Kaibab Late Rifle Mule Deer Hunt 2017 Antler Trader

Late Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

Alright guys, what’s going on here, sorry, I’m going to . Do video hope you guys don’t mind. I got video camp, so here we are.

We got camp set up its opening day, kya Bab late, rifle 12 be West hunt and day after Thanksgiving and figured I’d. Show you guys what we have for camp set up here. Kodiak set up black nax guys are staying in at the cook tent over here or set up for cooking a lot of a lot of BS and goes on in there off fishing stories. Even though we’re hunting land and set up over here, we got Mike out over here in his fifth wheel, Mike’s are cooked first camper, it’s not my bad, so there it is guys. This morning, we’ve seen a bunch deer, nothing we’re looking for yet, but ruts kicking off hard, and hopefully here in a couple days, we’ll have some weather moving in get rid of this hot dry temperature, so stay tuned seeing a bit. This is what we’re dealing with on this huh 75 degrees.

Can you believe that it’s November, the end of November Thanksgiving was two days ago yeah, so that makes hunting running deer really hard. Somebody didn’t push record on getting this tree drug over here. I’ve cut up and broke a bunch of it already, but pulled it over here at the rover. Well firewood all night. Now it’s dinner time! Oh look! It’s the guy that didn’t push record! Well, we got Mike oh yeah. Here’s some sloppy joes like extra sloppy! Oh yeah time to eat, I love when they show up in camp with extras, not broken. It’s not like a wooded score. Landon 92 inch, typical 4.1 giant, shut up you’re about the only person that can say that . I know he’s 40, but I’ve never held a 40 inch er before you know, he’s got to be the god, be 40 inches wide service. Oh no, no ! This thing is huge. It’s got points everywhere, just wait till you see them.

I was all sorts excited, they’re , so stinking big dock two days later, cuz about March and April they’re dropping you know, let’s go find the Browns going to be bigger. Next year we go back in there. Looking for his Browns and three days after I picked up 300 inch said, I picked up a 220 buck that was Browns. Brown could be right, the same little area that was 44 inches away. It’s just a absolute giant and they’re both seriously a mile off the oil back he’s going out, and so I stayed the bottom stayed in the bottom and we’re walking down the red zone. Congrats. Thank you and no hike back up on top hi.

What’s up guys, it is morning number morning number four and John here just whacked us god . I just got big frame with some cheaters on it and we went for a little hike to try to find him and couldn’t turn him up. So we looped all the way around and come back up on top of the finger that he was on and we caught him. He had about 10-15 dough’s with him right in there caught him cross in this big old Canyon. Eye range, and one thing: that’s at 4:37: it was 4:30, something John didn’t have the best rest, but he had a. He had a good enough for us to make the shot count and just dumped him. He put two shots in and we’re just thinking watching and making sure he’s 100 % dead.

Before we go around John here’s, the like, I said, John’s, do a guy one year. This is first year as a zero guys. Remember how many years have you been putting in for Arizona deer, so 19 points he’s been putting it for 32 years 19 points first year, zero guy fee member and he draws and just killed an absolute buck of a lifetime. This buck is awesome, John’s walking up to him. Yes, look at that rock. Do you? That’s a stud zhuge IV baby Jean putting the hammer down with the six five 300 leatherby man, I’m impressed with that caliber. Look at those faces guards extra! Oh! Well! We got him all loaded up everybody’s, giving me crap last night saying this is the the grocery getter for the soccer mom rig the rover here, and I guess you know part of it is true. It is the grocery getter. We got the deer back there all, but this is the first North American Land Rover to have a folder in the back of it. You ain’t going to see this and Beverly Hills or in a mall. That’s right. The grocery getter right there packing groceries you!

What’s up guys so it’s morning, number five day after we just killed my buck and we just killed another one and turned up a bike this morning and there after another, big deer that I found. Also it’s cool buck. Big bucks looks like a whites all on one side in the mule deer, on the other. What they did take yeah Congrats Wow feel whitetail like buck on one side, , always nice to come up on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Don’t flash your brown to cool bug, wonder what deer shed that is, that we just killed huh hell yeah, we’ll take that we’re almost to the boys now so they’re coming down the canyon right, they’re coming off on them now playing what probably flashes Brown hell! Yeah dude yeah for buck on congrats man, Congrats for grads boys second thoughts. My morning, the same goddamn judge that I have now. I know you won’t have any mercy on me. She told me come round here: James, like I don’t need this coke

Oh god, that’s a no such thing as going to do crown bro me and hard liquor. Don’t agree no way and I just watched a really free me but come running up over the top of the ridge, so I figure I’ve got my video Cameron. I figure walk over here and see if I could get on him, but there’s too many trees. I did bust them and they went off running through the trees right here, but it’s on the shed, so that makes it worth it right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Extra eye guard bat, bladed eye guard last year’s horn sitting out here in the wide open appreciate. I just match this up. It’s smaller year, yeah way, smaller got the same, build same look hi! There’s two show. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just got done tracking that buck had two options. He could have gone right on the fence and I probably would have ended up seeing him because the trees opened up a lot more and gets bigger, pretty sparse. But he took a hard left and jumped the fence and went deeper into the trees. But I got no shed right there and there’s the rover whole bunch of little guys. There’s the rover right.

There, no date, the office, how you’re killing giant bucks Bruce just hammered us Doug, so we’re hiking down to where we park here go check him out. We good mr Rich Church here to save the day, all right here we go walking up to the kill, got the whole crew here: yeah. I heard all right, he’s, video, honest age-appropriate, that little girl over there, too long, how many freaking bucks shorty no 16 and 17 or 16 – almost 18 Hey. Alright, the Hunts over everybody’s tagged out rough early turn down Camp Travis over there. Forget it Dave Rhodes. He knows how to run a broom. I said: Dave Rhodes knows how to run a broom. This is the this is the fun part after everybody’s killed. This is camp number, two ] or can’t be oh yeah. No, we were cafe. You can’t be see. If can’t be what I come over and help camp a fill tags. There might be backwards





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