January Sportsman’s Box Opening at the 2017 Shot Show Antler Trader

Sportsman’s Box Opening

Alright guys, who we are shot shows 2017 with our sportsmen box, which we decided we’re going to do we’re going to do the opening of it here with will Adam just go for arrow, and we even got folks behind the scenes. They don’t want to be on camera, but yeah. So what we’re going to do is we’re set up we’re going to the opening, but you guys get to know and meet these guys which works in box and sees it. I mean they’re , just the part of what makes this box really often guys with good people.

They have step great products and companies supporting them on this bill and it’s a lot of fun. So I so here we go. I are you I was here couple months ago. I wear this whole time. I love beeps off so and like don’t use concepts or so armed at people’s arguments to complete the FAFSA boy. I right. Oh, I like this exactly I love my list. I have the periodic they’re worth everything I do yeah here it’s like in little zipper lights. They can sit on to your zipper, like whatever we got them off and keychain yeah super handy in Iraq, road when you get back yeah yeah we’re ideally in the Browning of greatness, grounding boobs right here. Thank You brownie.

So that’s in your box to this morning to everyone. Oh good, good! All right, we got the pink barrel, even game pit row. How about that yeah job is really good at anything. I can burn I’m good at if I could just like handle that, but anyways. Yes, so we’ll try it on out. This is something I’ve never tried. That’s another thing I like about this for socks, there’s a lot of stuff in there that I’ve never tried yeah. We should have talked in those for her. I know what, though, it’s so weird. You guys, I can’t activate them yeah, I don’t know it’s where she did to me. I got to get him warm. I don’t know what an aerial is yeah, but yes, I peed in my bag at all times max.

Oh yeah, oh I thought it was just a mirage mouth though the first reading that the market yeah very little for you, you can traps resume yeah. I had some of those in my pocket last week on earth. I said 350 all read witnesses. The open site was designed with the perfect built-in LED that will make you more deadly shot. Yep. I brought the crew shotgun how about that having it y’all business right, the only duck we consider off the golf course pond and they get mad about that round. The I live in idaho. I think it would be a totally different. No, I know I what I miss the most about Idaho’s water bar on.

I grew up in you and I missed it. Yeah, eventually keeping up hey, let’s see what is this one right? Every 100 dollar price tag for variety, so we’ve got about 45, your programming they’re all done cleaning pad pick matt brown bottle or two other items. I value that so awesome and the way you guys do that, don’t forget you post pictures, past exports and socks and yeah you get into which way. Will you and I know the winner for this job? You know Frank they’re , awesome market 7, but there was a low sorry papa yeah like you cannot absolutely cannot go wrong. Just an perfect yeah perfect get somebody that you don’t know what to buy stuff work. This is it this is your answer awakening your eyes. Signups people


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