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Antler Trader Shed Hunting Tips

Alright, Antler traders said honey tip of the week how to cross the fence there’s multiple ways. We can do this folks, but today I’m going to demonstrate to only two and then get off the wait till next week to catch up on the rest. For a week. At whenever I decide so, the first method is the over there’s a couple things you want to be sure of when you do it this way. First off you want to make sure when you grab the fence, you don’t grab the little barbs on it. Light bulb hardware. Second thing you want to do: you want to lock that the nether region, the crotch right up in here the crotchal area, cables in bed? Yeah, you don’t want to catch those part of our wire fence.

It’s going to rip your pants or earn causing severe damage that you don’t want to hide in so the first method and you can go left or right depending on what hand you’re better than on the right-hander. So my right foots going to do all the pushing to give up, take your hand, put it carefully between to barb’s. Take your other hand, you see that same, and you want to push down what you don’t want to just stand here and push on it Jack. You want bend over push with it, your weight in there the whole upper body that way when you go down it stays there.

So you can continue to push, and then you want to throw your legs as high as you can over all rice egg keep track of that nether region right there, the crotchal area once you’re here this is the make or break it. This is where you got to really get that right: foot pushed up and high, then you want to push it high and go over just like that, and there you have it. That’s one way to get over a change, our ballplayer friends. The second way we’ll go back over the first place that way, I’m coming at you. The second way you want to find your good sturdy post seems not sturdy enough, we’re all depressed around it. Yes, there is one less thing trip on same thing. You want to get between the bars that are on the barbed wire pin with right hand. Take your left foot, you go on the first one.

Second, one, the third one. Well, you can do the forest one. This is more comfortable for me, but just so everybody else can do it, because not everybody special fish cultures, I’m going to go on the second one up from the bottom, get your left hand in there and same thing get that weight over the top here. Push down make sure you got good for a grip on the post on the shot right here, and you want to lift up with you laughing. You can go to feed on it. You don’t swing over right here. Got ta, keep track of that cross. Hilaria. Make sure there’s nothing in there? Okay, no muss we’re good. I look like, and this is how you grip gloves there. You have folks to tips of the day on how to cross hog wire fence. You



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