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Shed Hunting For Elk Antlers

We are off. We have hit the road it’s 4:30 in the morning and we’re flying solo this week on this week’s adventure. So, what’s up guys Hi here we are so little trip this week, decided to come down and look for another set off that Bowl maybe find another year off that gear and hopefully pick up bunch more sheds fingers crossed let’s super early this morning, it’s about ten O’Clock now so we got a few hours we’re going to go all day today, dressed today. Today stayed the night all day tomorrow, then back home, and then we’re going to go out this weekend also with Britt and the kids. So here we go it. It’s warm.

So we’ll see we’ll see how many miles I can put on before. I’m just done hI guys and you spotted the first shed of the trip down here three gigs in this little Bowl right here, I’ll Tepic shed nice hole. It actually might be. My bowl, I am another one right there, you think thank you. Snow shut off my ball right there, one over here right here, goofy, oh yeah, super goofy whoo. That thing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

So they’re going to keep it boil everything is wild. Finally, I actually been kind of scratching my head a little bit. I’ve been in some pretty awesome country, same country. I found that my bowling, butjust I’ve, been turning anything up it seeing some human sign, it’s crazy, because one finger over that we were on when we were glassing. When I glass that setup, not a single sign of a person, I mean no boot tracks. No garbage nothing, and then I come over on the finger that I actually glossed, that set up on and there’s people signed, yellow ribbon some beanie weenie cans and some soda cans in a water bottle, and I read anything yet until now right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you down here in this thick thick stuff, just probably missed it. Sticker is right here in this little draw. This is the draw on top of this finger just a little cut, but I know why they didn’t see them. That’s set because it’s often the whole I mean there’s less. You were on our finger, walking up the bottom of that. I don’t think you would have seen those at all so walk around right in this little hole. S

ee if I can’t turn another one or two up here, dropping off this super-steep face right here I got glossed up across this big Canyon. I don’t know why, in the hell I’m going to get, but I am and just come across to another shed. This bowl here is like a mountain. Goat actually looks like it might be my bowl just an older year right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Man who lives in some steep country and figure out how I’m going to get down this and then across and up something. This is just dumb. I know I’m not the only one that messes with this stuff. I don’t know how you guys do it. This oak, brush and stuff, I’m going to show you what I’m doing with my pack. Here’s my pack, I’m literally picking it up, tossing it forward. A little bit of the tongue is deceit and stupid dick to try to walk through this pull the pack on. Just in happen, without a pack I think I’ve got through and I got a little bit a little bit to go by I’m almost to the bottom. Then there’s a cattle trail on the bottom, I’m going to fall around the hill and go up the other side.

Go grab that shed a glassed up and cross it again and go back up the other side. Other three sheds, eyeglass up and I’ll just hit the same finger and go all the way to top back to camp. It’s about five o’clock right now, so I’m fine! All four antler all right, so I went down that steep nasty crap left my pack and come up this side, my glass up. Well, I thought a glass up a shed over here, I’m pretty sure it was just said. Finally, climbed up this had to find a rock chute, pretty much scale up, and I’m just kind of milling around looking for right now in the process found another right there that little stubby thingy at least it made it what’s coming up here. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Okay found what I glossed up and I actually thought it was a big fun big shed, but it actually turned out turns out to be a asset laying on top of each other drops that little thing I just picked up check that out big. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank thank you. A buffalo died on cool cool, hot, going grab these three climb back down this get the pack and go up the other side to the other thing I glossed up and then up to Camp man. That was nice little wasters right there, so it’s pretty good, nice and cold to get my head in cool off for a minute before I start this grueling hike out of the bottom is hole. I’ve got my five sheds on the start and by the time I get to the top at least eight, but honestly, hopefully a couple more to the matches of what I pick up. If none of them are matches so fun pond it’s about 5:30 6 o’clock somewhere in there. I haven’t even looked to be honest with you, I just looking at the Sun. We probably got about two hours of light left, so it’s going to take every bit of that to get up to the top towards camp.

So let’s go yeah baby. Just come up off the bottom of that I’m like we’re . We’ve still got to go up. I mean we’re nowhere near where we need to be, but we rather the steepest steepest part right out of the canyon wall right there we got some brown Jetta yeah love it. That’s a good brown tail, oh yeah, heck yeah! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Getting some more than bad boys I’ll, be a happy happy man keep looking he’s running this Ridge right here, taking it all the way, the top once I get to the top I’ll shoot over a couple fingers and hopefully grab what eyeglass up, but I just saw Antler goes running up that yeah bones. Ah, there it is haha the dead head. A little bowl died right off that each side of his face ignition goofy little thing here, cool, I think, thank you. Throw the fire, I’m not packing anything out here. I got enough. , so that will stay heck al. We got a healthy horn here. Our light last year’s hI good blues here, linkie thing. Thank you.

Alright, we made back camp and got it all set up. Got our boots changed her socks change kind of got, set up to relax now and got our safeguard cooking some dinner and got our bed set up. It’s going to be an early bedtime good night 7:52 right now. I only got about three hours of sleep. Last night, three and a half actually and then drove all morning and then hiked all day and packed up shoulds so to relax here for a minute. This music eat some dinner and crawl in bed. Call it a night wake up early and go surf down to the hills, hopefully filled couple packs early thinking, thinking I’m going to go as far out as I can right off the bat in the morning and then work all the way back. That’s the plan at least we’ll see how that goes so good morning. HI guys so got up, got camp packed up bed roll everything’s, put away that dress got ready to go and it’s time to take off. I’m going to go like I said last night. I think today I’m going to go as far as I can out and just see what I can help are. I can get by a certain time and then kind of work back zigzagging all the way back. I just there’s only so far. I can go out, but I want to see if I can make it and then kind of see what I find on the way back and then I’ve got some stuff. I still got those antlers that a glass up yesterday then they never made it to last night that I’d like to pretty much work back around and come up that area right there that they’re on.

So that’s the plan, and now it’s just time to get moving and go so boots are laced up and we’re ready in a bit these Mojave bx-3 pro guide, HDS 12 by 50’s they’re darn real. I am. I am absolutely in love with these things. I don’t. I don’t think I would have ever bought or ordered something like this, just because it’s not 15 by 56, but I’m blown away. I just I cannot get over how awesome these things are. The clarity on these things is unreal. One thing with my 15s and I’ll: do it every now and then with this, but one thing with my 15s: I’ve usually got to do if I don’t pack, my tripod steady up my frame pack, so I can rest them on it just so I can get A better look, a little better, a little clearer, less shaky look at stuff put in country like this, it’s kind of a mixed bag. I got really really long, looks sometimes and then other times I got just crossed.

Canyon short looks and with the 15 that we’re great on the really really long looks. But these short looks like this that it’s kind of hard to to make sure you’re hitting everything and glossing everything accurately, because there’s just the field of view is just so much. So much smaller and tighter in those as opposed to something like this, but on the long looks where I thought. Maybe I would be a little little behind with and these things the clarity on these things is so awesome and so unreal it doesn’t even affect them. The long looks are awesome. I mean I love them. I honestly love them. I hope you guys give these a chance if you’re looking for a great quality high end low price set of by nose guys, don’t overlook these mojave BX threes Pro guides, especially in these 12 by fifties. They are unreal. Absolutely unreal. I swear to you guys. I won’t ever. I know I’ve told you this a hundred times, and I honestly mean it because it means a lot to me that you guys know that I will never support, push or use something. If I don’t believe in it, and – and I honestly honestly mean that I will never ever do that, so guys check them out, I mean you will not be disappointed if you think you need something way, bigger way more than this you’re wrong, you’re , absolutely wrong.

I could honestly get by a whole year with running just these and not missed by 15. All at all, I seriously mean that that being said, though, I am pretty stoked to get the new loopholed 15s, because I’m a big glass guy. But if I didn’t know any different and didn’t do stuff and wasn’t doing what I do, I would never I’d never know the difference. So come out about 12:30 about 30 minutes before I really wanted to stop. I’ve been going just non-stop. I’ve stopped maybe two times the glass yeah two times the glass and I just stopped right here, two glass and I looked at my GPS and I’m exactly nine point one miles from camp so, like I said, I’m thirty minutes before I was thinking, but I decided I want to stop here, I’m going to loop out and start looping back and zigzagging all the way back to camp. But as I sitting here, glass and I actually glass up the first shot of the day and it looks like a brownie so hell yeah. Let’s go get it, I got across this Canyon, we got old Canyon right here, I’m coming down a finger, but let’s go across this candy and get over to it pie it. I see it. We’re still, don’t see the other side there. It is right there. Thank you thank thank you.

I just saw that through that gap of trees, thanks granny whoo heavy Bromhead thing’s got some weight on the ground too long. Make me think I just working back here hop on a set broke. Do you think? Thank you. Do you think? Thank you, I’m bezel-set, I’m a long ways all broke up. I are shooting up this finger here. I got sad big to go. For instance, holder cactus shed pale fatty throat. I think I think you think thank you. Pull this up. I’m still going to try to work still long ways out, but we’re still going to try to work towards that step. I got up yesterday,might have to go up high. I might have to go up high and drop our load. That way, we can come down and dig zag, some of the steeper stuff a little better, a little faster, but at least get everything up high. That way we don’t have to come back down and haul stuff up and down. So, ok, so I’ll walk about 10 P and I think I’m accessing it looks like it. Oh that looks like an action. Hey little chalk, donkey bill, fronting his Peters out on top fronts, a huge second to huge, there’s, a huge swords, our average and then nothing. Alright, we just got over Q, one of the sheds I glossed up yesterday.

Finally, actually not a bad shed a dead trees falling on top of it, but I seen that front end right there from across the canyon, get this thing out from under it and go super get the other one thing. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, we’re back phone camera phone guide andthese iPhones take forever to turn back on when you hook them up to a charger. So I picked up a couple I didn’t get to record, but we’re back up and running and we got a brownie. Thank you. Thank you thank you that actually might be the match to the one who phone yesterday just long broke. It’s good brownie thank ya. We bout called quits we’re actually working working back up the draw here toward camp. So, who knows, maybe maybe we can find one or two more on the way I’m actually going to . This is good enough Warren. I’m going to drop my pack right here for a second kind of loop through the stick stuff:


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