Following Tracks! Arizona Archery Mule Deer OTC Day 4 (The Guide Life) Antler Trader

Arizona Archery Mule Deer

Good morning, guys so dance trying to get out on on about a 170 class buck right now he went into the trees and I don’t think he got an opportunity to she will find out when we talk to them that me and Matt here we’re going to Jump in and go down and pick him up, see see how things turned out and move spots and hopefully find another one. If if this one doesn’t work out so see you guys in bit, we got him dan, just drilled. Him thing was just shoot and brought out always bright in the pump house. That’s how you’re supposed to do it puts blood trail.

Oh yeah dude. I didn’t even see that that blood show we actually watched you go down. You need that. For that thing, just kind of broad head, you shooting prototype yeah. Oh, we lost blood where’d. He go okay, yeah! I see his tracks. This thing is a pig, definitely a Boomer. Oh yeah! I look at this blood blood. I can’t believe you went as far as he did he’s just covering the grass. We turn around and came back. Look at the ears on that thing. Make sure he’s dead, dude punching tags booter, you want, keep it or a full body mount full body. That’s us thinking just destroyed. We can do a twofer right here. Oh man, he saw his buddy he’s getting out of here came around the bush. I played to win, it was perfect and he’s made it awesome. Shot at about 82 yards took his heart out his shoes and what we come to Arizona for yeah. Thank you. Oh that’s, doable. You got that , 71 [, Music. ]. Oh once hit his ass, hey.

What’s up guys? Okay, we we turned up a stud this morning and Dan Dan got close, but wasn’t quite close enough to get a shot before he made it into the trees.

So now we’re set up on this point just picking the country apart where he went in. It’s not a it’s, not a large section of trees. It’s it’s good size, but it’s not it’s nothing that we can’t glass and you know, keep an eye on the whole thing around it. There’s there’s only three ways: they can get out. The fourth way, there’s there’s nowhere for him to go so we’re just kind of we’re . Circling it and just waiting for him to get up and move he’s, got a handful of dough’s with him and another nice four-point buck is kind of lingering around, but we rinse it and glass and hopefully turn him up.

Sorry, I thought I heard something walking behind me, but anyways yeah here we go see you guys in a bit yeah, but they had him trot. What’s up guys, man today was a good day much much better day. We saw a lot of deer. Today saw a few bucks, we saw a stud buck that Dan got a stalk on just couldn’t get close enough, there’s just too much wide-open space this morning, and then we stuck with the plan the same plan we had this morning. Just we come in at a different angle, so we could class more country and we saw we turned him up in the trees and then we went and Nick just walked in on my video thanks a lot Nick so yeah, we turned him up again tonight and So no he just man, you come out of the trees and he’s just beelined it taking off, for I don’t know where he’s going, but they moved. They didn’t give us a chance to even try to put a stalk on so we’re going to get back in there tomorrow and hopefully turn him up again and make a stock we’ve been talking pretty much the whole drive home about how we’re going to go about It so we’ll see what happens in the morning. So thanks for watching guys, I appreciate it we’ll see you tomorrow you took a camo new tonight, a grilled bread. I got ta give oh he’s good Nick, yet onion always he does. I won’t record that part though


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