How To Tell If Shed Antlers Are A Match & Sportsmans Box Opening Antler Trader

How To Tell If Shed Antlers Are A Match

What’s up guys here we go. We got October sportsman’s box shut up in the mail, so we’re going to go through it and check everything out and see what we got the kind of a little unboxing here, we’re doing it at the in the evening time here at the house cuz I take Off in a day and a half pretty much for the Kaibab for seven days, guiding deer hunters yeah, so it’s a busy time of year, I’m not home very much this time of year with all the hunting, so we’re kind of taking advantage of every. Second.

We get to get some videos put together for you guys we’re also going to be doing a little clip on how to tell if an antler a set of antlers is a set to the same gear and or multiple years off that gear, like I’ve, been getting That question a lot lately from guys from you guys asking how we know for sure to set and or how do we know, yeah it’s the same deer and kind of what we look for and and how we kind of break it all down.

It’s really it’s! It’s not too hard, it just takes practice and you got a little game that you’ll see I’ll, show you what to do and how to do it and then we’ll keep going. I don’t know I might even I might even squeeze in some and learn. You know how we score based off of boone and crockett and stuff, so we’ll see yeah. He loves corn. We got round me up here, chillin with us tonight. She wants to see what’s in that box to maybe maybe we need to. Maybe we need to get sportsman’s box to start throwing in a dog treat you guys forces box to you here to here.

First, most hunters have dogs. I mean there are cats up there, but really enough cat, I’m just kidding if you’re a cat person – that’s good. I don’t care, I’m a dog person, okay, yeah right this October sportsmen box, and it is chock full of awesome stuff this month like way worth its value for sure. Oh yeah, this it’s got an $ 80 value and it’s very well worth every penny. Okay.

So what do we got in there? First, we got. We got the a key blue replacement stickers for the Acuvue, a key blue targets there, which we’re going to go. Take these out to get my gun coming up, yeah, it’s actually only in a few days. Yeah. Actually, her hunt starts Saturday, her on the hoping Saturday, but the cuy about Arizona hunt starts Friday and I’ve got two clients. I got a two-on-one on the kite about this year and so she’s. Actually I got a seven days. She’s going to miss the first seven days of the hunt and we’re going to try to get it done. The last two days of the hunt – yeah – oh my god, we’ll definitely get it. We’re going to make sure it’s on money. Unless you know she gets, it done the first half-hour of her first day, all right.

Well, we got next, we got full spray, you don’t want it in the bag. Experiences yeah, it’s a Remington product guys I mean how do we go wrong? Remington everything that makes the pen double reliable and just great great stuff – I mean they, don’t they don’t cut corners and then I’ll put their name on anything. That’s not legit, so yeah there. You have it and our one of our boxes that we got a couple months ago. We got some some like hand, washing stuff, which has been really awesome to have on hand. You know I’m going to have to say obviously guys I’m not a big st control person, I don’t use that control eye, it’s not that I don’t think it works. I just don’t think that you can. You can take away the smell from a deer or an elk or any animal really for that matter. I think thank you, and the human odor is just way too strong, no matter what you do so I first trying to keep the wind right as opposed to relying on something that is a scent control, but I do know for a fact that there are guys out there little swear up and down by this stuff.

I have used it and maybe it’s time I try it again. I mean we got it now. You might actually change man yeah. Who knows, I might be buying this stuff. So thanks Remington and it’s porcelain box stands for cents box. Oh you’re , going to wipe it through that have a long knives. Dad’s already had one of these. You can’t go wrong with one of these. Oh, let’s see what we got here. It’s a piranha, sixty eggs. You could cut your fingers off in a quick hurry with you, yeah everybody. I knows kind of wrecked himself, a little bit yeah. I I’ve been pretty fortunate and I’ve never cut myself with one. But if you look at every finger on my left hand, I have no issues cutting myself stitches and everything on left hands down. Plus I like that you can replace the blades yeah just super-easy, you guys know, I mean really. You guys know what this is all about.

Come to this Horseman’s box, though I mean yeah nice, you can never have too many have long knives yeah and they always think of great things that you’ll need for that month. So it’s so much stuff that you’re going to use right away. You don’t have to like yeah alright. So far guys, I haven’t got anything in one of these boxes. Yet I have not used. I, and I mean honestly, I mean that so yeah check it out how long knives in the Sportsman’s box right there. Okay, what else we got in there? Oh, the universal adapter Cheston is, is a good dude. It’s I mean this. Is this stuff’s legit? I run phones go already love, it makes things nice. I pretty much do 90 % of all my video on YouTube guys’s, I would say 95 %. If not higher is all through my iPhone 6s. I always have it. I use my iPhone for everything I have my GPS. I haven’t replaced my you know. $ 400. Garmin GPS is, with my iPhone every place, hundreds of thousands of dollars of cameras with my iPhone 4k video I and now with the phone scope kit. It just pretty much padded a high-end wins to my Maya, 4k video camera so eventually like I will something we’re going to have to like break.

Oh yeah, I mean one day, but this step for us for DIY being out there. It works perfect and don’t like ya. Phone scope is a great product also with this month. You can get you log on to the website and they have a discount worked out for you, so that you can get the other parts that you’ll need right on thanks. Thanks guys appreciate the hook-up on the universal adapter. Now, like I said, Justin’s a good dude go check his stuff out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend all right. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending anything from the guys at phones. Go there they’re good people. Honestly too many people are jacking themselves up that I have long has gone out and design it boy huh. I don’t know, I think, if you’re dumb enough to cut yourself, you don’t deserve one of these I’m just kidding. I mean.

Obviously I got a couple buddies that have been done: some damage with the hella long cool. Then we got a packet of coffee, cuju yeah, which is really awesome for you just put it right into your pack and you basically just need hot water and you’re ready to drink your coffee in the bill. Give me some extra energy, I’m pretty stoked about this guys. This is I’m a new coffee drinker, as of this year on the archery mug. Again I used to be a big time energy drink drinker. I would have basically a rock star ever like healthy for me, knowing how bad they are for me and how much stuff that’s in them, that you really don’t need in you at all. I’ve switched to coffee now. Coffee is not, I would say, coffees the best, but also coffee is not that bad. Really. In all honesty, it’s got a lot of its Adana oxidants and coffees.

So, like I said, I’m new to coffee – and this right here is yeah boom was in my pack. We said check out, could you copy? We will be doing going to , be doing a video on this stuff here, yeah I’ll? Let you guys know how how it turns out yeah yeah. Well, as always, every month, people that buy a sportsman’s box if they’ve post a picture of their box and they hashtag at Sportsman’s box on instagram they get put in for a drawing, and this month is a stanley 30 port adventure, cooler which we can all use. Genomics Stanley, I’m all about them, yeah he’s it big. Is it big supporter of the Stanley? You guys can have your yetiz and Grizzlies and all those? Oh, I got a sweet coffee yeah you get you get that as an option in your sportsmen box. Like we’re saying you know, this is just an awesome product to give gifts. Christmas is coming yeah guys. I mean this is uh. This is the office taking care for you more awesome stuff. You know all 12 months of the year you’re . Basically, it’s a gift that keeps giving

Oh way better than any socks, any underwear yeah any of that other. Yes, you women think we need or want, unlike wives, maybe don’t hunt or aren’t into that. They don’t necessarily know the things you would want. So this is taken care of for you. You don’t need to know because for sense box, no, that’s what you need yep! Yes, they do so right on super cool super cool box. I’M stoked I mean this is that’s pretty rad right there. I have a long knife thumb, scope. Adapter, I mean yeah. We are sad. We are thanks forces box, as always, you guys nailed it and we appreciate everything you do yeah yeah hi. Here we go guys.

We are going to go over how we tell if it’s a set or the same gear, multiple years kind of things. We look for on what we look at to kind of make our decision and that’s, if you don’t have trail, cam pictures of the deer. You haven’t seen the deer, you know nothing about the deer, we got something we got a few antlers here I mean really, we’ve got it. We’ve got a lot of anglers we could use for display, but these ones are actually we got this brown set right here or into the set believe it or not. Guys is symmetrical and similar, as that is that is not a set, but that is the same beer and it’s actually the same antler. This deer switched sides every year with his antlers every single year. He grows.

He swap sides so, and we have video of this deer. We know. There’s deer very well. Britt actually has found both of these sheds, so yeah that’s back-to-back years of the same deer yeah, but one of the biggest things we always look at first guys, obviously is is the pedicle the reason we look at the pedicle, because the pedicle is basically like the Fingerprint of the antler none of them are, none of them are the same, but each of them are unique to that. Yeah, which character like it’s crazy, yeah and the thing about him too, is they they don’t ever change. They get bigger or snow, they start small. They get bigger, they can some very rarely, though, but the only time they’ll ever changes if it’s damaged really bad. I don’t know what happens to damaged one, it’s it’s rare, but for the most part, guys that is the fingerprint of the deer, this antler so to find multiple ears and stuff. It’s nice to be able to just kind of compare, and if you look at this antler, I’m going to come in close here. If you look at this antler right here keys, you can see the similarities in that pedicle. Can I figure out how to hold it here, so you guys can see with one hand and still still be able to point at it?

Okay, so so, basically on the foot, sorry the front side on both its raised up the same it dipped it dips down the same in the back. It’s basically a mirror image of each other. Just one is a little bit bigger than the other. Can you see that now from there we go to certain things like the ridge of the antler? This Ridge is always going to be here. Let me step up right here that Ridge right there is the same on these antlers. You know I guard to go away and get shorter, tines the loose tines, they’ll, they’ll, add tines, but there’s certain things that are always the same. How the main beams turn is usually always the same: the g-force they don’t change too often on certain things like that see the palm action on this buck on the backside of the g2 g3 right here, where it comes together, it’s the same round pollination. You know, there’s there’s certain little things like that, but really guys the biggest thing is always the bases.

We always look at the bases and if we’ll do some examples here, so that’s the same beer. Two years in a row now, we’ve got another setup same thing: same beer, two different years, know that there’s there’s actually between these there’s two years difference between these antlers. This is the 2012 antler. This is the 2014 antler and if you look at these antlers for starters on the back sides see how that goes. The way it is on you know, they’ve got hardly any burr. You’ve got hardly any burr on the backside here compared to the front side where you got a big bird and it even dips the same see that and then you know, they’re .

The pedicles are a little weathered on this one compared to this one, but it still got that same deep Ridge where it pulls it out of. It seems like it’s deep in his head. You know like I said it is a little weathered. There actually are some ice chips on it, but you can get the gist of it right there and then, like I said, that’s a weathered antler this one is this one’s actually a little weather too, but it’s still nice and and sharp. But then you get in here and you start looking at that same things in same issue – we’re a little weathered on this bottom antler compared to this top antler, but see that Ridge, it’s the same on both antlers and there’s.

There’s three different. Three years apart, I mean yeah. I said three there’s a year between these, so you start pulling the other antler like this, the other side and we’re going to put these ones together. You know: look at the eye guards. The eye guards are way different, thin from each other. You know, but you look at the bases, no burr on the backside same deep Ridge on the outside, see that calm caved in the middle a little bit on both sides. I mean that right. There would be hard to say: that’s not a set, I don’t care who you are. Every antler is somewhat like that guys or every set. I should say I mean completely different antlers to for the most part. I mean yeah.

This is this one’s pretty much a five-point, it’s all at five, with basically a for one split beam. This one’s kind of the same just got a bigger split, being bigger beam. It’s got a couple extras, kicking off the backside there and then look at this antler. You know compared to its edge here: we’ve got, you know, split g3 or an inline off the g3 missing, probably a hook, cheater a cheater on that backside. Right there he broke off, and my cards are smaller. Pedicles are smaller g2 bigger on this one, as opposed to this one I mean not much yeah main beams have that same curl. Hopefully I’m explaining this oh good enough, for you guys, I know so to translate the information that you know and teach somebody else about. Other kind of tricky it stuff, that’s what future’s out there gifted people yeah. You should really really really good teacher yeah, my son’s looking like now so yeah there you go guys. Hopefully that helps so you know how to start deciding if you’ve got. You know multiple years off of a buck or a match set, because maybe he is super super different.

It’s generally pretty easy. If you just look for those main characteristics mm-hmm – and there are a lot of horns out there – guys and I’m sure we’re we’ve picked up our fair share that we didn’t even realize they were sets just because each antler was so different that we didn’t even bother. Looking didn’t even we didn’t even bother looking at the pedicles or the beams, we just automatically assumed they weren’t the same, because maybe one was a big to point. The other side was like a 6-point or you know. We’ve got a lot of deer that are like that, where you’ve got a giant, left side or a weak right side – and you don’t even know unless you physically seen the gear or you would, you know, spend time going through all of them yep so but yeah. If you ever wondered your question, that’s the things look for so thanks for watching. What’s up guys, so thanks for watching all our videos, we really appreciate it and the supports been awesome.

You guys you guys are awesome. We really really appreciate everything you guys do make sure to go to go check out, safeguard foods and use promo code. Welcome a no traitor for 30 % off your first order, yeah antler trader promo code. After that, to get 10 % off every single order from then on out and guys – I mean – we’ve been living off. The safeguard food you’re going to see more videos out to these hunts are done, we’ll start putting everything together and then we will be doing here. Probably in the next month or two we’re going to get it we’re still getting everything worked out, but we’re going to be doing a promo code for marsupial gear, also for the vinyl harnesses and stuff that we’ve been using. These things are awesome, yeah, they’re , they’re , rad, they’re , very well, built and very well thought-out, the guys over there awesome you guys have any suggestions. We think they will.

They will try to make stuff out and on top of it, zona holsters guys Kydex holsters, I’m loving. My word again so freaking nice to have yep it hooks right. I don’t have to mess with anything a fool to secure. I know it’s not going anywhere. It doesn’t get hooked up on anything yep, but we’re going to have all the links for all that stuff. In the bottom description of every video, so if you guys ever wonder, want to check stuff out check out the bottom description of the video, we’ll have all the information there. On top of the promo codes, the links are links to our Instagram Facebook websites. All that stuff and so check them out, let’s make your own decisions yeah and we’ll see you in a little bit.


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