Kaibab Early Mule Deer 2020! Antler Trader (Guide Life)

Kaibab Early Mule Deer 2020! Antler Trader (Guide Life)

Hey, guys here we are, we are on the kebab and it is fall, but feels like summer still it’s. Actually. It feels really nice. Today, I’m not complaining at all um. It’s I think. Before we be started coming up the mountain, it was about 80., so I’m guessing it’s about 70 and it’s beautiful and we’ve got such a perfect camp spot. I’m pretty excited about this camp spot because long long ago, when our kids were little before we started guiding and stuff, we would come up here with friends and we all had camp trailers and we’d all drag them up here and spend pretty much every weekend up At this camp, spotrunning from st georgie and my kids were probably like six seven years old, and so this should be pretty fun. This is cool and something really cool about it is this swing Josh and um. Scott set this up all those years ago, and it’s still here and looks like it’s probably somewhat sturdy, still beinglike 10 to 12 years old, something like that uh, it’s still there so should be fun. We’ve got clients coming in the next couple of days andwe’re actually early, which is great. I love being ahead of time. We’re able to take our time and get the camp all set up.

Were going to go. Do some scouting and tomorrow we’re going to go pick up, groceries and yeah pretty excited. We got some good deer up here, so this will be a super fun hunt and actually the weather is supposed to get a little cooler in the coming days, which will be in our favor for sure Joshua’s setting up a tent. Would you like to be, say HI what up I am documenting? I need to get my clothes changed. I got the city people’s clothes on so that we can start getting these set up um. How many tents do we have set up right now, just watching us right now we’re just doing one we’ll do the rest of them tomorrow: okay, cool!

So we’re just going to set up our one and to spend the rest of the day having fun in the hills feels great up here, I’m like in heaven. I posted something on my Instagram story, the other day is, where Josh and I were hunting, see. If I can get in the without a big old shadow,Josh and I have been huntingin Utah, and we just decided to kind of keep that one. We didn’t video a whole lot and we just kept that onefun where we just went out – and we didn’t worry too much about documenting, but we just got back from that and it was 90 degrees yesterday on the mountain.

So this is some beautiful, beautiful weather, I’m very thankful for it, but time to get busy. perfect, all right, that’s fun! We just went and checked for some deer this morning. Real fast turn that down a little bit got some coffee at the littleJacobs lake lodge. There are so many people up here already, it’s crazy. I know that there’s a lot of people that are coming up edge belts. The wind is starting to pick up. Actually and it’s getting a little bit colder, we can’t have campfires, I’m totally bummed about that. Are we got chef, a corn on the grill tonight, jalapeno brats, cheddar, jalapeno, brats, oops, yum sweet and then what are you going to put beans with it? Yes, nice, and this isthe food area, we’re loaded up man, we’re going to , be eating good feeding these hunters.

Well, that’s going to heat up everything for us, yeah all set jalapeno and cheddar. You say oh yum, that sounds good and then oh jalapeno, you and my engine are going to have to share I’m not sharing a tent with you. You can sleep with landon. Actually we got two extras right now, so we’re good. We can all have our own tent all right. I got this a little food area, somewhat organized it’s still kind of haphazard. We got our little coffee area plates and cups and chips and paper all towels of stuff. We are eating good, we’re going to feed these hunters well, howdy doody. I hate when I always forget that the window makes a lot of noise and then we get home and I’m like you can’t even hear me anyways uh. Here, we are on the what we have like three two or three days before this hunt and the. I’ve mentioned that already in this episode, but we are heading out to go.

Look for some deer on the kayak, I’m so excited. This was the finest time we’ve done so far this year, so I’m kind of like looking forward to seeingprogress in the deer and we had some big bucks. So I want to snack one of those with our client yeah we’re excited and all the fall leaves feels like fall more up here. I think oh yeah, like yesterday, yeah it was hot. Today it was super hot, but this feels a little bit more folly. I got the coat out and I need a little bit of that fall kind of spirit to help raise my spirits. I literally, I decorated the house for Halloween. I wasn’t going to because I literally have had no time, but I had to do it to keep my spirits up. So our house is all decorated and cute and we already were enjoying it, but I didn’t to keep spirits happy because 20 20

Thats because we’re in the mountains, though – and there is nothing in the world no other place – I would rather be this – is where you can let all that go up, and we got lots of friends up here, so we’re able to stop at their camps and visit And play cornhole, and you know catch up and to hear each other’s freaking stories. Its hilarious. We actually really need to set the camera up and just have these conversations we’re going to . Do that we’re going to do it. We’ve already talked about it. We are yes, our friends. Would you guys listen to that, I’m sure he would and it’s going to be interesting. We’re going to just it’s going to be raw and real man, and we are going to . Tell you exactly how and everything else, not just guys. That’s going to be sure. That’s going to be some of the stuff we’ve got. I swear to god, like being a woman on thesehunting treads. Its really fun the perspective that is you can take from it, but they have more drama all day than women. Its ridiculous: it’s ridiculous! I’m just like sitting there watching it like! Oh, good, lord. We should video this like this. This would capture a nation all of the craziness that goes on, and the fun stories of crazy stories like how lucky you can get. I mean every single hunting. Time has a story, and it’s it never goes like just seamless.

Never, there’s always something crazy. That happens, but I love that, because it’s so fun to be able to share those stories with us, your friends and a lot of us that are veryactive andhunting a lot. Its crazy. Some of the stories that, like we, have experienced some of the same things like getting stuck in the mud and you know all the crazy stuff – that’s happened to us over the years. Its crazy good times, good times. I love it. I’m happy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m grateful to be an American, and now I’m going to go look for deer. We’re going to go down in class. It is so freaking beautiful here. Oh, my gosh, all the trees are in different colors, the back.

Whats up guys hi, it’s windy as today we’re on the kaibab early rifle hunt and landon over here and his client just smoked a stud box. So we’re going to we’re going to hop down here and help him pack it out and then we’re going to try to find mike here. Another stud we almost had one opening day, but this box horn is almost as big as his name’s Charlie broke. The ice got two more tags. Hopefully, tomorrow will be on fire fingers crossed let’s get down here and show you guys whoo catch that breath. Congrats bro. Thank you.

How’s the stud congrats landon yeah, pretty much straight up the left, . You keepnice job dude, don’t tell anybody we snuck over to 13b right. Oh, my gosh, I’m so happy for you. What an awesome deer during the archery hunt. Its crazy! I actually had jared 50 yards from him on opening day, damn man, and then he was in the he was in the aspens and just bolted didn’t give us a shot. Nothing did that. Give you some motivation, jim hell, yeah motivation to get a different guys the one we’re hunting is like that. I mean he’s everybody.

So we got Kevin fujimoto here, just whacked a giant on an early kayab tag. Yeah, we got snow, but it’s still October – and you know, let’s hear a little bit about your age Kevin yep, been a member for six years or since it opened since it opened yeah and it was a haunted lifetime for me. Never expected anything this big and would have been happy with just an everyday average. Four-Pointer got this one. We outdid ourselves, yeah just an awesome camp guides. It was just a fun hunt, appreciate everything for zero guide fees biggest buck. You ever get the biggest buck ever come hunt with age and we’ll kill your biggest buck. stop looking for deer this morning and I look out the window, find me a roadie. Look at that right.

There, nice four points: horn, oh heck, yeah, good, four: point: horn: oh yeah! We, like them, roadies the other one right here somewhere, don’t see it right here, but we’re going to mark this and we’re going to come back and look for more , oh heck, yeah big old baobab buck. Now we need to find the buck and it is as chubby as the other one. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So landon decided to go to town with eric, so we’re going to mess with them a little bit on a hunt day. We decided to to take his starter fuse out. I was going to unhook the battery, but I thought no, that’s too obvious if he pops a hood so now, let’s start fuse out and we’re just going to sit back and laugh and let him get pissed off and try to figure out what the hell is Going on with his truck some make fun of him for buying a Toyota when he should have bought a Ford. That’s right, some diy screw with your buddy uh, helping yeah! That’s what you get for going to town, it’s great! Oh! He broke your head yep for sure. Well, don’t have too much fun! Good luck! What your truck! What what the you do! Never left me: stranded, you’re , going to push start it everywhere. You go! You got power but like usually, if your battery’s dead, that drops working yeah because I was trying to deal with the clutch before, but usually that’ll drop. If your battery’s yeah, it’s almost like my starters, unhooked.

Okay, starter! Well, that’s me. I’m kidding. How can you even find in this tight little bastard yeah yeah dude? That thing is stuffed in there. Well, that doesn’t look right! Oh! Oh! You see the picture. What’s missing right. There looks like your starter: he is You can’t take electrical out of an electrician’s truck and not expecting to figure it out. That’s the only thing I know what was wrong. there’s nowhere; , ; it’s a shooter, he’s up on the top he’s on the ridge, oh nicely done as always. Good job boys now we’re headed to st George for a little bit all right, guys. Oh, we are heading out and this is nine days of no shower, and I bet you cannot guess what I want to do. First thing: I’m going to take a shower and it’s going to be a long one. I think this is the longest I’ve ever gone, but it’s how long have you taken? How long have you 12 13 days? No, it’s not mine. Oh, I bet you skunked anyway. Were on our way to st George, we’re going to take a pit. Stop doing all our laundry clean everything, because this place was a total disaster on our stuff and then it’s 13 13b


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