Kaibab Early Rifle Mule Deer Hunt Episode#11!! Antler Trader

Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

What’s up guys so here we are opening day opening morning of the early tibe, a price for hot, and we had two clients take it to clients with me on this hunt and we’re working back to the truck. Now we’ve been out it’s about eleven o’clock. I’ve been out since you sign up seen the law to deer. So far, just nothing, nothing! What we’re after yeah but we’re not worried.

We’re just getting started heck it’s opening morning be about half hour 45 minutes. We should be back to camp see, you guys have camp set up and what we got going and then hopefully build the record a lot more on this hunt, as opposed to last prior hits, but yeah we’ll keep logs. Keep you guys informed. What’s going on so seen a bit third one hI guys here we go! We’ve got third morning in the hunt and we’ve seen four deer so far this morning, two of them being doze human being bucks, and we got this one. I swore I mean this: the stud he’s nice pretty typical. He just dropped the hammer on him. He didn’t go, maybe 50 yards piled up. Don’t worry about this. I once I go there and get you coming up on him see face.

Oh yeah he’s a nice four he’s a solid four he’s, not a barely four nice. Pretty four he’s really symmetrical. I mean I’m going to put a tape on him and I’m pretty sure almost everything’s going to be within a quarter inches at the very most [ Music ], pretty sunrise, coming up behind you here, Josh from ASG. Thank you. You will. Thank you man. That’s a nice deer, beautiful 22 inches wide. Well, you wanted the score. You didn’t want the widest. Well, then, you don’t usually use the teeth anyways when they do it. It’s all!

Oh nice roots more questions you what’s up guys, so here we go day. Five morning day, five landon spotted us a couple bucks over here we’ve been sitting in class in this burning. Landon just bought us three bucks over here up at the top and so we’re taking off after them right now. Here we go, I’m not sure you can see this or not, but we literally have a rainbow. It’s not much of one, but it is a rainbow. Is really trucks out somewhere and where we lost these blocks out there from all the way up, this big mountain here hit this raise your racket we’re going way up to there and then we’re going to go down that Ridge and hopefully to that point right there

And have at least a shot on this fogs finally went dinner. Well, we just worked all the way up that ridge right there cleared from the bottom, but we worked all the way up that ridge right. There can’t see it in the fog boom and all the way over the backside cleared that back hill over there, and then we shot all the way up and dropped all the way down. They gave us the slip some time in within that fog, landing and Greg. Couldn’t see him anymore and they slipped out underneath there somehow not quite sure how I think they just weren’t done moving.

I think they were still working their way down we’re going to head off right now. There’s a patch of trees down here, we’re going to go hit that trees hit that patch of trees and then we’re going to hit the road meet up with Landon and Greg and then just drive road see if they’re crossed, but we’re probably five miles from the Road right now, so I going to take a minute but oh well, it’s all downhill now! Well, this hike hasn’t been a total waste. So we’ve been dropping off off this finger right here and we got trees on both sides.

So I figure, let’s see what we can jump out of them, and I just spotted this year and it looks pretty big, a real typical, oh yeah, that right there hold that’s big typical. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you golden crack, but we’ll take it. Let’s first shed on this side of the mountain, and indeed you’ve been finding a cup of small ones here in here, but nothing for me yeah until then we’re still a little too high. You





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