Falling In The Creek! Antler Trader

Falling In The Creek – Searching For Elk, Deer, Antlers

Headed to the top I’ma, do it I’m headed to the top imma, prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do you know Wall Street you fight. Let me prove it and let it go all right. I’m going to be fine with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one with the touch you can touch, what up guys. No all right here we go again another trip and another beautiful blue sky, not a cloud around day. It’s actually pretty warm for the Sun just coming up down to one layer, yeah yeah yeah, so we are still exploring still looking for that that that part of the country that might hold something special finding dear hasn’t been an issue. No there’s.

So many we’ve seen quite a few elk that are still packing, so we’re not going to we’ve seen a couple that have dropped, but there’s only been a couple out of all of them, so we’re not going to go mess with them at all. Patiently wait for the rest to drop and then we’ll be hard at it until then, we’re going to keep pounding it and looking for them big deer. I know they’re here and I know it’s only a matter of time that we finally get this country learned and art learnt all right. Kids, we’re going to learn this country learnt this country and yeah. So I said another beautiful day and see you guys in a little bit. Sometimes you damn near step on them before you see him, it’s bigan yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you sterling in water, I’m through to the bone. Forgive me fricking soaked, my boots, so that was a first for me. I’ve never fallen in a body of water. I’ve always been good got across. There’s been the occasional like step in the water with your boot, but catch yourself not today, bro today, full submersion. If the camera crew would have been there, that would have been like some top-notch whiskey straight on my butt. But it’s a good thing: it’s a pretty warm day.

There’s no worries about needing to hightail it back because I’m too wet and it’s too cold outside to be this way. The sun is shining, so hopefully it’ll dry out pretty quick, Josh’s a long ways away from me. I don’t know where he’s at, but usually I always pack a pair of dry socks, so I’ve at least got socks to change into my boots are soaked cancer, so shirt is soaked, loves everything, but I’m going to start shaking it out, and hopefully the Sun and Breeze will help dry it out you’re , pretty quick, so I don’t have to be sitting here too long, cuz, obviously yeah. That’s not the whole point of the day. That was fun and you know what else that water stinks so bad.

So now I got a hook smell that all day lesson learned man make sure you got your feet planted, make sure you got something to keep your balance you can grab on to. I thought I was a little bit more agile than I was. I guess I already had wet boots cuz there’s snow, so I should have factored that in you win some you lose some. I found a shed across the canyon bosses over there walking, so I’m going to have him grab it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You guys see it. Yes, I can right there yeah good job other sites, probably over there somewhere. You know why I was looking over. There is because I let’s say we’re : that’s fine. Go there just spying over there somewhere! That’s what coming hmm. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Well, it’s been a minute since the founder shed decided to go whoa because, oh that’s a nice shed yeah, I decided to go lower , that’s for sure one of the bigger ones I bet over here. Do you find the water rail? That’s pretty so peaceful. You love this, don’t you under that is, or maybe you Native American anybody know. What’s on this rock like smooth and Cheney

What’s up guys man, it has been. It’s been super rough today for me, we’ve put on some miles. We’ve covered some country Brits doing pretty good she’s picked up a few shades, but I’m going to big fat zero. Still, we got a lot of country out in front of us. We’re going to sit here in class for a little bit. Hopefully I can pick something something set: the tripod up. It is a little windy and then, after this it’s pretty late in the day, we got a long trek back to the trucks, we’ll probably be working that way here in the next hour, there’s got to be something out there, I’ll find it see you guys in A bit well, I knew it was only a matter of time before I found something I just had to keep positive keep going yeah. I just stumbled on a match, set brownies baby, there’s one, here’s the other, all right guys.

So the first video we posted. I got a lot of flack about not showing the antlers I apologize, they they weren’t, I just I. I dropped the ball so I’ll get better at that. I apologize and I’ll get the camera set up right now and show you guys what this set looks like one second, over back HI guys here is, hopefully you can see me not about buck at all, good youngster coming up. It’s got good weight to him too. Pretty Browns we’ll take it nice, typical they’re , getting better they’re getting into better horns. We’re going to find him.

So there you go guys all right. We got another brownie, Oh young three-point, a little bit bigger than some of the other three points. We’ve been picking out. All right, we just walked up on a little deadhead here. That’s two point buck right. There keep going really tired. You look like you’re , just a little bit worn out sister you’re , not even in the truck yet and closing your eyes. Yeah, it’s fun! What’s up guys, hello, we’re back to the truck josh is hair like so good. Oh, it feels good to have my ring. It all day feels good to have the hat offit’s a long day a lot of miles and we found most of Browns yeah. We found all Browns except tonight. Have you been yeah well a couple year old, but let’s show you guys how it ended up. Sorry, bud Sapp bridge cool horn with that funky twist in the bass right there like he’s going up and then sided now we’re turning right there. At three point I found three point: Britt found little four, keep it sound good day, so yeah we got a lot to do yeah so now we’re going to go home and first we can go, get some dude, I’m starving, starving, wait. I didn’t stop a half of a cereal bar time for food, so thanks for watching guys, we appreciate it.


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