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Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Grocery shopping for the Kaibab pun starts tomorrow. We leave today good all that non backpack food guys here we go. It is the start of Arizona’s archery season 2017. We are on the Kaibab, we’ve got friend, ear, Frank he’s the lucky one with the bow and the tag this year and we’ve been Glasson since the Sun was coming up and we got a pretty good group of bucks out here. One really really nice four point that we’re going to put a stock on see if we can make something happen, fingers crossed Frank and shoots so we’re money.

Let’s, let’s see we’re going to sneak down in this hole and we’ll keep you posted seeing a bit. So we’re back to camp we’re getting some breakfast going here: bacon and some bacon and eggs so figured show you guys how camps kind of set up over there buddy his camp nice pretty spot here on the Kaibab. Seeing a lot of deer. We put that stock on a nice 180 class typical yesterday morning last night seen a bunch more get bucks and this morning was a little slow, but there’s a lot more people out today, so it’ll die off after tomorrow. Everybody will go home, go to work and we’ll just keep hammering it. They will shooting today, do a little bit better job recording middle of the day, fun here, we’re walking around finding cow, pies and old wood and chipmunks to shoot running.

Oh I’m going to tell you that 82. I got 82 383, okay, . So we had a few bucks. Cuts are here watching tree, stand right, underneath them and I’ll be sitting across the canyon over on the other hillside wash fingers crossed. I don’t do Heights very well, so I’m letting these boys handle it, I’m more of a ground blind kind of guy. This is a spot. I think we’ll be able to do this with quite a bit more in the future, too. Just need to get a couple. Trees too, what’s up guys good morning, we it’s the morning after set in that tree stand and we got Frank in it. He’s been in it for about an hour and a half now waiting for the Sun to come up. We’re set up here across from him and we’re just going to go out and watch and hopefully watch it all go down.

So it’s about 6 o’clock right now since horizon starting to light up and shooting me long so HI guys. So we got Frank in the tree stand again this morning, we’re out here. Sorry, I got jabe actually just come up behind jab another guy. We got guys with us, but we got Frank in the tree stone this morning: so anyways. We got we’re out scouting glossing some painting and see if we can find something to maybe put afternoon stock on. Why he’s sitting in the tree? Hopefully he kills some intrigue but anyways, so we’re out just glass and checking some spots this morning and running to Tyne. Just now and his client and she shot something so we’re going to drive down here real quick and see what she poked and hopefully get back up on this Ridge and turn something up. I just found out there’s some guys pushing the bottom or so. If, if they’re going straight up the middle, we should see some stuff come out besides, she made a killer, shot, just drilled him this job. Thank you, ty, laying him down all right guys.

What’s up so it’s day, seven we’re winding down tomorrow’s tomorrow morning’s his last day and we’re late morning right now, we’ve been to a few spots and sat, he says, stand no luck. We got quite a bit of rain last night, but what we got here, we’re going to try something a little unorthodox where we’re going for it on. Fourth, we got a bunch of aspen saplings down here in the bottoms. I’m going to put Frank down here on the with the wind and I’m going to go clear to the top over there, and I’m just going to push him nice and slowly and see if we can get something to funnel down in front of him. It’s a long shot with a bow, but there’s nothing else. We can do everything’s in that stuff right now and you can’t shoot in it. You can’t so our best bet is to try to get him out of it. So here we go what’s up guys.

So here we go last evening at the the hunting out here on the Kaibab. I’m going to hit a new spa and a little lower seat. The deer moving we’ve noticed everything’s rubbing, so we’re going to check some stuff out and see what we can come up with it’s tonight and tomorrow morning and then we are done on the Kaibab I’ll go home for one day and then turn around and head down And do some OTC stuff in Arizona for seven days and then come back and I will have five days left of my tag to get done so lost pressure. But since the season got a guide to make money, so I can go hunting so dude we got ta do alright, guys we are done on the Kaibab after eight days straight of hunting hard. He just couldn’t get it done. We had some shots. We had some opportunities, they just didn’t pan out.

So a couple of giants this morning put a move on them same thing. Just didn’t pan out its archery hunting had a lot of fun make made some new friends will definitely be hunting with those guys again. I promise you that, hopefully in the near future, it will be over in Cali, but next year, hunting, pigs and black tail so going home. Now it’s about well, it’s got one o’clock Friday afternoon been it’s been a long eight days nine days I’ll have the rest of today to clean up, put all my stuff away, repack wash my clothes and then I’ll have tomorrow home with my wife and kids, and Then early early Sunday morning I am leaving again head down south southern Arizona to do another deer hunt and then, when I get back – and this is an eight-day hunt, so 10 days totals what its going to turn tell. But when I get back, I will leave and finish out. Hopefully they’ll get 5 days left on my archery tag on the oak, ribs, so not ideal, but money is unfortunately needed to do what we’re doing and make money right now, this time years guiding.

So I got to take everything I can get he I wish I could just huh tough this time. Yours tough, so here we go. We’re going to go home, see the life of kids and then do it again see you guys in a bit.


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