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Mule Deer

Good morning guys it is almost six o’clock right now we just drove all night from Idaho spent four days at home with the family got some video edited and posted for you guys, and we drove all night to get back down here, to hunt this deer now, On the early rifle hunt, which opens here as soon as there’s enough light to see, I literally just parked and getting my pack ready right now and I’m going to change into my camo and we’re going to get hiking up on the mountain. So here we go, got ta, love, it

Whatup guys, alright, so the end of day one is coming to an end. The Sun is setting. We still haven’t seen our buck. I’ve seen some doze little bucks, but about our Big Boy. We got five days on that. Sun to turn him up and kill him seen him one time in a 10-day hunt on the most voter last time. So fingers are crossed. We’re going to just keep battling until uh. Until something works out, you got a little bed all right end up day. Two still no buck really didn’t see much. It got fricking cold way colder than it was so I don’t know I don’t know where else to do, but just keep doing what we’re doing and pray that he steps up. It’s a good thing. I brought the big jacket today I’ll be up here. Freezin steers going to drive me crazy, absolutely crazy. I have passed up some stomper bucks this year, bucks that probably wouldn’t pass up on other years, but this deers way too big to give up and shoot something. Less so we have five days we’re just going to keep grinding it out glass and tell her Killick. We’ve lost everything. I don’t know. I don’t know [ Applause ], which this was a lot more adventurous for you guys. I have found a couple arrow hotel. So that’s cool I’ll show you guys pictures. I didn’t keep my throne back down. I took pictures.

Alright, see you guys in the morning you what’s up guys all right. We were back to camp. I figured I’d. Show you base camp camp Corbin here real quick, give you guys a little tour. We got the fire going right here since we go from there. We got the truck parked right over. There got full moon coming up tonight there she is. I have been very grateful for this camper shell on this trip, because the wind has just been absolutely unreal. We are in a little pocket right here that kind of shields the wind a little bit, but it’s so bad that it’s still bad and it’s made it miserable day night. It doesn’t matter, but I’ve been I’ve, been pretty much torn with this here – camper shell, because I’ve never used the camper shell before this is the first camper shell. I’ve ever had on a pickup, and I don’t like not being able to get in my bed and load stuff into my bed. We killed that deer on 13a trying to get that thing loaded into the bed of this truck was a nightmare even with two guys.

There’s just no way no way to stand up in it and lift and heave the deer in and then anything that’s in there. I got to crawl all the way in there to get, but this trip has kind of made me like it a lot more because of the wind. I just shut the tailgate closed the hatch and lay in my bed and watch some Deadwood gorgeous Cruz Facebook marketplace. That’s looking for mods and upgrades for Little Debbie here I actually today I drove into town and dirty Debbie. My 97 f150, just before we moved started, showing signs of a head gasket leak, so I parked it at my buddy’s house. I didn’t want to drive. It died to help and ruin it and ruin the engine cuz. I really really wanted to fix it up. I loved that truck, but here we are oh no 10 months later and it’s still and it’s still in st George, so two days ago, I put it on Facebook marketplace for 800 bucks, and I had like 30 people get a hold of me. So I told everybody today from 12:00 to 2:00, I would be in town to show the truck and the first guy that showed up bought it, which I actually had three people standing there waiting to to check it out, but the first guy was like yeah I’ll. Take it started up, drove it home, so now Little Debbie. This is the first little pickup I’ve had since I got my driver’s license when I got my driver’s license, it wasn’t bad, but it’s it.

It’s also something that’s taking getting used to all that room, that passenger room. I don’t have room for anybody, but pretty much one other passenger in this thing and that’s been the tough part, but everything else. I love this truck. Let me look. This thing has been 15 days on the strip. God knows how many days on the Utah hunt and ten days in unit 8 in Arizona on the elk eye and she’s got no brush scratches the suspension needs to be built on it, but that’s about it. I’ve got some new tires for it. I just got to find Wells and we’re going to get her, lift it up and get her going, but I bought it the week before the hunt started. So I haven’t had time to do anything all right. I’m going to get some dinner made, took some safeguard in crawl in bed, so I can get up early and hike right back up to the same spot. I’ve been and glass oh and see you guys in the morning good morning guys.

So I got my good, but here with me this morning, it’s the last day of the hunt. I’ve been glossing for my buck, still nothing. I haven’t seen him, but we got a nice four point down here. We’re hoping steps out from behind this trees can let him have it. It’s 575 yards right now. Cutting right below me here set up good rest, I’m just going to wait. Hopefully we can get a bit and get some video cut. The scope cam adapter, set up on the by nose. I let I left my left my spotting scope at camp today, but this scopecam adapter so badass. It pretty much attaches to everything so we’re golden. Hopefully we can get to everything on film. We’re just going to wait him out: holy your high left. Okay, put it give it one click back! No, oh just above him; okay, do it again: [ Applause ], oh he’s going up he’s! Not scared, though it’s behind that tree squeeze the trigger. I know that games, I made sure okay, he just up to the top right of that tree. You went behind. Do you see him he’s kind of shaking his tail he’s going to start walking, it looks like.

Can you see him at all he’s kind of in the trees that tree he went behind double up your pack? If you have to that tree, he went behind. He went he’s just went up to the right, a bit that I’m not sure he’s in the tree. Still, okay, he’s walking, there’s an opening coming up to the top right. He should come into that lost my rangefinder off he’s going to the left, no yeah, but you can shoot him well. No, I can’t he’s going to come out right. There HI go 2-0 on it click the dial to zero. You went into the trees down to the right. I think I can see him in that tree. Yeah I see moving in that tree.didn’t see any of the pinger box actually only seen on the average. Pretty much only seen a three point but nice for nicer for point and a little for point and bulldoze in all five days really rough conditions.

We had that cold snap, which usually so I get told the cold snap, had a lot of wind with it, and I mean a lot of winds, heavy gust quite a few days to the hunt and then on top of it, we had the Hunter’s Moon, the Full moon that didn’t help out much, but it is what it is we’re committed to one dear or wonder only and we didn’t get it done the way it goes live by hunting hunt. One deer died by hunting one deer pretty much so now. We’re going to drive home to Idaho, see the wife and kids which I’m excited about thanks for watching guys. I really appreciate. I really appreciate you guys sticking with me after that lapse. I mean it’s just been hard to have time to edit and everything. I was gone 50 days. No computer come home for four days left again, but we got a little run home now so before we go to go back and start guidance, I’m going to sit down computer, get it a bunch. This edited. I really need to get me a laptop. I just wish they weren’t, so damn much money. I need a macbook and it’s a lot of coin. Thanks, guys we’ll see you on the next one later




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