Kaibab Archery Mule Deer 2020 Part One Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer – Part 1

Kaibab archery deer hunt 2020

All right, we have picked up our clients, we’re heading to the cab. What’s the temperature right now, 102. 102. It’s gone down 10 degrees, since we left st george feels so much better. Really, there’s such a huge difference. Hopefully, the kaibab will bean additional at least 10 degrees, 50 degrees yeah. I am actually trying to be more reasonable with my expectations. It’s going to still be warm, but it’s going to be better than its favorite. Yes, that’s my. That is the main thing I just been sleeping underneath my canvas cutter, actual canvas like no blankets or anything, it’s hot. You always like to be outside of the blankets. I’ve come to the conclusion. The canvas is the male version ofdown comforter. You hear that you have this cutter. Why don’t you make us up somedown comforters? I want that on my bed. That would actually be pretty cool. All right. You heard us, that’s our request. It’s awesome that keeps you cool. It really does and it keeps it dry, it’s it’s super nice and as hot as it is like that’s my number one thing: we usually sleep with the room like ice cold. It’s it’s cold for a lot of people when they come to our house. I think, but I’ve gotten used to it, and we also we sleep with the ceiling fan on too so we’re used to cold and the last three nights it has been far from cold last night was the better night by far yeah out of all of them. It was real, but hopefully up here on the mountain that would be a little bit better, but anyway we just picked up our client. He has his uncle with him yep and where are they from north dakota, north dakota they’re from north dakota?

So, oh, we got a car, that’s just feeling brave. I hate this highway. This always has really bad wrecks on it. We’re getting ready to uh, go through colorado city colorado city and stroll through there. Yeah fredonia go on a little tour all the way. First, we got ta go through pipe springs and we got some things to do and we’re doing it real, quick. We got ta grab some more camping gear from tj’s. Oh, we tj has a shop, and so we store a lot of gear over in tj shop. That way, it’s on this side of the and then we sourced up in st george as well. So the problem is, we don’t have everything we need in st george, so tj’s got a little bit extra we’re going to grab for his voice. I want to buy property where tj lives me too. That would be awesome. Actually wasn’t there a property you were talking to me about that. You wanted to show me yeah, we’ll, go look at it yeah. We want to be snapping up some property right now. We’ve been looking getting that’s what we’re doing y’all. It has not been a very eventful time, yet it’s just gearing up to be even full. Let’s hope seem like nice guys. I love when we get awesome clients, it’s so fun, because generally we make friends like lifetime. Friends, each a group of clients that we come into contact with, so I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve had nothing but good clients yeah. He had like most of his clients will text him and call him just even to this day which, if you have been a past client of mine and they’re , now a friend and I don’t reach out enough. I apologize care about all you guys.

You guys are all friends, I consider you friends and I had a lot of fun with you and one day we’re going to slow our schedule down so we’re starting to get ready for you, guys, seriously, , so It’s just a little bodywork. We got her fixed she’s, already pulled out, I’m standing here. Looking at the thing, I’m like that’s a big old gap. What the heck did you hit something? I don’t think I can’t even make it that straight yep he did hit. Something was that us, though, because it kind of looks like rust is on there, but then it does kind of like a fresh scratch too way to go there right now: hey dimitrI uh! How much money did you win off that we have made it guys? Camp is all set up and we are in for a fun time, I’m excited and guess what it is not as hot I’m sure you will all be pleased to know that considering that’s been like every update that we talk about is how hot it is. You satisfied it’ll do it’ll, do never satisfied. I like it, there’s a nice breeze through the trees. We got good, shade, yeah everything’s all set up yes and we’re getting ready to go and check some cameras. I believe it’s a beautiful morning opening day look at that sunrise coming in hot and it will be hot eventually feels great right. Now, though

What’s happening guys, it is opening day of our kayab hunt and it has been an awesome morning, see lots ofdeer and now we’re getting some water filling it up. I bet you can’t guess what we’re going to do with it yeah. I feel it we’re going to spill, some of it and take it back it’s to be so heavy. How are you going to do it? I’m questioning the strength, sorry about that check this out. This isn’t far from camp, so we can come and wash our hands. If we want, I got the hookup, I am going to partake and washing my hands and you are not supposed to wash your clothes or your dishes. I’m going to put some water out. There’s a hole there. This is the one I will carry. I want to feel like I’m being helpful. He wants you guys to do five, jumping jacks and a cartwheel when you get there. It’s the obstacle course look at that crap. That is no bueno. I was just like how dry that is dry as a boundary. The bugs got the notice.

Oh I’m glad you saw that somebody would have had to get wet yeah a couple mice, two mice, three mice, oh gross soup. We got a nice soup here, get it nice and clean for the deer. Okay, I know that’s what I was just looking at all right, so we are putting some water in this little guzzler for the deer because, as you saw, it was bone dry and I don’t know when the last time this place got rain. Have you do you? Remember anybody saying the last time there was rain bed in a while. It’s been a long time, it’s so dry and it’s so hot they’re . All going to be real thankful to have a drink and there’s a lot of deer around here too. So hopefully, we’ll get somethingrounded up get a good drink before wetake our turn.

What did you see? We took off across the canyon and ran up the other side, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to get back in the truck. We’re going to loop around and we’re going to walk out that other finger see if we can catch him feeding out on it. Noise. Oh yeah he’s a big yeah, I’m down um. We are on day two of our kayab hunt, we’re checking on our water that we set up yesterday blind it’s all here, hasn’t left. Can you hear that thunderstorm? I might be love quiet. I can’t really tell how dark that cloud is start. We’re supposed to get 55 chance of rain tomorrow, which is kind of a mixed blessing, because it makes it less opportunistic to sit on water, but still it would have to rain quite a bit. It’s dry got it got it [, Music, ]. Now we’re going to go back to camp and check them and take a nap, oh and cut your hair, which is a definite must on the list of things to do.

We had an awesome morning. We saw tons of deer, got a bunch of stalks in um. Great good, good deer: it’s kept everything in high spirits, lots of action, all right, we’re going back to camp we’re on the evening hunt second day. We got this massive rain out of nowhere. So we will not becomplaining about heat or water anymore in this episode, but look at what we found look at this. I dare somebody to climb that sucker, that’s higher than that who the hell would do that that’s higher than that tree yeah, apparently Would that be for, like fire spotting, I don’t know, could be back in the day. Yeah you got this. No do not three points of contact check ourinsurance policy. First, please! Oh, my hell, man, that’s nuts, all right! We just dropped jared and eric their name is rhyme, so we can’t forget jerick and eric jeric and they are putting a stock on some deer. Finally, tonight has been the slowest night and we really didn’t expect it. We thought with it being overcast, it rained pretty hard yeah. It rained way hard. You guys saw all that waterand it was dry as a bonebefore that.

So we thought that get up moving over here, but they did no and also there’s been lots of pressure and traffic on the roads. And tonight it’s like nobody yeah, not very many people came out so we’re just sitting here in the truckwaiting for the guys to get back so watching for deer. We got given a new test piece from qu nobody’s seen this yet and we’re testing it out. It’s the new qu cup. Oh it’s! Okay, come on strap there. They need to work on their strapping system, guys with uh, bigger, lower sections longer straps, but it’s great for protection. Honestly, I don’t know what you need protecting it for, but it’s protected turn from the side and show them how well it’s built. I mean honestly like right: that’s protection knock on wood. Oh my god. Are you serious yeah he’s like? I really need to fix yeah, but I do you really need to fix it, because yeah you’re just going to keep breaking it breaking it in breaking it in yeah. That looks like it’s see. This is what the queue cuts for if you’re pulling out a stick and it slips I’m protected yeah. That is what it’s for getting clean, washing up best way. Nature’s the shower nature shower all the water’s pulling up in that middle. It feels good. I was so stinking hot. You want me to push it nice ben, who cut your hair, this guy you’re good at that self.

Oh, my god! This is awesome! Hell yeah! I did it with my beard. Trimmer, I’m going to wash my hair out here. Actually stop down and see if we can use those showers. I look like I’ve been outside for a while and the charcoal dirt. We did need it. The buck that we were hunting yesterday, we found out is still alive. So that’s good news. We just weren’t able to get our eyes on it on him yet, but we know he probably is in the vicinity, but there was another guy that killedthis morning, so we’re kind of backing out for a minute and checking out a couple. Other deer that we have on our hit list, so that’s how it’s doing you want to talk, run we’re hunting and we’re going to go. Do laundry later, it’s so fun! All right see you later

What up guys what is today day, four yep. So today’s day, four evening hunt and we’re out glass and we justwe’re seeing a donut pond, that’s about it. Oh yeah brit’s seen some too and I just don’t even know what to say right now so anyways we got jerick and eric over here on the other side, glass, jericho and eric glassen uh. This draw and me and brett have been over here, glossing this one, but it’s still pretty early in the afternoon, and it’s pretty warm so everything’s still kind of holding tight in these bowls, butwe’re going to start working some of these canyons and see what We can pull up. Hopefully we can get some good bucks on video or even get a shot, we’ll uh, let you know, show them the sky. I love pre-summer storms, it’s like so I don’t know it’s still great. I love it. Here comes jerk and eric right. There derek clerk, you think they’re twins, but they’re , not so all right, let’s uh, let’s go find a deer to kill.

We’ve seen some good deer this year on this side, just a couple studs, but it’s archery and it’s fit so we’ll just keep going at it. Till it works outgood morning, guys hi, we’re on day five we’re set up here, glossing sun’s just starting to come up. We’ve got a couple little bucks over here to our left right now across the canyon. Here I’m watching a uh, a doe in a coyote, a coyote just wants to lay down and relax and the doe’s not letting it it keeps chasing it all over this hillside. I think he just finally had enough and he ran up over the top and now the doe’s walking back to her phone. I got a new phone. I got the new 11 pro max and now I don’t have my scope. Cam adapter oh hold on you’re back. It’s been a while, since I talked to you guys last had a bunch of stuff going making noise below me. That’s why I had to get off the video really quick. Since then, we’ve moved spots and uh, we found one of the big bucks and a couple other bucks that we’ve been looking for. The problem is, it’s super super thick, so I’ve been trying to keep on them and keep the tabs on them and jerick’s down here, but we had him close, just no shooting no shooting through all this stuff. You can see it gets thick, [ Applause ].

So we just popped out: I’m going back down right now to meet jerick and we got eric and brick coming. They’re going to come down and pick us up. We just popped out of this big canyon,nice buck. I just don’t know he’s got to give us some opportunity. I don’t know how to kill him in this stuff. When we can’t uh, we can’t gloss him up, but we’ll keep trying, hopefully something’ll pan outall right guys. Our hunter had to take his uncle backto the airport, so we are out running around in the middle of the day.checking some waters and cameras, and you will remember this water that we set up. Wewe brought in a bunch of water for it um. I think it was day two or something like that, but just not come back what that buck has not come back yeah, so we’re going to move it we’re going to move this we’re pulling this blind, put it on and down yeah somebody was using it you’re .

Welcome, whoever it was that used the blind, we’re glad we could help you josh was saying that there is water still, but like hardly any, which is crazy because of how much it’s rained uh. I would assume that there’d be a little more water plus what we’ve seen come in here. It hasn’t been anything but little doughs and bucks right, I mean little dozen fonts. I can’t read this lots of dozen poems. I got it I’ll, carry it so onward honored, and this morning I was just going to say – tell them about this morning, because this morning we were busy. We were all on different points andbrit glassed up the spot that she made was absolutely unreal. You can ask the other guy that was sitting on the hill with us for another outfit andjerick and eric this the what she the way she spotted this buck. It was just, it was pretty damn lucky, not a girl, it was just my color. We got eric for jerry all the way in got him to 50 yards and the buck just wasn’t having it. He didn’t stand. He didn’t give him opportunity to come out like a bullet and he just ran as far as we could yeah, but big clock.

Big big buck 190 plus typical, oh yeah, and he’s beautiful. We got a little bit of footage that, hopefully we can zoom in on and show him well actually. Hopefully, we’ll just show him a picture of himwith the hunter, the lucky hunter. That’s the goal! Right yeah and it is hot again it’s hot and it’s cold, it’s hot and it’s cold. Yesterday I had a long sleeve in a jacket and today I’m sweating my butt off all right. Let’s go where to put the keys same place every time I know. Oh, you got one of your favorite little creatures. Bryndling would be so excited, look how cute he is so cute. You are, I can’t see your face. Oh, is you dropping? Oh, hang on there buddy hang on. He was like his legs. You got a buddy he’s going to sleep. How cute you




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