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Chili Lime Deer Venison Jerky

Great jerky recipe’s for deer meat or any meat for that matter. Chili Lime Deer Jerky is the best jerky you’ll ever make, also a teriyaki deer jerky recipe which is pretty darn good too. DIY jerky, make your own jerky at home in the oven, it’s really easy.

It’s shed any babes and I have a real, quick recipe. I’M going to show you it’s called chilI lime, deer, jerky and let’s get started. Okay. So to start, you are going to need a small mixing bowl, some measuring spoons, a little spoon quarter of a cup, a whisk and all of these ingredients, as well as your liquid measuring cup. We are going to start with two brown sugar. You need three tablespoons of brown sugar. Next we’re going to . Do the salt. We need one and a half teaspoons of salt. There we go.

There’s your dry ingredients and the next we’re going to do is our liquid okay. Next we’re going to . Do our liquid need a quarter cup of lime juice and we need a quarter cup of chilI garlic sauce. This stuff smells so good. Okay, there’s a quarter cup dump that right in and next we’re going to . Do three tablespoons of soy sauce get a few extra splashes in there two and three and same for the Worcestershire three tablespoons one. Two and three and our final liquid ingredient is: oh, it’s still attached liquid smoke and then you need the zest of a Lima is just going to real quick show. You guys, I’m sure you probably already know this have a little grater just go like that, gives you the peel, and you just need a quarter teaspoon of that. Just like that.

Okay, then you just whisk it all together and then you’re going to marinate your three pounds of deer meat. Okay, so now we’re just putting a little bit of this in the meat [ Music ], my hands are clean, so you know just mix it around. On your meat make sure it’s even like Hubbard, okay and then this is going to go into the fridge and sit for the next six to 24 hours and we’ll see you back after its set hey guys, it’s shed hunting babes and I’m going to make some TeriyakI deer jerky: this is the other half of my deer meat for my chilI lime, video. So let’s get started we’re starting with three tablespoons of brown sugar. Then one and a half teaspoon. I brought this on discount one teaspoon.

Okay, then we need one onion powder. Make sure it’s powder and not salt or it will make do or it’ll make you me real, salty onion powder, and then you want one and a half tablespoons powder. Actually sorry, I read that wrong. It’s one tablespoon of garlic powder, I’m going to use a little less because I kind of feel like that’s a little heavy, a honey, the garlic. You know you do you, you decide pepper and then we’re going to move on to our liquid ingredients. Okay, now we’re going to start with the liquid, so we got a half a cup of water, 1 cup of OJ just regular.

Ok without the pulp, okay, teaspoon three then you’re going to do the same with your liquid smoke. We’re going to do three teaspoons and three [ Music, ] you’re , going to measure out one and a third cup of teriyaki. This is the teriyakI marinade, oh well. This could take like forever boom, okay, okay, one and a third cut of teriyakI marinade, and then we’re going to do three tablespoons. This honey is kind of tricky. I’ve heard that you can like spray Pam in it sometimes makes it come out easier. But okay, we’re going to just try our look without it. Bottled is like not even when I squeeze okay, no one said that I was like Rachael Ray or anybody, but this will all turn out in the end. I’M sure well, extra honey never killed nobody, and this recipe covers three pounds of deer meat.

Okay, now just whisk it together, you’ll notice. My PepsI is still here. There is a very specific reason for that. My snicks, you get your nice lean deer meat and pour this okay. Then the final step is measure out three quarters of a cup awesome, there’s going to be extra and then we’re going to seal. This up, just like that and it’s going to , go in the fridge for 8 to 16 out. Okay, guys, we have marinated our meat for 16 hours now we’re getting ready for the oven part and what you want to do. I just have these long wooden skewers that you can get at the grocery store. You want to feed your meat on to it and just like this, have your it’s usually easier. If you have someone to help you with this, because it is kind of messy but anyways so string them on like that, okay and then bring them over to this rack, your friend is helping you hold and feed them down between, see just like that see how.

These are all like hanging, that’s how you want it to be you’re going to go through and do all of your meat until you’ve filled up this whole rack and then you’re going to put it in the oven on 170 and I’ll come back and show you How I slide it in and prepared the oven, and then it will just sit. It can kind of vary for probably about four hours. You want to watch it see if it’s to your liking as far as how far dried out it is, it can take up to eight hours, so we’ll be right back all right. We are on to the cooking phase of our turkey. You want to set your oven on bake at 170: okay, bake, 170, hey guys! We just took out our jerky um. I actually went through because some of our pieces were a little bit fatter than the others. These have been in there for eight hours, the fatter ones, still kind of seemed to have some moisture to them, so I’m letting them sit. I actually raised the temperature up to 200 degrees, I’m going to .

Let them sit for about another hour and check up. That’s kind of just how you this works is you just need to keep an eye on them and watch them? The idea is obviously for your meat to be dried up. We have had a little sample of this, and this is seriously the best jerky. I’ve ever had hands down so here’s our first batch of chilI lime, deer jerky and we will be point out the rest and then we’ll move on to our teriyakI jerky. There’s a little video of the meat that we’re letting sit in there for just a little bit longer, but you can see how I have it set up. I’ve got the bottom rack on the very bottom covered in foil, and then I’ve got the top rack on the very top notch and then, when you’re closing it, you just put like a little wooden spoon or something in here see that gives a little bit of Air! That’s how you do that you




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