Hunting The Rut With A Bow Sucks! Arizona Archery Vlog #13

Hunting The Rut

HI guys so this morning, as the Sun come up, we had a little bit of a game plan to creep over the edge of a spot. We bedded some deer last night, pretty much the same spot that I jumped that I had that deer below me in the buck. One of the Bucks we were trying out yesterday below me at 39 yards and the deer were there again exactly 39 yards away. The problem was the buck, wasn’t there, it was all dough’s and fawns, and a little forked Hornet we’ve pretty much been sitting up your glass and for about the last hour now and haven’t picked up anything haven’t picked up. Any new deer haven’t picked up any Bucks. Really really really slow morning.

I don’t know if you guys pay attention or not, but I have an app that shows the basically the active days and less active days with the solar, basically, what the solar system, or this or whatever it’s the moon, the moon and the barometric pressure playing the Role and it shows active, less active what times, what the moon phase is all that, but today, in the last and the last three day, four days have been it pretty. Much tells you to stay home. It picks up tomorrow, tomorrow’s a semI medium active day. The problem is tomorrow’s, the last day, so we’re going to get creative.

Today, I’m going to leave the boys up here and I’m going to drop off and jump in the rover and I’m going to go all I’m going to drive all the way around to the country. We can’t see it’s country that I know these bucks are going into they’ve been going into it every day. It’s it’s a nice little secure hole with lots of trees, so I’m pretty sure that’s where most these deer holding up right now, not a hundred percent, but I just I’m pretty sure. That’s where they’re at so we’re going to we’re going to do something. Loretha ducks and I’ll explain a little more here in a little bit. I’m going to get these guys set up and get on the drill. So thanks for tuning in guys, I know it’s been, it’s been a slow series.

It’s it’s. My first ever daily vlog hunt like this, and I got a lot of improvement to do. I know that I need to get more equipment with me, so I can video some of these deer at a longer distance and get more get more critters on on-camera. For you guys it’s it’s not as hard when I’m the one hunting, but when I’m when I’m not the one hunting, it’s it’s a whole nother ballgame. I’ve got other things going on and the last thing I’m worried about trying to kill the deer, not film. The deer so and on top of it I’ve got multiple guys with me, so it makes it a little tougher, but I’ll get better. I mean like so this is the first one I’ve ever done. I’ve got a great response from you guys. I love the criticism or the suggestions from you guys, cuz, that’s that’s what I need to know. I need to know. What’s not I mean what you want to see more of what you don’t want to see more of. I know it’s been pretty monotonous and I’m trying to fix that so bear with me.

We do have Mexico coming and Mexico will be filmed completely different. I promise you, I promise you so let’s get to it. Let’s get a move on see if we can’t force the force the hand here make something happen, HI guys, so we’re set up the boys are set up and we’re going to do what I something a little unorthodox like. I was saying this might fail miserably or it might work just as I’m hoping it does either way. We’ve got a we’ve got to get aggressive, we’ve got to think outside the box and try something new, because we’ve only got today and tomorrow left and the deer aren’t cooperating. So what we’re going to do is I’m on this really long finger that runs north and south. I got the boys acrost on our point that we’ve been on and the deer. The two bigger deer have been on this finger in the mornings, but on the east side, and we haven’t seen them for a few days. What they usually do is they’ll feed over there and come up from the water and then they’ll come up over the top and there’s a there’s, actually a big Canyon that are not a big Canyon, but there’s a little draw canyon that comes off of this finger Down to another water – and this is all covered in cedar right here – so they’re coming up in here and they’re betting – there’s speed over here too, so I mean they very easily – could be hanging out on this side.

So what we’re going to do is we’re going to loop around out over here and we’re just going to make some noise and just push through all these trees. Take our time just make sure we zigzag, and hopefully we can push the deer out and over the top, so the boys can see them and then they’re their only job is to watch them embed them watch where they go and then hopefully from there we can Plan a stalk, so this is pretty much just get them up in and see where they go type. Dill. That’s the plan, like I said it’s it’s I know I know the odds of this are very low, but on top of it too, if we don’t try something, it May not happen. So if this works great awesome, if it doesn’t it’s not like we’re in any different position than we already are so here we go alright. What’s up guys, so I dropped the boys off early on two different waters.

Excuse me battling a cold anyways. I dropped the boys off on two waters early this afternoon and I’ve just been up here perched up classing 10-4. All my luck for you anyways that Goss up a bucket, I’m going to try to get Corian on him, he’s in a pretty stock able spot, but he’s got a lot of dough’s with him, so fingers crossed and man guys I apologize. I wish I had a phone scope, but I got a new phone and the spotter in this whole vlog things new to me so bear with me hopefully will at least have some video and pictures of this dear man, that was close. He within a hundred yards one time and then after that the closest was 160 them does just they never acted like they knew where he was, but they knew something was up and they just kept moving here pretty much I had. I had him go clear across the valley to the next hit hillside to where they ended up going. I had him running crawling, you name it.

They never want until he finally gave up on the other end when they went over the top of the ridge, and I couldn’t see him, they never really busted him, just man where they were at they were there perfect it. Just the wind was started picking up and I don’t know if it was swirling down in the draw or what it was doing, but they got a little. They got a little antsy and a little worried and started moving out. I got a tell him where his pack is at right. Just keep heading right on top of that Ridge, and I will stop you when you should be close yeah.

So a smart buck he’s a smart old buck he’s got he’s got a whole grundle of dough’s with him so dang. I don’t know what kc seen if anything’s coming in 110 floor, oh well, sunset we’re going to wake up, get right back to where I’m out right here and hopefully we can pick them up if they stay where they’re at tonight. I’m guessing I’m hoping I’m praying, but if they stay where they’re at tonight and feed, then when they move back to where they’re , hopefully we can cut them off in the morning. We’Ll see it’s just. It’s milder hunting with a bow during the rut. There’s so many eyes so many eyes, everybody’s like oh, I want to hunt the rut. Yeah. Well, wait until you try to hunt the rut with a bow. You got 20 30 dos helping him out. He don’t even need to pay attention. He’s got all them. Dough’s doing it for him, man so close at least we’re getting stalks on we’re , not just sitting around trying to find deer, see you guys in a bit



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