Kaibab Archery Mule Deer 2020 Part 3! Antler Trader

Kaibab Archery Mule Deer 2020 Part 3

Mule Deer hunting on the Kaibab plateau 2020 archery season hunt

Good afternoon, what upwe are on our first day of our second guided hunt.just got done with the little triple s should shower shave. Yes, we did. It was nice and now we’re getting ready to go pick up our client for the evening. First evening – and they saw a deer this morning – big deer yeah a big day – we’re going to go turn it up. It is he’s 14, yes, 14.. His name is super cool kid, his name’s sawyer and he is from southern arizona area and he’s killed. Two deer already at 14, so pretty awesome that makes our job a little bit easier yep and he wants to have fun and we’ve been having fun so far, heck yeah!

That’s what it’s all about. It sure is: let’s go so: let’s go sleep, we can kill here. The coyotes are howling it up tonight. That looks like a happy storm. This is ridiculous. Pick up the trash yeah seriously. Why would you just leave this here? It’s obviously garbage leave your , laying around yeah. What, if we all did that, I think it would just all be garbage we’re just driving down the road and it’s laying here on the side of the damn road excuse: the disheveled, the hair and whatnot. I’m on low maintenance mode, you ready you ready, we’re going to , hopefully get in close enough and put an arrow on a stud. We’ve got some stuff to work through, though this should be fun, so so [, Music ], what’s up guys all right, so it is evening number two of sawyer’s hunt and uh. Well, as you saw this morning, we got to put a stock on a stud bug.

What do you think about that? Sawyer, that’s fun it’s dry and loud. Is that your first stock with a bow yeah? That was your first, you did pretty good dude. You got really close, we got them to 100 yards and we kind of ran out of cover and they kept moving on us. So we tried to push them a little bit and that didn’t work, but they still didn’t know where we were. We just got aggressive. They dropped down below and now we’re sitting here, hoping to turn them back up. So we can go on stock number two right. Yes, sir sawyer’s he’s ready he’s ready to slay something big we’re going to we’re going to top out this evening sitting behind glass and hopefully we can making names. Yeah sawyer’s got ta name his buck. We found how many dirt, if you killed sawyer um. Two. Two deer yeah, my first buck was last October in wyoming, and then I had a doe and actually kaibab when I was 10

Oh right on so you’ve got the entire bed before yeah. It’s a pretty cool place. I love it up here: lots of deer all right guys. We got brit over here, glassing behind us running the spotter, and then we got mike and larry his dad and grandpa over on another finger glass in the stuff that we can’t see and the goal is to find a buck before it gets too late. So we have time to put a stock on him, we’re seeing a lot of deer starting to move a lot of does and stuff.

So it’s only a matter of time before the buck stands up and we’ll see what we can do see you guys in a bit fly away. Birdie came in the truck way to rescue him sawyer good job. Are you picking an outfit out for tomorrow? I got my outfit picked it up, so I’m going to go with thered owens, armory hat the red socks to match the red hat. Oh yes, I love you how you think this throw we’re going with the khaki, oh great choice andthe dark gray shirt with the gold leather completely, and you know what this reminds me of the american flag. Yes way to be patriotic, sir yep, that’s what I’m doing tomorrow, all right, I’m going to see. If I can try to, I don’t know, I don’t think I have anything red got. Ta, be american wearing, kill deer, looking for a possible deer to be down shot at one yeah. If he, if he hit him, he didn’t see a shot hit, but he heard a whack and we’re so right now we’re just trying to find his tracks, see if there’s blood or find his arrow 10 15 minutes.

So yes, we’re going to back out we’re just going to go drive around and look for deer, since I don’t have any clue where you hit we’re , probably not going to come back to like maybe one or two serious serious just because I don’t know where he Hit and this stuff is really open, so if he is bedded somewhere, he can don’t want to push him. No, we won’t get a shot i’d. Rather he go down and slowly die or get weak and not be able to run very fast. If we do jump in yeah, otherwise he could go so far, but we’ve got it marked, and so, when we come back, I’m going to stay in front. You guys .

Oh, what does he want to get shot? all right guys. It’s been about four hours a little over four hours now since sawyer, here, whacked this buck andwe’re right back where we left the last trail last bit of blood and now we’re going to slowly start working through this area and hopefully find sawyer’s bus. Just laying down here not very far dead, oh yeah! Definitely here! Let me see it very good that looks recent just hasn’t had time to dry yeah.

So, oh careful, there’s the arrowyeah! That was clear throughum there you go brush all right. That was fun, soshot a buck this morning first light and we decided we’re going to back out, because I didn’t get to see the shot andwe didn’t know where he hit. So we backed out. We gave him four hours. We found blood, we found blood yeah, so I from where the shot was within 20 30 yards. I picked up blood, so we marked it.came back four hours later started following his track: falling blood and just right over here. In the ravine we found his arrow covered in blood, and so we just kept stalking and stalking, and then we got over here up in some thick stuff and I lost a lot. I could see tracks, but I couldn’t find any more blood.

So we started looping around and sawyer goes there. He is he’s literally like 10 15 yards away from us laying in the oak brush and he was hurting he didn’t want to get up. I mean we were around him for a good 10-15 minutes trying to find blood, kicking rocks down the hill trying to find blood, and he just he didn’t move he just laid there. So we snuck sawyer up right behind him and had him put another arrow in him and he ran well. He was in that oak brush right there and we’re pretty sure he’s in that oak brush right there right now. He just kicked another buck and doe out of this head of brush, so we’re going to give him about 15 minutes. I mean we’re going to sneak over there again and and put another arrow in him, or he should be there dead right now, he’s dumping blood. I mean there’s a highway of blood, just dumping out of him. So there’s no doubt in my mind. This deer is not laying up here dead right now, congrats bud first archery buck huh. That was, he called it. He said you’re going to kill a buck on wednesday. First thing this morning, pretty cool dude! You got ta. Have your grandpa here, yeah! That’s awesome!

So we’ll see you in a second when we go recover his back. This is a better buck than what you had opportunity. While we were waiting too yeah, that is cool yeah. That was awesome, stayed right with it. That impresses me so much and perseverance, perseverance,there, grateful underneath me all right. This is a little bit easier. Nice work, boys, all righty, all right out of the heart. There you go, don’t you get it. You’ve been baptized with archery gross, the good, ah we’re all fresh and clean, and I thought I would show you guys the camp. I was going to do it yesterday, but we ne we ran out of time and I actually had everything all cleaned and actually looked nice, but we have since lived in it for a day.

So it’s not as organized as I had it a little tour before we leave got our little water station. We are very minimalistic when it comes to a camp. You use the same couple of dishes, just wash them our stuff. You can see is very well used and loved got a chair got a little bathroom hut over there kind of set up and here’s our tent we’re staying in the kodiak tents. I don’t what model is this tip? Babe? That’s what it is. Oh, it is just a kodiak there’s, not a certain model. Okey dokes, I bet there is, but I’m sure you all figure it out. Okay and then this is the inside of where we’ve been living. This has been our home. We got a nice little organization here. Those are handheld dirty clothes, josh he’s a little less organized yes indeed. Yes, he just leaves this stuff. When he wakes up, I zip mine and yeah. We got kind of like some storage up here. I always throw my hats up there because they don’t get squished that way, that’s our sleeping quarters and then this was ourclient’s tent. They stayed in and, if you remember clear back from when this adventure started, we are in some serious ashy charcoal that gets on everything. These tents are going to take us a little bit to clean up. We got hammock set up. It’s perfect. We’ve been hearing coyotes a lot too chef corbin. What have you prepared? I said chef corbin. What have you preparedsome leftover,burrito mix that you actually made and a couple of cheddar brats. That’s what I’m eating and that’s. Why he’s eaten you



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