m going to show you how messy my office is. I’m going to get real with you. I got all of these orders. Stacked up all over randomness stack right. There randomness more work, that’s actually the name that I’m working on tonight and pain and tape. Everything all strung out and glitter spill to everywhere. This is the office of a creative individual, Hey I don’t want to hear about it.


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Exploring Pine Valley Mountain, Exploring Pine Valley Mountain, Exploring Pine Valley Mountain, Exploring Pine Valley Mountain, Exploring Pine Valley Mountain

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