Kaibab Archery Mule Deer 2020 Part Two Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer – Part 2

Mule deer hunting in AZ 2020 Kaibab Archery Hunt

I got some a major hat head going on shower time, we’re heading to the showers. It’s been a week, it’s time. Yes, it is. It feels so goodgetting a shower after you’ve been out for so long, but I actually really enjoy not having a shower tip and not having to pick out clothes or do anything else. That’s over exerting things like that right. I know what I’m going to wear every single day and I don’t even have to think about it: wake up put it on yep good thing about hunting yeah, it’s two dollars and twenty-five cents at the campground to shower so the door’s closed. I’m going to anywho, it’s yeah, there’s showers down at a campground that we’re going to drive into still seems kind of and get scrubbed up and then come back and it looks like it might rain again. So we have a little afternoon. I don’t know it. Siesta depends on what the day brings, but it has been a quieter day on the mountain. A lot of people have gone home today is day four where in the afternoon, obviously, would you like to highlightthe folks at home? It’s been fun, seeing lots of deer putting in a few stocks on some stud bucks. I feel like a new person like a new man. I like it. Oh my gosh, it’s crazy, like you actually feel lighter yeah. The breeze actually feels cooler like. I actually feel the breeze on my skin. Now, yes, I know it doesn’t wet hair, oh showers, in the mountains they’re . So wonderful! Now we’re going to go back. What is it it’s? 2. 20

So we have about two hours, so we need to leave yep perfect and tomorrow or the next day, one of these days we’re going to try to do some laundry so we’ll have clean clothes, and I guess this whole shower thing. Josh didn’t know anything about. I had no clue, I always assumed you had to be staying at the rv park to use the showers, but I saw that first thing and I’m like okay, we got showers good to know now we’re set up now I really like our camp spot. He used to drive clear back to fredonia and shower at his friend’s house. Look at all those good deeds. I do for you all right, we’ll see you guys a little bit going to tear you up. I just got ta get the feel of these bags. He just needs to fill the bag whoa. It went in taking a little intermission today to play some cornhole. I got a ringer. I need a white cloth, I’m sitting back and relaxing

What is up you guys. We have been slacking on our morning, videos, but we have been super busy and having lots of stuff going on yeah. It’s just beenwe’re more focused on killing deer than grabbing the phone and videoing it, which we should get a little tiny bit better about. We just got a call from a hunter and uh. He was able to find our buck again he’s on it. Good lord. We couldn’t find him this morning. We got him on him. We got him in the right area. Now we’re going to go sit up above and hopefully either turn him up ahead of him and work him in or just have him keep doing what we have him doing and see if the everything aligns I think he’s going to be able to get on him.

The plan’s been working so far, so we’re going to stick to it and try not to kind of get in the way a little bit, plus we’re trying not to tip anybody else off this to where we’re hunting so, yes and you’re getting away. I think that a publicacknowledgement of my correctness is due all right all right. I owe her an apology like seven times, because I’ve been right. She was right this morning, she’s like well what if we went right back to where he was last night and I’m like god, I don’t know, I don’t think it’s worth it because he bumped him out of there last night just before dark and I’m like. I think he’s going to be close to there and I think we need to do this this and this around there, and we did that that and that he wasn’t there.

So jerick went right back to where he bumped in last night. He’s there sucka was it so bad? I apologize. Oh, I love it again. Thank you, she’s! Actually pretty smart. When it comes to me older, I’m actually pretty smart, we really do and she’s she’s right. She said, I think, we’re overthinking it. I think we’re giving this deer too much credit all right, guys, we’re heading to go glass and uh, hopefully get a great phone call. That says he found him and he’s down and he died like 20 yards from where he hit him. Best case scenario he’s on his last a little bit of hope. He’s got to leave in the morning. He has a flight out, so that’s our last chance. So that’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen that before yeah wow, the skill , you’re , mating, so you good morning good morning. It’s a really good morning, I’m so excited we are making big progress on our deer. We’ve seen him, but somebody else has seen him and now we’re trying to figure out how to hunt him without pushing him andbefore they can kill him before they can. But I think they kind of gave up, because I haven’t seen them in a while – that’s kind of what I’m thinking too. Well, we got j, we got jared set up and uh. Hopefully everything comes together yeah. How long ago was it? We saw him about two hours ago, two hours ago, yeah.

So that is what we’re doing. It is saturday saturday, it’s saturday. So there’s a lot of people up here. Wow lots of people came up just to camp, so you’ve got that traffic and then you’ve got lots of hunters as well, so we’re working with that challenge. Yeah um, but it’s fun. This is my first timebesides hunting with josh on the kayak, and this is a big deal yeah. I hope to get her done real soon. Yeah my brain’s going a million miles an hour right now. Sorry guys, I’m not uh. It’s all good I’ll, entertain. All right guys, hopefully the next time you see my face. I got a deer in front of you, so we’re at a campground. That’s just up the road from us, and this is the show. Oh, it’s finally done. I knew it was going to break. Eventually, it’s beenin pieces just about falling each time.

We’ve been here so see yeah. It is a shower something to be grateful for, butI wear shoes in there and try not to touch too much stuff. Look at my face. I guarantee I could look at my hand. I just did like a pre-scrub, I’m so dirty. There are some people that would never even be able to tolerate this amount of dirt yeah. Thank god for the shower, and that’s crazy, because we’ve had showers in between yeah. You know: there’s we’ve been out in the street before . Where did your sponge go? I got a lot easier: oh my god, , true . It’s warm outside today, okay, sunburned right there. Of course, sit here and wait for more quarters.



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