I Cant Believe She Did It Again Hunting For Mule Deer “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Hunting For Mule Deer

HI good morning guys we are out and we got a special guest mr. Shawn snow, good buddy he’s in town for the week. So we said we better get out with him, since we don’t get to get out with him very much. Yep Shawn’she’s a shed hunting fool just like the rest of us known, Shawn, a long time, and I’m glad he’s here so here we go it’s kind of in between Christmas and New Year’s and we decided we need to get out and look for some Sheds get this season going really nice weather yeah super super warm.

So here we go. Hopefully we can find some shed yeah. I hear some and hopefully we can find some out here on the strip, so we’re just freaking two seconds into this hike and look at what I just found right on, I’m so close to the frickin car. I’m going to . Take this back! That’s all! It’s going to be an awesome day. Dude, it’s going to , be a freaking rad day. Look at this! If I can get him in there, I’m like walking this back to the car, because I’m that close man, my shed senses, we’re on high alert right away and it’s actually right by a road, and I thinking Josh never likes to go by the roads. But I have my own theory about roads is that everybody else thinks you should say off of them, so I route was walking right up the edge of one caught a glimpse of a spine under a tree, and I was like oh all right. There could be a dead head around here next thing I know turn my head.

There’s my dead head man, you guys I’m literally minutes into this day. Yes, sofreaking stoked beyond word we’re on the strip and dude last. We we just went four days ago. Right before Christmas – and it was a tough hike, it was 13 miles. We’ve gone much farther distances, but it was up and down, and it was, it was a hard hike and we didn’t find anything. So that makes it even worse. But did this skull just made up? What do you think about that rule? Oh yeah you’re , going to take it. You can’t clean that, though your mommy found that we’re going to go find more though huh I need a drink, real will get you a drink. Look at this 40 40, I’m not even in firered HI guys. It’s been about an hour since we left the truck and Britt found that dead head. I just crossed the big Canyon and I’m working up the other side here, there’s a bunch ofcrush and we got Shay took a pretty good one too.

Oh yeah sweetie sweetie sweetie thank ya hard white. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What is that room? Oh yes, hey: where are you going my shed hey, you can’t take it to your mom, like you did last time you have it. Thank you yeah. That’s a cool horn good deal both of us have scored today. So now we can really just the pressures off now we just need to find. I think I might have matched it up. I don’t know yet it might not be at my. I can’t tell from here but see that bass sticking up in the grass right there. Good shed, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, big ole typical for ya, and I said I don’t know if it’s the match or not we’ll find out here in a second. Thank you. Thank you. Nice! Yes match them up.

That’s so awesome when you can do it that fast yeah, this country’s been good to us. That way, it really has very, very nice. That’s it awesome! Dear nice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you hi. Yes, ma’am. It is December 29th and the weather is like it is a beautiful spring day. I have a t-shirt on and I actually I wore leggings and all this other crap because I was afraid, he’s going to be cold and it is a very warm day. But we are doing good. Today I found my dead head now, Josh matched up that big ol set and we’re going to just be swooping around in this little Basin for a little bit see what we could find HI guys. So we just had to drive down the road a little bit. He picked Sean up and he found a horn today so shed, and it is it’s cool. This thing is, it’s got double beams, it’s old and some of its rotted away and chewed on, but it’s still a really cool shed, and then that said I picked up and then that deadhead Brit picked up. It was a good day good day on the strip.

Always want to find more, but we always think what we can get. We come into this area, looking for a specific deer and had no luck but oh well, we’ll be back. So here’s how it’s ending right here, I’m set right there. I picked up that sweet. Big old wide dead head that thing’s got 26 inch beams, big old nasty eye guards, big old faces on him, Peters out on the g20 virtu, but he’s right at 2:00 right there. That’s that’s like just about 190 and then that cool thing I mean look at that the beam off of that one is gone or whatever was going on there and then that beam there I guards conglomerate of what knows. God knows what [, Music, ] cool cool good day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Had a lot of fun get out a couple more times before New Year’s take out Sunday. Are you so excited you look like you’re real should be. I’m excited to go a couple days later. We just had a trip it’s one day later after that trip with snow and me and Britt and Remy over.

There are out here again with Landon and snow, so they just took off. We were still getting ready. No we’re just going to wait until they go miss everything and it’ll pick up your cell yeah. We ride with Landon and snow today so spend all day. Hopefully we’ll stack up some Jed’s here we go, get him room good, a sheds, HI guys. We are on the board of the day. Thank You little shed yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is another year off that buck. I’ll bet, that’s crazy me that thing it’ll base, palmated, just short cool broke the spell now we man it’s been brutal today. Just going and going and going only found the one little freak buck and go where it’s got, that four point and then I guess snows found a three point and I don’t know about Landon. I haven’t heard from Landon, but the weather’s been awesome way better than the last last trip out. We’ve had partial overcast, but, most importantly, some wind just got to keep going then for I’m in the bottom just below. You then love these radios, they’re , sofreaking handy and we’re going on it almost for you, I’m coming close to a year with these Midlands running these Midlands and lobbed them.

No complaints work way better than those high dollar black Motorola, c2, 30s or whatever they are they’re Travis and runs these Midlands actually constantly work. The other ones just suck haven’t, found anything all day long and I just found my first shed and it’s actually a stud took about you, ready, Remy, Remy HI drop it oh yeah, it’s nice horn, that’s the shirt that makes me really happy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It’s 3/4 away he’s a day, we’re actually heading back to the rig right now to kind of refreshing up the drinks and have a little snack and then head back out but see one way over there, but it’s white looks super crabby too. Thank you. Thank you, good, sighs horn. Are you going hey hold on to it? She’s, like you know, I’m tired, I’m holding on to this horn. Hey a gim me spoiled oops one big last loop, here’s a choker! I thought it would have been a cool into an extra on the backside, their staff, to where the g2 was hey. Okay, thank you. Thank you.

Like one more for the, where we get back to the rig, I can actually see the car right now right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s two more to the pot, alright, so we’re heading back to the rover. Now we picked up two more shockers on this quick loop. I just did still not the deer we’re looking for, but oh well eliminated area, which is a good thing. Just keep your fingers crossed, keep pounding it who’s.

Good day, though the weather was awesome, wind was just just enough. Wasn’t too much had enough clouds in the sky that it would shake a bit and then give us a little Sun, so there’s nice, lather, brilliant, really nice weather today and uh. It wasn’t a great day for anything good shed wise, but have great days every day. Really any shed you find on the strip all right, it’s a good day anytime. You find sheds on this just a good base. We did all right in that aspect almost see the rig hang out a minute and get on the road sunset where you got there. Corbin , all righty, then that was like 30 seconds of fun. Those beer cans are dead. Here is the final count for today. Shawn snow is the one who really handled it a boy over there. He packed the bucket all day, long yeah, lucky bucket.

That’s right and landed, didn’t even shoot it up. We got a fire burning, [, Laughter ]. What is this smashed? You got like a little pancake. You


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