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Flag Antler Winner

We announce our winner for the painted American flag antler!

Guys tonight is the night we hit our 200 views plus some. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and we are going to give away our American flag antler yep. What we’re going to do guys we we were trying to figure out a creative way to do it. That makes it fair and with her antler I think there was there’s a little over 20-something comments. So what we decided to do is we took a whole bunch of stickies.

I drew broke it into fourths and we wrote four names on one sticky and what we’re going to do is we’re going to put it on a target. We got them all on a target and Britt’s going to shoot. Her bow about 25 30 yards right here. Just a real quick shot but she’s going to shoot her bow and whoever hits Wednesday antler. I mean pretty fair. We think and little fun a little different. So I will show you: the target brit is going to , get her bow and get ready, and I’m going to show you the target and we’re going to go set it up real, quick. What we got here. We got everybody’s names on the top on the target. Here target courtesy, a tine we’re using this target. I got targets, but his hold the stickies a little bit better than mine.

So, okay, so there we go target set up. He like said Brits going to shoot from about ok. Here we go so we got the target down there. All the names are on the target that entered in to win the American flag. Antler Brits got her bow she’s all ready to go. We’re sitting right at 20 yards so should be a fun little shot here. To see who gets the win you ready, babe go ahead, looks like we got a hit. Let’s go see winner winner, chicken dinner.

Oh look, topless archery would be better. I guess that’s what she wants doesn’t create here at me. Yep. She won’t stop so to make everything. Even we had two blank spots and we got camera double D and topless archery would be better. So since nobody’s name was it, I think she should do it topless uh, that’s what she hit. Ok, we’re going to . Do it one more time here we go, we got target down there. All the names are on it that entered in with a couple extras. We got Britt, we got Britt SAT up here, 20 yards and we’re going to . Let her shoot ready all right person, winner winner chicken dinner. Let’s check this one up, sucka rise, say: bah, Zachary saver: you are the winner bud, so hI guys.

So there it is Zachary saver. Is our winner square ride through square so go ahead and message us on facebook, instagram or, as I just found out youtube actually as a messenger or comment on here? Let’s get hooked up and get this antler ship to you yeah. So a lot of fun appreciate you guys watching the how to’s and DIYs and product reviews we’re going to be doing we’re going. We plan on doing one every two weeks, so, every other week we plan on adding an extra video of DIY yeah. We need ideas. Yeah, if you have an idea, leave it in the comments below please yeah, we’re totally ready to to give everything a try and trap and have fun doing it. So, thanks for watching guys,



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