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Shed hunting for mule deer

Good morning, everybody, oh, we are heading out on the strip today. How long has it been? It’s been since 13, bees hunt so at least some months and we haven’t shed hunted. I don’t even know how long ago had been a while, so we’re getting out like we got. We got a special star here, Jaden’s friend, Kenny, special okay, we got J and Remy Remy got to come out this day. We are going to hit it hard.

It’s two days before Christmas, and I have a feeling: I’ve got a Christmas presents and now here waiting for me, tomorrow’s Christmas Eve tomorrow is Christmas. Eve yesterday was Joshua the birthday, and this is just another day: yeah had a great day relaxing so today, now we’re going to hit hard and we are going to go and fight some shed so excited the snow. We actually, we actually plan to do this trip. Two days ago, the day before the day before your birthday yeah and I looked at the weather that that name is said – we were supposed to have moisture till January 3rd and I believed it because we have but had moisture for ever and ever and ever just so happens that night it decided to rain and snow somebody going to go out. Just we weren’t prepared. We will come out in the rain. It was just one of those things we really should have got our butts out of bed done it.

We just skipped one day, we’re out here, we’ll check back in in a bit like to look at these rocks they’re , really cool, how they hollow out from the wind and at one time, water. He remind me of the Flintstones I like when we’re in country that you can like have lots of different things. Different terrain, like it changes, often keeps you entertained, it’s very tied. If it was raining, you can’t take your eyes off the road in this country. Just as you do you find something like that to kick into that or you get caught up in that if you’re not watching, so you have to also be aware not only zone out on the sheds unless you want to be picking out some cactus needles throw Out when you get home, okay, so first you had the day. I just a couple fingers over that way: Glasson and eyeglass up what looks to be just nice. Four point four point said: I’m just crossing this Canyon now getting over to where it was that Oh should be right on his finger, something kind of forced to come down here in this new. This is a new country. For me. I’ve never hit this close to it, but not this the snows going to push this to this spot. Over here, my father, I see the tree. I was using as a reference right there.

It’s a nice four-point win big old G for honor, old or too cool. I guard first Horn of the trip. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you choice to come here. She got up on top of this hill and she came up to me with that forget she’s, the first woman to find one. Today you have a tennis ball or you do yeah good job to you. Now she gets her tap good job real now when she finds one that always makes me excited cuz, then I’m like okay, she does. She gets it right. RenI found a cool little hideout, so excited you. Look like you’re for real should be. I’m excited to go well. Today is a first, I’m ready to go and Josh well. We also realized that we’re carrying about extra ten extra pounds in our bags. For no specific reason other than to torture ourselves, so he’s cleaning out his bag real fast, I’m hired to clean my now, I’m ready to rock and roll and go and find sheds.

Today, it is January 2nd the day after New Year’s we just chilled yesterday at home and watched movies did nothing which is so boring. It kills me I hate sitting at home. I want to be doing something. Always I think it drives him crazy. At least I have some a spunk and I want to do stuff right right. Well, actually, I should say a bunch of things right now that you’re not listening to and then just say right. You agree, ok, good, alright! So far, today’s weather is turning out certain out awesome. We got a mild overcast and by a gentle breeze. I hope it stays like this all day. Long if it does well should be able to cover some country in this country needs to be covered. It’s pretty thick, it’s open, but there’s a lot of ground ground brush. That makes it really hard to see antlers in lots of sage. Hopefully this weather stays like this all day and we could find this jam set we’re looking for yeah we’re on the board. Finally, for the day old, jet man, it’s whales, hope three-point looks like. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

That’s the bass. It’s the back end! Well, we’re not going home empty-handed, which is a good thing. The weather’s awesome do everything right now, it’s just cream! Oh and it’s still pretty early so hopefully, hopefully we can find a few more hold. Shaka Soros chalk, donkey check out this old rusty bucket. I found pretty good shape in the hold it is, but it’s not beat up too bad pink it out cool. Some of the things you find a bit we’ll probably get mad at me for not keeping that little opening just the kind of glass and across this stage brush draw it’s not very deep. Pretty thick, though, and I think I like to have a over here on the other side – I’m not a hundred percent it. It looks like a couple times so we’re going to go over here and actually check it out. It’s like right up right up in there somewhere. Hopefully, fingers crossed hey guys.

What do you think? I think a bobcat got a bird snack on it right there HI guys, so we were just going to check out a new spot, real, quick before it got dark. It’s been a slow day, we hiked our butts off. I found that one shocker, but it was a good day. It was a fun day. We eliminated some of the area that we needed to, but Rovers right there. We were just glossing up here and I’m pretty sure I got a just up past that tree right there, let’s go check it out. Yeah we’re going to have to say pretty good Chet. Have you shed too old cool cool cool? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We will take that all day, long right on all right. We got it every buck, just the free, the younger bucks, it’s going to be big, big goopy. Fifty three point, basically heavy heavy he’s, probably a young buck. Did I guard.

Oh man tell you what trips like this, make it tough, but makes you points grateful for what you do find them alright guys. So we are calling it a day. The Sun is headed down and I am leaving with no shoes. Josh just found one we’re glossing on our way out and he just found one off the road: great big, ol nice. That’s a nice worn, especially for finding it right off the road. This big look at that eye guard on it. Hopefully he does something yeah. That is that’s way. I wouldn’t have been sad to pick that up so, and he also found a really big one. That’s wasted away. This is a good horn on um. I like it. Alright we’re heading home.

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