Gods Country & Elk Sheds What More Could You Ask For? Antler Trader

Gods Country & Elk Sheds

What’s up YouTube, how goes it what’s happening guys? We are on another excursion today hoping to find some brown oak and do as well as we have been doing yep. That was a big confidence, booster yeah sure to finally get that nail BAM. We ran into some guys that we know out here, drove by their camp this morning stopped and talked, and they kind of let us know where they’ve been yesterday and we kind of let them know where we are going today and we’re after yeah after visiting for A bit we decided, let’s just all, go hit the same stuff and let each other know what they’re , just up from us a little bit, we’re kind of just all, fanned out we’re just going to sweep this F country. Sorry, you got ta kept talking yeah, so anyways already I mean we’re just couple minutes out of the truck you’re , not even 20 max yeah and Mike’s found the chalk deer and now we’re brown yep. No eyebrows he’s just up from us. So hopefully the stencil Refik Bey’s, often we yeah yeah.

Sometimes it’s a beautiful beautiful day. It’s so freaking nice. You look stub, that’s even a more of a bonus yeah. Alright guys we were. We just dropped down across the creek, okay working up the other side, and it opens up, as you can see behind me, really sparks trees. I set it down and start glossing it nice there’s something look like two tines in grass. I could help my angle, and so I had to hiked up farther along the finger glass back across and it is without a doubt, Brownell so we’re making our way over right. This grass is actually a lot taller than it appears. So now I’m just kind of making sure I didn’t miss anything. You know I could see the world all right. We’re getting to. You know flip this around show you get it walk up what about Chad if he wasn’t broke decent ball, brownie baby. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all right.

Let’s take some pics get him loaded on the pack and just keep going. I’m glad I decided to come up. I was kind of standing there in the middle for a minute and I decided to switch it up and come up here to the top all right guys. We’ve been on a trek across this country to get to a certain spot. We just got there and – and I got a I got – a brown set round upset and it’s a cool set. I mean the way it’s laid out here. This theme. It’s awesome I’ll, show you guys and try to zoom. In there we go right. Here’s the first one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you a giant, but this is still a cool set up the way this other antler is your Ellison and get this on video for you there. It is right there, Tyne stuck in the ground, pretty cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

There’s the first one and there’s the other side, no, I like when they make it easy, it’s stuck in the ground yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. These are cool. Take up wait: yells, arrow, okay, pick him up, flip them over swim by sorry, cool, strap him down to the pack and keep going. We have been humping it. We’ve crossed another big Canyon. We went to the top of a hill on the other side and then came all the way back and crossed, and now we’re working up to the very top of this hill. I haven’t found anything in a while and I just caught through the trees, some white pines. Oh, it’s a deer shed I’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Last year, yeah last year, a little three point. Nothing special! Oh, keep going. I think I just matched him up just come up over. The top of this finger ring looks like it’s laying right down here on the trail members right there. It’s like the other side to me, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well, three point: hey: it’s helping the numbers, hey guys, and this has been a hot one and Pippins. For me at least it has been since I found something, and the thing is is when you start outand you find something right away. It get your hopes up and you think oh yeah, this is going to , be cake, they’re going to be everywhere and they were not there’s a rmI just found it hey leave that very does. I know, I’m not teaching you right sides it. I finally finally finally got a Brownell , just hearing this across and flied up on top of his cross and him going to the trees on the other side. Just happened to look to my left because that’s the direction we’re heading just having look to my left and caucus in my tines birth up above me, bossing there. It is right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you little rag er, but it’s brown out shed.

That’s what we’re looking for getting picked up and strapped to the pack there’s real, just come down for Mom yeah! Alright, we finished strong Mike cleaned house. He did pretty good can’t even added to the pile it’s good day between all of us today, yeah burn the stick in the eye right or busted ankle, which I almost thought once or twice some rocks. No, this is the original CrossFit right here. Don’t need a gym, alright, guys, thanks for watching, we appreciate it. We will see you later


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