Kicking off our 2020 hunting season! Antler Trader

Hunting Season

What’s up guys long time, no see we are back at it, we’re heading down to utah right now, yep utah bound that guy’s got a tag that he wants to fill for a deer, yes and then uh. We also have two clans, two clients back-to-back country clients in ac in arizona, so I am going to just absolutely disconnect from everything and enjoy myself. I have been working really hard. We are actually leaving three days late, uh, which it is what it is. You got ta, do what you got. Ta do to live, but I was making all these signs and it didn’t take a lot of time a lot of time.

Thank you guys very much for everyone that has purchased one. I am up to, I think, like 30 35 signs that I’ve made and they’ve only been available for two months, so really really appreciate that support. That is what helps us get out and video and hunt and share it with you guys. I’ve been waiting for the moment where I can just exhale look at the mountains andjust really enjoy nature. How about you yeah me too, driving his new truck, so wetook a little hiatus last year, so this is technically the kickoff video to the new season yeah exactly so, we got ta figure out what we’re going to name, this series and this season, for You guys on youtube andwe’re going right back into shed hunting this year, hardcore we’re going to start traveling a little bit more.

As brit just said, I got a new truck, so we got something: that’s a little bit more dependable than the oldmazda. V4, it’s okay, so I was thinking about this last night andI loved having that small truck, because we could get into a lot of places on I mean on the roads, obviously, butwe could fit in more places. Off-Roading. It was awesome. It was an awesome little break to have for that, but then it comes with a small truck like you have to really limit what you bring um. As you guys all remember from episodes. Last year I was likesmashed up in the back of the cab sitting this way, so this will be way nicer. It has air conditioning. Did the mazza have air conditioning uh? No yeah it did it just didn’t work, it wasn’t uh. I was trying to make sure everything else worked. Yeah before I started working on luxury items, that’s luxury.

Actually, that’s a luxury. Excuse me air conditioning, more often than not really yeah andin the hot hot, 118 degree weather too. It’s not bad in idaho, but without it I don’t want to. I could it’s some it’s a great way to cleanse your cleanse yourself from sweating, yeah new trucks running good, justpretty much bought. I stole it because I had a check engine light on it and since I’m pretty knowledgeable with fords, iI knew what was wrong and I put a little money into it into the motor and now she runs great yeah and it is a really nice Truck like it’s uh, it’s in pretty good shape, there’s a couple things that are cosmetic, that need fixed, but I mean for the most part. He really got an awesome dough on this truck and it was just in time for us to upgrade to get started with the guiding and stuff our clients can fit a little better in here.

So, looking forward to the start of this season, everybody we are thankful to have you guys around andlook forward to sharing our adventures with you yeah, so we’re going to start off, killing big and then we’re going to start picking up big. So let’s start 20 20

Here we go we’re going to turn 20 20 around seriously. Somebody’s got ta, kill some deer with some coronavirus, we’ll see you guys soon.


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