Finding A Giant Beefy Mule Deer Shed Antler “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Beefy Mule Deer Shed

Sometimes you’re  the first one that’s been down a road in a while and there’s a show just laying right on side the road, not big, but we’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We haven’t even started chatting yet look at that giant little guy with it kind of chalky kind of little all right. I’m going to  try the other side of the camera today, which means I can’t see my face, and I don’t know how much of me is kidding in this video you’re , perfect cuz. I can see it on the screen. I know see. That’s the whole point. That’s why I like to see it yeah, but it’s yet again and first one ready to go and josh is sitting here dilly-dallying around with this backpack you’re , getting ready to go, I’m almost ready. If you quit it’s distracting me, I would be ready.


Oh, I just got my stuff and I’m ready to go so fellas, don’t always put it on the girls for making you late ready to go. She can’t give me crap anymore, so I don’t know what time it is it’s sometime in the late morning, we slept in a little bit. I just woke up this morning and hit snooze and for some reason I actually didn’t hit snooze I hit off. We got, we got a little bit of a late start, but for the most part we have a beautiful blueSky day wish it was cloudy. But it’s not. We got a slight breeze coming out of the south east. It feels like I’m the weather guy. Actually, it does Ron Burgundy early spring nice day, so I’m I’m real thankful that we’re  able to keep on coming out here without the snow yeah.


We had a little bit of rain, that’s kind of worried that it might snow bit too muddy, but anyways. Here we go, hopefully we can find some ships stuck um. Oh I’m across the canyon. For me I think, and I’m up on the fly I was just walking the sagebrush and buck brush on top all right. We got a shed. Finally, not. Finally, we really haven’t even been going that long, so here we go appreciate it check. Oh, if I don’t eat crap ow, all right second show the day, except only one. All three three point. Thank you. Thank you. Nothing special, but we’ll take it.


I was only going to  cut across this sagebrush flat, but I might actually grit it now see what else is in here. So I just sitting out here on the end of this finger that we ran down and I glossed up a shed on the other side. So we got to run all the way back up the finger until we get out here. It’s just ledges, it ledges off everywhere, all the way around, and so there’s no crossing the canyon out here, because we’re  where the small Canyon dumps into the big Canyon, bigger Canyon. So we got to run back up the finger loop, all the way around and then head out to grab it and it looks big. So it’s probably a two point, so I can’t wait to get over there and pick up my two point: a big shed. Always little every time, so that’s kind of what I’m going after with this one, it’s a little, but it’s a it, goes to numbers so we’ll go get it. It’s not like.


We got anything else going on really it’ll, be bringing us and good luck. I always like to look and see what it was. The Hello Kitty, Oh cute, our friend Chelsea, would love that all right, where is shed sound just getting over finally to where this sheds at, and I just found this old chalky chalky baby – probably a good sign of the size of this yeah. It’s probably the other side again. Can you know she’ll be down this finger, a little ways. You know talk about taking forever to get out here, geez. I we finally got to it pretty cool horn, big beefy thing, Big Horn, big size, just goofy configuration. Hopefully the match is up here somewhere. I happen. Take some ATL’s. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and off. You go all right.


Well, on our way back to the rig to the rover, probably a quarter mile out come to the end, not a not a very productive day, but we found sheds we’re  not going home empty-handed and I found a pretty cool off a buck. I know so not a bad day. Oh no, but I wish there was more of it. Yes, really digging this country, I’ve never been in this stuff before so there’s so many different spots. I think I would have gone. I have to plan some trips when I get back from guidance. Oh well, we’re  done the day has come to an end. The Sun is setting and we’re  driving home. I found one for two old shockers of dinkar and then a pretty good one.


What I know about pretty good one, but it’s pretty good, look pretty good day good day yeah. So no it was. It was a pretty good day for you. We got to find that spot there in that country. There’s that one finger, that’s got the sheds on it. It’s not bad, though, for being the first things where you would have found yours process of process of elimination huh, so we just eliminated some country. Do oh well, that’s honey, yessiree, but alright guys take care thanks for watching and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe. We appreciate it very much later. Look at that pretty sky! Look at the airplanes that you can see. This is like a major thoroughfare.




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