Idaho Hot Springs and Utah Mule Deer! Antler Trader 2020 Adventures

Idaho Hot Springs and Utah Mule Deer

Steam coming off of that the I can feel the heat from right here. Can you feel that that’s so awesome? It is really really hot like right here, there’s no way I would get in that. I just stuck my finger in it and it’s hot. If I drop this in the water, be good yeah, these little fish they’re like yeah, you hey So what you doing dad enjoying some hot tub: good [, Music; ]. Yes, we are we’re driving and it is October 16th we’re heading back out again we’re going first, like we did last time.for josh’s tag still got that deer tag in utah and we have the rifle early rifle kaibab and then we’ll go, spend four or five days on the strip, and then we start guiding 13brifle and then from there we’ll go to kaibab. We like kaibab and hopefully make it home for thanksgiving well one way or the other I’m going to have to leave because there’s no way I can just leave my kids for thanksgiving no yeah.

That’s right! Okay, well, tbd we’ll seeanywho yeah. We got a busy busynext six six weeks or so I haven’t actually looked a calendar and counted it out, but we’ve got a ways and man I just did basically a carbon copy of what we did to get ready to go on the last one. Just working like 14 hour days and just hustling so that we couldmake this happen, get all the importers out. Yes, thank you guys. You guys are keeping me busy, and I appreciate that so much. The national forest signs I’ll put a link down below I’ve. Had tons of people asking about how to get them um, but yeah they’re handmade signs, and so they take a lot of time and a lot of love they’re pretty awesome, but I got them. I got them all done well che, I have to say che is helping me with shipping and stuff, and he is my lifesaver man shout out to jay. Are you excited uh? Yes, and no? It’s kind of a year.

So I’m like it sucks that this is my last year dedicated my hair got killed by a lion. Somebody found his dead head and now I’m just like you’re , just not that pumped about it. We haven’t turned up the right deer. That’s that’s the issue! So how many days do we have to hunt here in utah three to four days we could go longer, but i’d like to be on the pavement. A few days already, I literally haven’t even looked at a calendar, so I don’t know, what’s coming, that’s very unusual for me, but that just goes to show you how busy and how distracted I’ve been with other stuff. But I’m looking forward to it ready to go. Yeah me too, and it looks like you’re due for another haircut, there buddy another mountain pet by josh, another josh corbinmasterpiece, oh crap, I forgot my beard trimmer oh shoot. You’re going to get lumber your jackie trimmer yeah, like you, can get those tj masks. Yeah I like teaching always looking for an excuse to do that, especially st george. St george store is awesome.

Anyways, guys we’re justdriving along this long long road. It is a very long drive. I do not enjoy it. I got a bunch of podcasts, downloaded josh got a bunch of podcasts downloaded and we’re uh. What are you vegging out on right now, ready huh? Who are you vegetarian? I listen to a lot of true crime. That’s what I think I really I shouldn’t listen to the last of it, because it really isn’t great for your brain, but it’s very fascinating got no desire yeah. So I bring my headphones so that I can listen to it and keep myself entertained, plus. There’s nophone service for like hours through here, so I can’t like be on pinterest finding ideas or anything anyways talk to yourI’ll. Tell you goodbye now see you guys in a little bit: yes, he’s a christie. I’m pretty sure! That’s him, you think almost 100, oh yeah yep! That’s him! You have a really good eye for that. That’s awesome,good morning. It’s josh, it’s just a god. You want me come up there. , maybe we’ll find some sheds while we’re collecting this coyote so giant, is what we’re looking for to shoot. Yeah. That way we can be about posts. Have something to post we’ve been entertaining ourselves now for? Oh, we hit my sunglasses for uh. How long have we been doing this 15 [ Laughter, ], yeah, nice? Oh yeah! This is the stuff you get to do in the mountains to entertain. That’s my sunglasses. It’s my turn now. Yeah, look at all these crackers, [, Music ]! I have crackers everywhere see.

Sometimes you just have to be like a kid. Oh, that was a bad one. Oh, I didn’t claim to necessarily be good. Oh, that bounced up one’s going down. My ass crack right now, I’m not even kidding I’m down there with some juniper berries. I just threw the pieces that you just threw on me on you. I need a new cracker. What the hell you got a fresh cracker. No, I didn’t I’m going to throw my ice cream cracker at you. Now, that’s what I just threw on you and guess what else it’s also a treat for the squirrels very nice. Okay. Now it’s my turn got a whole cracker on the ground over there. What the hell wasted, you’re , the thrower from that direction: oh okay, good now you’re , just throwing them at me open your mouth, so I can make it oh see, hey in the tonsils. That was like a broken cracker exploded. You have so many, oh, I can’t believe I’m finding so much entertainment in this. Oh that one exploded in here we’re going to have the crows come in. That sounds something that’s crack cracker right off your lips. We need to buy more crackers holy freaking cow. Look at this, I am covered everywhere, crumbs cracker, on my shoulder. Don’t say that cracker we’re going to try to be correct. Yeah now the crows are freaking. Circling the crows are in the hills. They can smell. The crackers bunch of crackers hanging out


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