Giant Elk Sheds With Friends Antler Trader

Giant Elk Sheds With Friends

I hit the hills with friends after elk sheds for a few days! We had a Blast and filled the packs!

All right here we go at April, 2nd we’re out here another quick trip with a bunch of friends this time after elk, and maybe hopefully, some deer we’re going to be doing all day today and then tomorrow and hopefully between, I think, there’s what is there? There’s just five of us: hopefully we can get a pretty good shed pile going.

A couple of the guys started yesterday. They got here before us and they’ve got a few deer horns already. So let’s see how it goes, and hopefully we can start stacking. Some bones seen a bit so here we go we’re probably thirty minutes into hike. Just been cruising up, this Ridge, I’m heading to a certain spot that I have picked out on the map to do my loop from so I’m on my way there and I just come across some bones right here – literally stepped right across them right there, and I Really didn’t think much of it because you know runs a lot of bones on this country. It’s cows, deer elk horse, I mean it can be anything could be stuff from a harvest. So I just was continuing straight through these trees right here and I come around the turn and see antler we got a dead head, cool man, he’s got big old bases, big bases, look at things does bases are huge, I mean that’s my handle.

Oh, that’s small hands, big heavy France, just Peters out right on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Here we go finally been hiking a couple hours now since that deadhead and haven’t found anything yet I’m getting into a lot of good sign in everything we’re trying to get out. As far as we can it’s all thick, there’s there’s really no rhyme or reason to any of it, so it just covers much country as possible, but we got shed so here we go find me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hold it bolt or shed.

That’s cool, thank you and their size when I hear something what’s happening, so we’ve been going a couple hours now, since this last elf, just heading towards the top of the mountain, pretty much the biggest range we got out here and haven’t been seeing. Much sign haven’t been seeing much anything until we started actually getting up in this little thicker steeper stuff, but going up this chute right here to get up on top and we got deer shed. It looks like a pretty good one, so I can’t see all of it. Yeah bucks cool shed, though, got a cheater right on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, my dear since social sheds, like that with character, makes you wonder how many more in here off this one buck. Alright. So I just sat down right here, take a break.

I just climbed all the way up from bottom over here up into the saddle and decided to sit down. Got me a snowball right here to help cool me off for a minute and take a break, but I’m some sitting here. I just kind of glance over here to my right and it’s in the shade, but it looks like we got heck yeah. What do you do get stuck in the tree? Oh, look. How whitey is another deadhead all over in there deep yeah. You got him out man and he’s wide being this and put it taped there everything’s kind of short on him, but all right there. It is got him out of the tree there and man super wide bowl kind of cool everything’s, a little short just like the other one looks somewhat young, quite a few teeth on him and everything just been hiking our butts off. I think I’ve already hit 20 miles today.

It’s about three o’clock 3:30 somewhere in there pretty much started really earlier this morning, actually yeah, I’m probably not too early, 8 or 9 somewhere in there, but anyway just been humping. It all day long getting up this up into this stuff and finally paid off this thing’s going to be fun packing back. I mean that thing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. In the day, one there’s waning boilers, snow, whittler snow, picked up that cool dead head. My deadheads deerhorn stuff from the day good day pick up a horn on Jack mija all right. Here we go day two had a great day. Yesterday, everybody found something I’m a bit actually between everybody and today we’re going to just keep hitting the same stuff. We’ve been hitting keep with it it’s thick there’s a lot of country should be more horn, so all right here we go.

Finally, finally, finally, I’m hiking most today haven’t found anything yet until now we got our first year. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, take it okay, now we’re talking, we got number two. Finally, Oh probably 3040 yards down the washer where’d. You pick this one up. You think, thank you. You just keep digging around in this once more hI Yahtzee, we got another. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Turn here see they’re actually working up this spine, give them top to go down the other side of it and just spotted the white of this he’s a little guy, but we’ll take it. You



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