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Learning The Hard Way

Which those were all bulls, very cool yeah to the top imma, do I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do it! You know I’ll treat you right, let me prove it and like it go

What’s up guys good morning here we go again. We are out exploring trying to just learn the country, learn the state and figure out where all these animals are and what they’re yeah. We have we’ve seen a lot we’re in a good spot, but we decided to move a little bit just to try to get away from the four-wheeler tracks and the boot tracks and hopefully get into some country that either deters people or that people can’t ride. So we’re going to go hit some steep stuff and some rocky stuff and see what we can come up with, not muscle yeah, Plus take it back into shape, shape yeah movin we’re in movin shape right now, yeah, that’s no kiddin! You think you just get ripped from doing that, lifting all that furniture yeah yeah, that’s about as good of shape anyways. Here we go we’re going to go shirt. Hunting today see you guys in a bit

Hi. What up guys we are on the board? We just hiked up a pretty nasty little face to try to get away from roads. We just got the top and I literally almost stepped. On top of this thing, I had to step back just like and get it in the video here, it’s a hard white and it’s a three-point. So that’s a good time. Maybe we just got out of everybody. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Goofy little eye guard on that button. Let’s find some newer years, often all right guys. Our little move looks like it’s starting to pay off sorry about that whole entering save. You found me a brownie. I can just see the the g3 and the bass sitting in this sagebrush right below me. It’s in the sage flip this around there, you guys again, Oh nice. Little for thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’ve got some character to him. Hopefully, this just means we’re going to get into a nice little pocket of brownies and hopefully turn something bigger.

So I found myself a little shed back so Wendy. So sorry for the sniffling I have found so many little dead babies all right guys we’re on our third. This is my first drop this mountain. We kid this mountain range we came up over the top. We got up on top drop down, cuz there’s a couple spots, we’re pretty sure. We’ve got some anyway, I glassed up down in the bottom. Here I clasp up a card. This looks like it could be a shed buck or a dead buck. Excuse me we’re not a hundred percent sure cuz the brush is real thick, so on my way looping around to it. I stopped and glossed across this draw and I can see a shed laying up in the bush here: [, Music ], all right, so we’re going to hike up there and grab a real, quick, my arms I’ll twist, the gift sorry looks like ol three-point. She wants to be chunky, though. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all right, so we’re just working down in the canyon where we found this one and I just spotted another little shed across on the other side, but the lower we get the more. This thing opens up, so it’s not it’s not as far as a walk, walk, eventually we’re going to sift through all these little guys and find something good,little micro, 3 chalky evening. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Take it and keep going all right seen a bit all right guys, we got another one go for key LeBron for key. Pretty much walked on top of him here, man we got to get in something bigger. I’m very grateful for the sheds that we’re finding but there’s got ta, be something good in here. I know this doesn’t get hit hard, it’s deep stuff. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We’Ll take it it’s already halfway up the mountain, we’re playing catch-up so see you guys in a bit yeah we got another one looks like a little boy, yeah a little baby. They really didn’t. Thank you. Thank you so Josh and I were just re discussing the way back to the truck, and I was like. Okay, I’m going to go down and he is going to go up and around and what would you know just walked up on a brown hand and these four it’s match the ground way better than the ones we’re used to. First, don’t get us chocolate little guy. Hey guys, we are back to the truck and what this our third trip out – yeah. Yes, our third trip, um, we we did awesome. What was your final count? I think I ended with six. I found three two Browns, though I really thought this place would pay out more. You yeah, I did a lot. I mean we’re obviously way away from the roads yeah.

We were so so far back there. It was thick country. My shins are had oh yeah my feet. It was a. It was a pretty strenuous hike. It was cool because we got to see so much new stuff lots of like little waterfalls and streams and creeks and we’re not used to that yeah awesome yeah where we go there, it’s just dry desert, you’re , lucky to find any standing water, okay, um. I want to know if any of you guys have some tips and tricks on the whole ticks thing yeah down south. I probably had 10 ticks on me yeah. We have never really had to do them at all, like I never even think about them. When we were down south and now it’s like yeah, we have to walk. So if you have any things or need to be that worried about it, somebody told us that Idaho’s ticks don’t have Lyme disease. I do not know that could be the most in the world to say yeah. I don’t know, I don’t know anything about ticks so anyways I switch. My arm is like done yeah. We are done. You’re , tired, it’s time to go home. We’re going to get up early tomorrow, we’re going out again tomorrow, new country going to go meet a friend and hit the hills so we’ll see. Oh, it’s been fun. Loving this country later



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