Let It Snow! Arizona Archery Vlog# 11

Let It Snow

This word gets on interesting when you decide to climb a hill with a rocky ledge covered in snow yeah, it’s just cold enough that when you breathe a little harder the burns right in the back your lungs a little bit yeah, it’s slippery my time good morning, Guys here we are on top of our Hill Glasson we’ve seen already seen quite a few deer this morning. The problem is, we haven’t, seen a lot of deer with big antlers on our heads. Yet a lot of DOS mostly does a couple little bucks. We got a good snow last night, as you can see, so it’s making picking stuff up really really easy. On top of it, we can, we can pretty much see everywhere. Everything’s walked in the trails through the snow um. It’s good looks like it’s going to , be super clear today, so it’s going to make it cold. I’m hoping my fingers are crossed thatwe got deer up coming off the mountain. We saw a co-op, Rhett whoa.

We saw something this morning in the headlights coming off the way we came in. We pretty much hugged the base of the mountain, just I was watching for tracks and stuff, but we saw something in the headlights. So I’m hoping that’s a sign that stuff’s moving off, but I have no idea what I’m talking about either. I just. I hope you guys believe that believe me korie’s over here. I’m on this side, cuz he’s right at first light, he’s the one who picked up deer first, I was over with KC covered that country, but I’ve never seen anything right at first light and I still haven’t heard from KC on the radio that he’s picked. Anything up so we’re going to sit here in glass until we find something to chase guys.

We just spent about an hour a little over an hour and a half up on top here. Glasson saw some deer didn’t pick up any of the Bucks that we’re looking for so instead of sitting up there freezing our butts off at this wind. This wind is bitter cold, it’s thirty, seven outside temperature. So with that wind, it’s got to be in the 20s. With the snow we say we’re going to take advantage of it. We don’t get it very often down here, so we’re going to go run some roads that run along the base of this big mountain and see. If we can’t pick up some tracks and some good mature buck tracks and if we can find one or two we might do a little follow see if we can find something here, we go okay, guys here we go afternoon, hunt nice! The snow has melted off. We still got a little bit and spots underneath trees, but for the most part, everything’s melted off. It’s warmed up a little bit this afternoon.

The winds picking up a little bit more than what it was earlier today but earlier this afternoon, but it’s supposed to pretty much be done and over with tonight, so the sun’s out. Hopefully we can start getting some of these deer out of the Woodworks and just keep hammering on them until we can get them to cooperate and stand still in one spot for us guys right. I agree he’s looking at like what are you talking about? Do you see told you they don’t the Colin Travis got another guide, HI guys, let’s see on top of our spot here holy crap guys. That was close.

So we are literally halfway up this hill and we stopped for a second to catch our breath for before. We made it up the rest of the way and we looked back down the hill and what 75 yards max yeah 75 yards max from the rover. Downwind is three dough’s and one of the Bucks we’ve been looking for. We shut the doors. Normally we talked while we were getting ready, they were just sitting there, feeding didn’t even didn’t even care. We just got a quarry into maybe 30 yards, maybe in the thick trees. If it wasn’t for the trees that deer would be dead, love it. I just it’s. Frustrating at the same time just never know just like that things change it’s still early. We still got plenty of light to wait on to glass in so we’re going to head up, we’ll probably be able to pick these deer back up down the canyon here.

So it’s a good way to start the afternoon. Huh! Well. Excuse me: I’ve been battling a cold on top of everything the past four days, but anyways. This wind is frigid frigid, cold right to the bone. We got deer all over the place. I mean we probably honestly got 60 deer scattered around we all set up in different locations on this hill. I can’t figure out where one of the Bucks was positive, with those we have over here on. The left was the group that he was he was in and he was rutting and now a big three by three that we’ve tried to kill two that we just tried to kill.

Actually it’s kind of mingling with them and he’s not chasing doe at all. He’s just hanging out and feeding he doesn’t doesn’t even care about him, but the big buck that was with them. It’s gone, I know he’s in the trees. I know the other big bucks in the trees. We haven’t spotted that little herd. Yet at all. I know this way: it’s played a big role in that it’s supposed to get windier here in you know till the Sun Goes Down and then like an hour after and then it’s supposed to mellow out so hopefully tomorrow it. It helps us out a little bit and these deer start running running around a little more in the open, where we can see them and put some stuff together. It’s still been a great day. We are still seeing deer.

We’ve put some stalks on it’s: just the big boys are holding up somewhere, it’s public land, I love it and it’s milder hunting and on top of it we’re milder hunting almost to the end of January . How does that get any better, but just so you guys know if you think you’re going to come down to Arizona on this late hunt just come down here with, knowing that it’s it’s not a gim me. It’s you’re , not going to you’re , not going to blast.

Deer left everything you need to come down here, just to have fun and be grateful that you get the archery hunt this late in the year in the West and really in some really cool, pretty country that a lot of you guys will never get. You know. Never experience country a lot of country like this in your home states or areas close because unless you live down this way, I’m talking more north, it’s just man, it’s awesome. It really is, and I’m loving, I’m loving – that we’re hunting this time here it used to be that this time of year, man, we were putting gear away and cleaning up and already dreaming about next year making plans. I have you started thinking about next year, yet we still got a couple weeks of hunting left.


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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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