Hunting Giant Mule Deer on The Kaibab episode #14! Antler Trader

Hunting Giant Mule Deer

Hey guys, so here we go it’s November 18th day, one of the ChI about 12 B Wesley on and it’s about 1:30 in the afternoon, we’re getting ready to go on a little hike, see if we can pick up and pull out of these canyons and some Of these pockets, the trees back over here seem quite a few deer. Seeing a lot of dogs there’s a lot doe in this area. It seems the rut seems to be kicking off pretty strong, so we should be able to get on to something see you should. We will see a lot of deer, so here we go cute little three-point. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What’s that we got to changing locations so far now we just need to find and running around with them on their head. Just smash up that four key. I picked up right up on top of the hill we’re walking that down across the straw. We got another okay! Thank you. Thank you. Nice little pile of horn, just walking back to the truck yeah, might have to hit this one of these days. I’M probably not super named bigots Mountain all right guys. Here we go day for the hot and it’s there’s been a lot of ups and downs. It’s it’s been. It’s been a blast. It’s been a lot of fun, though we just killed a giant, an absolute giant on 12b west on the way home we’ve shot at this deer twice now and we just killed him. It May be 120 yards, maybe betted. It’s just wait to see this deer. This deer is a tank. Let’s go what guys come on drop pine on the Left bean? Oh look it up back in look at back in dude, Oh, giant dude get that stuff get that stuff sit down. Grab that thing [ Music, ] about 16 points. I think so it didn’t say it didn’t. On my end, oh yeah. This right here is gnarly man.

That’s my favorite bucket of the year so far man, it is there. It is that’s my favorite buck of the year so far day for ty about 12 be giant. 84 is 176 once we’re done just roadways in slow down bro all right now. Let’s do let’s see heresix-five, it’s just an e. I think this bad boy will probably cut it off right here: right there, I would say if you go BAM right there. I think it cut it off. Think about where I’m out on this for for-4 on the other, you what’s up guys! So here we are next day. First, a son Christopher here has a guy me and TJ’s just turned up another stud big, typical frame: split g3. We are getting ready, we’re getting ready, we’re getting ready to take about an eight hundred yard shop. I wish I had my phone scope, but I’m writing to TJ.

We got Chris that up we got glass, Jade’s, recording the kill, shot, DJ big, pretty buck. Let us know when it’s about the oysters. Are you here didn’t reload reload, reload, reload, reload reload? Oh he’s still messing around he’s hit in the back end, he’s going to the right Christopher he’s going to the right he’s coming kind of toward us, like you write into it, who use we just whip them right around here Chris, I got you yeah mom. You got mom yeah, yeah, poop, jokes, jumping mama just takes the pong, goes.


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