Finding Shed Antlers In The Snow! “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Shed Antlers In The Snow

So we got this going for us. We like to try to make shed hunting charm, adding some extra challenges yeah, where it is too good at it, you bored with it right. We need to make it more challenging and it’s. Why, then can’t see it think, like she’s literally, have to step on? It should be fun yeah? Hopefully the Sun comes up, get rid of some of this. I know because this is the very first part of the road yeah like this is the part that usually never has snow so and our figures that we can find a good location today. Otherwise I don’t know what were our plan? Is we’re just scoring on an enjoy ride, yeah pretty much, and I will be the only one operating a phone today, because Josh broke his phone and on top of that, it’s not just that he broke his phone. Is that yesterday we were at Verizon and ordered his new phone, which I got the tracking number for last night.

So now we have a broken phone because you have to return your phone when you get the new one, yeah they’re in trouble a lot every single time. Every time we over yeah yeah yeah he’s done this another time. This isn’t just like one time and it was like we had the phone in the mail that time too, I don’t know what the Dylan bones are jump plus. The case you had on was in the case. I need to point that out. It was when it wasn’t: it’s not a protective case, it’s for other stuff, but it’s not to protect the phone. So I kept telling them you better get a case on that cuz we drew up our phones, a crapload. I would never ever take my phone out without a case on it, because this phone – I you guys – saw her and Jaden’s hunt. I totally smashed my phone and without a service, so know their pain in the arse we found places with that snow. Are we going to our original destination so far, so far, we’re still on course we just crested over that hill and I thought that it was just going to be dusted in straight white, but actually it was dry, as could be.

There’s like a few little skips here and there, but no other snow, and we saw a coyote, and so we were just on that one. I guess watch these videos real closely your eyes cuz, we’re feeling I was just videoing and talking without actually have hitting the video button anyways. Okay. So what I’m saying is: we’ve got a low tire and usually all of the gauges in our vehicles are going off.

So we just don’t pay attention to them and so much unless it’s like the engine one, then we pay attention in, like overheating bit low tire and we’re going to have to get it checked out. The tires that came on this are crappy, so we sort of expected it, but the crappy thing is crappy. Your crappier thing is that we just bought really nice tyres for the Land. Rover cuz, that’s what he was going to , be driving out there guiding and stuff, and then the transmission decided to give out. So that has nice new tyres and then we got ta buy a new tyres for this one. We need a tyre sponsor. That’s what we need next les schwab. Oh does this still? Did it go down? No, it’s just going to keep until you fix it, so our compressor that we normally have out here is not out here. It’s hard cuz. You got ta get like your truck back into order like I have all the certain stuff. Josh has all the certain stuff that we always have in certain pockets and now we’re kind of like having to like reel ER in the truck where we can stick things. Yeah like get it all set up, it always takes a couple weeks to remember: oh shoot.

Well, you just got to drive it and use it yeah. Well, you can see how you are. You know how things flow a little bit, yeah being it’s. What’s the easiest way to get into stuff? How often do you open certain things like right now that bottom compartment is going to , be like a major storm, I’m like yeah, but it’s going to be like stuff that will we need for emergencies or something like that. Yeah Tim are good, so this shed hunting video going to be about driving on roads we’re getting out of this snow. I know we just did like it long kind of Luke Luke checking in on things , so we just decided to stop and I’m going to come up on this hill just cuz. I want to get a look and see what kind of country I can see for Glasson we’ve been driving around just trying to find a spot to get into that, doesn’t have snow, so we can shed hot, but in the process I’ve been checking country anyways.

So we’re going to class, but we got snowstorm coming in right now. Kind of cool I found should should so good shot. You, oh heck yacht is hard white boy, so we decided to come back down and grab the tripods and our packs and instead of moving to go hit, some country that I was going to hit we’re going to hit this because I got a [ __. ] glossed up another one gossip so between this one right here and the one I lost up, yeah bros go to the bathroom yeah, so we’re going to get ready to go and take off from here. Hopefully we can add more than two more horns to the back of the truck, oh babe. So let’s get ready to talk alright, so we’re just dropping off where we were just sitting up here. Glossing yep so anyways we’re dropping down heading over to this shed that eyeglass up, we got a couple possibilities: — a little farther off. It’s actually crossed this this flat, there’s another hill kind of like this one, we’re going to work to work across and get to it and gloss off it, and if we don’t see anything from there, we’re finding anything.

We’re going to cut all the way back and go across from where we’re parked and hit the trees that are over there, just because they’re a little bit closer to the water, the pond we’re kind of away from the pond we’re moving away from the pond. This way, but I’m pretty sure, that’s the pond – this deer would have been watering. Alright just got over here to old Chalker to super old Chuck. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Not the match, alright! So I’m heading back over to the hill. We just came down the one we started glassing on. I got three-quarters of the way across this flat glass back home 99.9 %. Sure I was going to , leave it and then come back and try to get it on the way back towards the rig and it’s really starting to snow pretty hard.

So I don’t want to lose it, so I just decided to haul butt back in sorry. I’m not paying attention shitman anyways. I decided to haul butt back over here and just go. Get it really quick and then there’s no worries. Okay, so I went from pretty sure it was a shed 100 % positive. I can see it right there. Actually, it looks prettyfreaking big. It looks like he’s getting bigger and bigger holy crap. What is that? Is it stud holy crap? Hey yeah. I know what dude. That is. That’s awesome. That’s so awesome I’ll be right back. I think some pictures all right guys. Let’s pick this bad boy, yeah, oh yeah, I know dude that is heck yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s awesome. We need to match this up all right, so I just up on this hill right here: kind of side Hill, I’m looking for the other side to that when I just found – and it was glass and down here a little lower – and I think I got a Ship down, I’m not a hundred percent, it looks like it looks like a plane times down behind the bush. Hopefully it’s the other side. It is a and it looks pretty good. Thank you. Thank thank all off the beam barrel. , oh yeah, good, set good good set.

Oh man all right. Take some pictures of this I’ll be right back fine. I got pictures of them up BAM. I’m big old, Huck yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you hard White’s last year, like that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That’s what we’re looking. Yes, they turned out a lot better than I expected it to. Let’s know just keep falling more and more. I think I better get these strapped on and get to going so I can before I can’t I get that little baby is your mom, so cute, I love all baby animals. I want to take them all home. We got some big ol fat snowflakes coming down on us and I didn’t find any sheds today, Josh found like five yeah. If I’m sleep at the will, I don’t know, but we’re definitely going to have to come back here for sure it has been a good day and I got my nice warm coat, so I’m not cold gosh, it’s like it keeps stopping and starting. I thought we were going to get lucky and they filled the glass a little bit. Marfa nope we’re going to call it well there. It is the end of the day. Thigh sheds total for me Britt with a big zero.

Unfortunately, but just because I had her camera all day so and that cool buck that buck this year is awesome, so I don’t know if he died or not. You check it out. Anyways put my match in that four point: horn up to it’s chunky, still, glass and always glass them. Alright, I’m going to load these up and see you guys in a minute. Alright guys we are loaded up the day’s come to an end. We got 19 pounds still in the tire, so plenty plenty of air to get home, but we got Blizzard on like seven times. Yes, it was. It was like off and on off and on all day long just to send you jerk, alright screw it. I can’t see any more start walking back to the truck, get back to the truck. It’s like clear, so we’re like okay. Well, let’s keep going , but good day I mean for being a complete bonsaI trip. We couldn’t go where we wanted to go, so we kept moving and can’t fall on the road and then ended up clear over in a completely different part of the step that we pretty much almost pretty much passed to go to go where we did this morning.

So it was a good day, Josh cleaned up. It was a good day good day. I like that. I found that specific buck because if I remember right that bucks big this year cool, so that would be good to find some multiple yeah yeah. We got a jumping-off point, so it’s right all right! Well, let’s drive! Let’s just see you guys and it’s delayed outside yeah. That’s nice load. It up daylight savings time is my absolute favorite yeah.



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