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Elk Shed Hunting

All right what’s happening so it’s first first part of June. I think it’s like the 4/3 for something like that and it’s hot it’s getting hot sucks, really bad. We decided to make a bonsaI trip for a couple days after ELQ. Again, this is pretty much June. Is it’s pretty much it so we’re after June? It seems like it just gets way too hot, but we’re dealing with the actually one of the hottest weekend’s we’ve had yet highest temps.

Everything is 102 on the on the gauge when I park the truck. So it’s warm it’s going to , be warm we’re going to go as hard as we can without overdoing it. We got lots of water, but go today tomorrow and maybe Sunday morning, but for the most part we plan on calling it quits tomorrow and going home so trying to get as many as we can July. Once July starts, you know we start setting cams and guiding, and I drew a Hydra killer. Archery tag this year took 15 points, so yeah, first of July, we’re deer mode, so antler trader right there trading from the ground to the head. So we’ll do a whole thing on that one of these days so here goes stay tuned.

Okay, it’s it’s been quite a while, since I’ve been going, I’m actually working my way back to the truck, I’m really not that far I’ve done about fourteen miles. The heat really hasn’t been that bad. I haven’t sweat it too hard, but uh, no fells man, it’s closer. You get to the truck. I should just stay right by the truck and do circles, but finally you got a shed here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Cool I’ll, take it nice. Nothing helps morale big time good morning hi. Here we go round two for this little bonsaI trip found one yesterday after doing a little over 14 miles, but got up about five o’clock this morning moved locations it’s about 6:30 now and we’re going to take off.

Hopefully, hopefully we can get into some sheds today. So here goes all right, so just scored on this Spiker here just working around this this hill I’ve got a big Canyon right below us that we’re getting around cuz. On the other side of it, we got a bunch of trees, so we’re just kind of skirting the sagebrush and stuff and 20 yards away over here it looks at another shed, looks better than the spike, but not quite sure what we got here yet. Thank you. Thank thank you for the little guy – hardwired – hmm, not bad about maybe 45 minutes to an hour in still kind of trying to work in the direction we’re working to get over to some country. But it’s good start! Here we go again. You got another! It’s up in about 30 minutes since the last one and got into these trees here, starting to warm up there. It is yep your small guy, too hi, so we’re actually heading back to the truck. It’s it’s getting really hot. I don’t want to be too far out with what the temperature’s rising the way they are. They’ve got to be over here, pushing 100 right about now.

So I said, we’re going to start heading back towards the truck, and lo and behold we got another shed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you pretty good-size shed to Chalker, but good size man. I hate this time of year. I don’t want to quit, but the heats kind of forcing me to so that’s what we’re going to do we’re going to get back for the coolers full ice and got some cold drinks. Now that I say we’re going to back the truck we’re going to start. Getting into them, it’s going to push me keep going just pick this one up and we got another right here, actually nope same side. Another shock me it’s a couple good ones. Well, I ain’t going to complain if we keep picking them up on the way back to the truck as if I don’t get sidetracked, just as he it’s getting it’s getting hot, blazing all right, so we’re on the road. We ended up calling it because the he we didn’t show you know everything. I’D found it found. Seven elk sheds total at 17 miles a day 14 miles yesterday, little over both but yeah. By telling about truck it was I’m so hot. I see the sheds in and jumped in and turn the a/c going, but yeah on our way home now so team to the trip. Unfortunately, we didn’t find. That means we wanted to or what we wanted to, but it’s still a good trip, we’re not going home in the end empty-handed.

So thank you for that very grateful, but this is why we ended it. I’ll show you right here, just absolutely read tomorrow, it’s June, I’m not looking forward to July, so until next time he’s okay! Here we go again. Probably the last trip we’re going to get in before before the guidance countin starts, I drew a limited entry. Archery tag. This year personally, and then we got all our our guiding stuff on top of it and Britt drew a deer tag this year too. So it’s going to be a busy year, plus we’re going to try to get in as much hunts as many hunts as we can on a bunch, over-the-counter stuff, either in Arizona, possibly Idaho and then Utah also but yeah. So we’re going to get one more trip in this. Is it three days two and a half actually and we’re done so here goes okay, so we’re probably thirty minutes in and we got our first shed. That’s cool older! Thank you! Well, if you go long enough and far enough, you’re going to find , no brownie, it is already chewed on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Well, never fells! I pretty much done with this. Stick stuff. I’ve been just beating through getting the crap cut out of me, and so I decided to drop off right here and it’s probably the biggest spot on the dang mountain, butwe got yet. At least thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You say horse lies just absolutely unreal. I’ve got bug spray on they, don’t even care, not one bit. Well, okay, so this day’s been crazy, hot, the bugs are horrible, just been miserable found this little deer shadow bow over there about 20 yards kind of browning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don’t suggest I’m done.



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