Kenny’s First Shed! “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader Vlog Shed Hunting

First Shed

Negative 12 early morning, it’s cold negative 12. I might just watch from the car. I don’t like the cold. But, ladies, let me just show you this coat that I have here. It’s my first light coat. I’m not quite sure what the name is. Oh, it’s a sanctuary insulated jacket. This coat – I would I don’t know if they have it in solid colors, but literally I would buy a solid one just so I can wear it all. The time like it wear camo all the time too, but it’s all the color would go a little bit better if it’s dressed up. This is the absolute best coat I’ve ever had in all of my life. Absolutely it’s pretty warm. Would you agree yeah? I love my filling yeah.

It’s like a great big old snuggly bear hug. I love it. You should buy one. The best boys are with us. We got ten dogs back with us special girl, that’s okay, hey Dad Odin! That’s our kids right there! That guy right there is our kid he’s that weird one, that’s always like in the background. That’s that kid all right. I have 500 layers on, so it should be fairly warm. I will be moving very slow because I look like a marshmallow, but I’m warm.

So I can go all day long as long as I’m warm right Kenny. Yes, as long as you walk, radiated Jaden’s got a frickin windbreaker on. He should be once we get moving you it’s surprising, how much your body starts to adapt, but it’s just like getting out of the vehicle and going that’s a little bit of a struggle and as always, we’re waiting on yours who is putting his business. My bowtie and then before I’ll see my baby wipes, there’s nothing worse than frozen. Baby wipes scraping all right we’re head now. Okay, I just caught up with Joshua found another shed. I found this one way: nice, I’m pretty stoked right. Let’s go look some more [! Music ] down there, though Ron Kenny just found his first shed ever first shut second trip how you feel, oh god, I don’t want to break my phone like when I did so I’m trying to go a little slower. Did you find a satyr? Do you just find pieces of him? Oh, she found some bones and hell yeah man. You got this in a little coyote head and , hey! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you thanks. Thank you! No gusset three times what thank you. Thank God’s, the thing yeah one, two three! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There you go oh yeah.

Where should I take these a hundred yards from where we lost picked up Kenny’s other shed, but he just found another one. He is on a roll, don’t pick it up, we’ll take a picture of it. Is it a two pointer heck yeah that doesn’t know it’s actually pretty hard to walk in video, this good job man, good job huh, not deny guard little point at the basically outweigh its eye guard what they call it yeah pick that thing up nice dog. That’s not even like a hundred yards where he last picked up another word. It’s like right, there’s where we picked it up, so I mean this little this little thing. I hope, whatever you call it my house a minute heck, yeah man. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yesterday you had my camera and you still found them. I think you did you just lay them out for yourself. Is that what so? How many of you found then four there’s a rug. It’s probably going to come take. My line and still more sheds from me, it’s just gangster Chad now, and I also proved ah that guy over there as no eyes this hue arced right. This thing, where is that attaboy hey shut the shin? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Che is just hollering across the way he found a cool shed. So I figured we better go see how cool it is guys. I just found a good job. I know he’s really thank you. . We almost walked right past it. It’s going up on the mantel yeah, it’s about time that I found a decent shed today. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This could be he’s been tough today she can see I’m a little disheveled. I got 50 layers of clothes on because it was like 12 degree or actually minus 12. Today, yes, Thunder shed. Thank you notice right here, nice.

I just found four more sheds. I’m liking this little wash very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Well set. It looks like thank you. Thank you. Thank you, okay guys, so I was just walking down here in this wash and I noticed actually I just noticed all the fur or what will I guess is what you’d call that and then I saw the skull and he started to kind of scan around and There’s more over here whole frickin path way holy crap want any more skulls, but I would assume nuts at least two well, it’s interesting little National Geographic for y’all on the YouTube I’ll keep you posted. If I see any more cool stuff, alright, we made it back to the truck. Finally, they got cold cross Valley right here and then coming at us right now, snow storms, blowing in this store. This wind is just beating on us all day, but we all found sheds.

So it was a good day right there in the kiddies first sorry kiddies first ever shed and her big butt is covering him Big Momma. She getting ready to have a baby, oh yeah. I agree: oh my gosh, it’s bright. You want me to look in that. Just try to try to stare, sometimes spotlight and talk to in your hands right in the way. Did the kid I’m trying to freaking come on you’re , not amateur, all right. We decided. We are going to make a pit stop. There’s a camp out here of a whole bunch of people whole bunch homo just she had hunters, see how they did today, 1520 guys and word on the street. Actually we stopped there this morning. Certainly Ben was there. He left he might submit, but I think he was probably going home today. Yeah find out how they did yeah we’re going to see how they did today see if anybody picked up anything big or anybody got got into a whole bunch of elk deer.

What I think we ended with 1718 Kenny found his first antlers ever yeah Thompson, cool glass everybody found sheds. Yes, Jayden found the . It was cold as heck. Today, though, it was very cool. I did not love it just for the coldness, but that is great. I doing what I love yeah. All right. I got ta put my hand down it’s tired in this. I got ta see what I’m doing we just came out. The camper muley is killed. It], yeah, good stuff over here, chunkies it cool, set, the only oak shouldn’t care wasn’t round on this trip, mediocre fire cuz. You can freeze when the leave through this phone mashing in James back. This is my show. They said he found an idiot or do it it’s this one which Brown .



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