Its A Long Shot! Arizona Archery Hunt Vlog #7

Long Shot

HI good morning guys so we’ve been up here on this point. Glass and and we’ve got a whole bunch of deer glass stuff. So now we’re going to go down and park and just start doing stocks until we can get one killed, we’re two killed yeah, two or three. So here we go. It looks like it’s going to be another great day and should be a lot of fun. Seeing a bit HI guys, we got in there got kind of close and they got busted early down low. So me it mics looped around this draw got on him again, but they were too far out to shoot and the brush was just it’s too thick to shoot. But it’s not thick enough to not be seeing where we were hat. So we just backed out come back over the hill, had two more bucks in this draw and one was actually following Kenny as he was stocking up, the hill close, but no cigar, so we’re going to go, find some more keep trying it keep doing this all Day until we got tags punch these little bastards right here, I hate these things more than I hate characters. They grab you and hold on to you and they just drive me nuts, so we’re going to hike back to the rear right now regroup and go to the next spot. The glass room.

Okay! Here we go stock number two I got Kenny now I got a buck down in the bottom of this draw just over the bill. We’re going to loop, we’re going to loop around and hopefully he’s getting the way he’s working. Hopefully, he’ll work right out in front of us and he can sink an arrow any. It’s been tough, alright that stocks done we got to within 120 of them, but some cows come down the draw and pushed him up onto the other hillside if they would have stayed where they worked them. Cows wouldn’t have pushed him and they would have stayed where they were. We had probably a 60 yard shot. Just the luck of it. Everything was working good. The cows didn’t really scare him. They weren’t, they didn’t go in fast or anything. It’s just. They didn’t want to be in the bottom with those cows, so they trotted up on the hill a little bit and started feeding again once we got up over there. That was just that’s too far shot, and there was no way we could come in on them because they’re in the middle of a canyon, there’s no couldn’t come around anywhere, it was it just was. It is what it is so, but it’s still super early in the morning we’ve been in Deer whole morning to stalks Kenny’s been on the couple him Zach me and Mike one on one. It was a lot better of a day. Yesterday has been a great day.

Today’s been a great day now, we just need a couple deer to just be stupid. The dough’s are on high alert and they’re . What’s making it tough to get on these Bucks because there’s so many of them, there was probably 30 dough’s in that group. What you say yeah, at least thirty – does that’s a lot of eyes. Just nine to sneak in on the wind ended up shifting on us a little bit. So we had to renege on that too, but we should have a pretty consistent wind for the rest of the day now and they’re up and feeding. We just need some dumb ones, eventually we’re going to put enough of these together and it’s going to work out. Man, I hate these little they’re like little desert rose bushes, they just grab you. I had one stuck to me and it was long and I pull it off one side of me and it stick to the other side of me. I just did with I couldn’t get it off it’s starting to piss me off. On top of it they’re , starting to shred my pants a little bit little loops, getting pulled out everywhere. That’s one thing I like about the guide pants versus the obsidians a little bit different material. They kept. They don’t catch that stuff like these do, but I love these pants. I just I don’t like them in that stuff. Everybody that hunts down here in southern part of it you know middle the southern part, Arizona. T

hey know what I’m talking about they’ve had to mess with it, we’re head back up to the rig, relocate and try to glass. Some more up keep going I’ll, see you guys in a bit check that out just found that cold shell sitting down here in the bottom of this wash I’m 3006 Springfield wonder if you tagged out with that round lunchtime, who had so much extra leftover pizza! That’s what we’re having that’s, what we’re having for lunch and we’ll probably still have leftovers from it. Kiddies eyes are bigger than his stomach. He thought he’ll give us 10 of everything. I don’t think I’ve ever seen. Somebody spend that much money at Little Caesars either. Ah, pretty eventful morning, we have a lot of deer all over the place, plenty of plenty of stocks. Just not yet we have lunch and make a game plan and go from there hopefully put some more socks on or and shoot some deer weather’s good today got a light breeze, which should help with stalking it’s just when you got 600 eyes. Looking at ya makes it tough yeah I’d from the camera Kenny Zacks on his way back after a stalk on a buck he’s right behind that tree right there close close close.

So, since the last time I checked in with you guys, we’ve put a couple more socks on and come close just hasn’t, panned out the day is winding down sunset, and hopefully we can make something happen here before it gets dark. Sorry, I just realized. I had my camera get close, get close hi. We just got back to the ranch house from the evening hunt and got the boys all loaded up. They are heading off. They got to get back, so they stuck it out as long as they could to try to get something something killed. Just couldn’t couldn’t get it done. We shots were fired, but nothing connected. The last two days have definitely been a big change from the way it’s been. I don’t know what the deal is. The weather is yesterday. We had some overcast most today today, it’s been like every other day, but the deer were out there up there moving and we found him. We found a lot of them. We put a crapload of stalks on today. We busted our butts and went all day long. Just trying to get something on the ground and it didn’t happen, but they’re all loaded up and get ready to take off there. They go back-alley Nick’s in town with the other guys they got here today. He picked them up for me and his this guy showed up so I’m going to come in here and sit down and unwind for a minute and enjoy a little peace and quiet.

Hey. Look at that! Thanks to Amazon, we got new coils for the rover, man, I’m glad Amazon exists or I wouldn’t not have parts, because the parts stores are a few days out to getting something. So man, that’s so frustrating I hate not filling tags. I hate it more than anything. If it’s my tag, I don’t mind it because I’m I’m Tim, you know it’s mine, it’s it’s something! It’s my choice to not fill a tag, but those guys they were ready to kill just about anything with horns these past two days and just didn’t pan out man. It didn’t pan out. So I’m going to kick back and relax edit today’s vlog and probably get a shower before hopefully. Well, I’m at least going to try to get a shower and relax before they get back and then get today’s vlog edited and get it posted well. I was going to relax and I was going to just hang out by myself with a little peace and quiet for a minute, but this showed up so now. I’m going to go out and I’m going to tear into the rover and I’m going to get the coils changed tonight. So hopefully everything runs smooth and perfect tomorrow and then once I’m done with that, I’m going to get tonight. Today’s vlog edited and a shower so I’ll seen a little bit all right. So here we go.

We are changing the coils to showed up thanks to Amazon. I’ve got two done already. I’ve been in probably about 10 minutes into this Max, and I got all I mean, that’s getting everything I got my tools. I always carry these tools with me and got my custom hood hanger there holder and we’re changing clothes. I should have this site done in probably five minutes and then we’ll move over the other side. The other side takes a little bit more time because I got to take off the PCV valve right here, so I can get access under there, but other than that. It’s a cake pop the cover off start unbolting them. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you now fingers crossed. We run good nice and smooth so boom there. It is guys eight new coils in about 30 minutes already got that site. All buttoned up just got to throw the shield on the little cover piece on top right there and we’re done. Oh, I got a hook up the battery and we’re going to start her and see how she does alright guys we are done. Rover’s been put together. I’ve got my the first three guys on the road packed up, sat down been visiting with the new guys that showed up and nick here and just got done, taking a shower and it’s about 11:30. At night I’m going to sit back and edit some video for tomorrow and get to bed, so I’m get up to 5 and started all over again. We got 7 days. So here goes thanks guys for watching. I appreciate it very much. Please subscribe comment like and I’ll see you tomorrow.




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