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Freak Bull Elk

You and shut honey take back their sleeping. We are landed, drive and finally, got me just run over here chase. If you had a bound so come over here to see what he got: video him yeah myself, you’re , fine, dude, nice first, one to the trip first, one of the day, ChakrI even born in a while yeah who’s there. Thank you thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you right on nice work. Let’s start stacking them up, alright, what’s up guys, so we move spots, Glenda’s got a couple. Deer cheese got that one elk and we’re cruising across this fly here and I just got stuff up. Brownie, the brown cheddar little spit now I’ll. Take this all day, long [, Music, ] there. It is right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, brownies should be able to find a couple more out there. Something yeah keep looking alright, so just got up on top fades up. You’re yelling said we got that all look at that front, that is cool nice, [, Music ] all right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank thank you. Good job bro, all right.

Let’s keep on anyway, we’re just coming across the top here: PJ we’re going to shoot down in the lower stuff, and we got brownie right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a good day, that’s a claim! Yeah pick that bad well actually Mike yeah. That’s probably your size Landon, no, that’s a different Bowl cool hI guys, so we had had a good end of the day picked up some antler and now we are having some dinner in some safe guard. I have some mac and cheese beef stroganoff and what’s your spaghetti, yeah daddy, turnip everyone! I have my left the red light on cut the canvas cut, a bedroll set up ready to go evening. J landed over there today, brown eyebrow today for for brownies. No, you go check out this. This hillbilly, my dad built this in 2010 2017. I put it back together.

Today. It’s been sitting here for the last seven years: company office here, yep downs, one to a Q by 4 and 5 cups, trade. I’D put a couple rounds through the back of it. There was both. Are you singing yep? I don’t get much better than that go there. This is right right here: okay, not tonight, sir yeah, the closet, huh yeah. Oh, I guess dog that cute little baby rattler I got here, I’m going to stick, he’s not hurt, I’m not hurt him, but he’s a little guy another little guy. He will see the button on pretty cool. You think I just thought he’s actually fat right. There he’s got something in him. Probably a mouse chipmunk could be a littler snake who knows but he’s laying out here getting fat digesting it like pretty snake. You preschool London, his there’s the other side right there, not that way. In feathers. I want to take that now we’re going to get spaying this sweet little cabin right here. Good buddy of mine got hole. forgot this preset Landon Victor yeah. What’s up guys, don’t stay three we’re about 11:30. We’ve been hiking since about 80 Fox morning, we’re going to call it quits at about 1:00. Today, Sunday me and Shay you’re up in this cool pool basin. Some draw. We got a creek below us lots of elk sign actually seeing lots of holes.

We’ve seen what it’s going bold enough total, but we’re also seeing lots of human sign lots of boot tracks horse tracks, but we’re just down we’re going to get down a little bit lower pending that stuff. The guys don’t want to ride in their horses and maybe the stuff, the guys don’t want to walk down into who knows, haven’t seen any tracks or sign of people yet so it might pay off. But if not we’re going to loop all the way around this draw and head back down and out right now is the plan so and there’s bowls on the other side. So we’ve got some ideas of where the bedding that we’re going to kind of buzz through real quick, get a lot of fun had fun. With my boy and my best friend Landon on this trip, we’ve got some really cool country. Take up some 2l shed blinders on that sweet cud. This is goofy as all get-out and got to see some other friends that I haven’t seen a long time so been a fun tip. Definitely planning this again bless lady


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