Lots Of Velvet Bucks Strip Trip with Brit “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Lots Of Velvet Bucks

Can you hear that air conditioners working Vigoroth? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So we’re heading out to type all the cameras that we set up how I move about three weeks about three weeks ago. It was the video that, with major big, I think rue it like fifty three thousand views on it yeah, but in that video our air conditioning was not working, we probably still will keep it and I just on and off just because of how much gas I Use it, but it’s nice to have it there so on our way out taking a different route visiting yes ma’am on the freeway. She didn’t help me with the gas cans again either yeah. That’s funny that video! I was just telling you guys about that when, like major bidding, fifty five thousand whatever and some of the stuff that people say, I’m like you guys if you haven’t watched us, I totally get it. If you haven’t ever watched us before, then you probably don’t know my personality. You don’t know that I’m pretty much joking 90 % of the time and I’m a smartass and I’m sarcastic and I’m just trying to have fun. And I breath the out of him, we’ve been married for 18 years and we’ve been together for 21, so I have to entertain myself, I’m not picking on him.

You guys. Everybody seemed really worried about his ability to stand up for himself and thought that I was whining. I wasn’t whining, I was I was that’s just me, I’m joking, I’m kicking ahead and I didn’t pick up the gas. Can somebody totally razz me about that? If she’s not helping me it’s because I don’t want her help my OC exactly right, my OCD doesn’t allow it. I am very particular everything has of certain plays. I just yeah right. I just stand back and let him handle it because he usually just gets super frustrated with what I’m trying to do to help cuz I’m not about not helping like I’ll help. Just tell me what to do but, like I said, we’ve been married long enough that we kind of know each other’s quirks and what works them. So I just stay out of the way, I’m videoing the story and that’s my contribution. If he needs help, he will holler people say I need help nope, so we are going to do anything that we are capable of in any any of the scenarios you see. I said we’re not going to put ourselves in a situation we can’t handle. If you can’t handle it at home, I suggest don’t do it, so we are encouraging anybody to do anything out of their realm of capability. I don’t suggest anybody does anything that I do. I don’t either. He is one that [ Applause ]. That’s the very reason why we’re doing what we’re doing we’re pushing the limits live. It do my wheel up. Yes, we’re on the road we are head to. The funds. Yeah go find all the big velvet bugs hey he’s looking for the yeah hole in the tiger. That’s right! We got a flat tire.

It’s what time is that like 8:30, he doesn’t know now if it’s playing well, let’s go check. Oh feels so good up here, all right. What made you think I’m down too much? Okay! So if you gave yourself a flat than I I’m a little bit better at that, I should get what oh well isn’t that the first one you were doing it’s all well! Well, I should get my buying as that dude. A little bit of glass thing see if I could find some sheds, I think, we’re off to fabulous. We are always aware that this is going to be probably a reality, so we’re good. I got a new vinyl harness. I haven’t had any time to really check out all the new extra features and all that, but I will definitely be wearing it and checking it out. So I can tell you guys about it all right, so Steve find some sheds, I wouldn’t be mad. This is actually some pretty good sit on glass. Ok, wait! Am I holding this strap right here. Everybody please witness! I am helping right now, got it.

Okay, I’m still hoping everybody good job, my good helper, oh yay, canal, yeah! Well, I’m not holding any more, but here we go. I probably was this video in just dark dark places. Your shoes have reflectors. Safety first got his reflectors on and I have no reflective on. I really like this little truck doing a good job. I know cuz really careful there bro, really we haven’t done anything yet to it fix like a couple minor things so that it could just run, but we haven’t like got any of the cosmetic things we want to do Ryan, my name and it’s just hard for Me to even share that say it like to verbalize. I feel that I can they’re decent, but not like youngsters, no just like they’re , headed on their way to be strip big. Okay, these are the dumbest pounds. I’ve ever seen. This is running straight vehicle. We were right up on their tails and they just keep running now. I can’t see him, let’s see if they’ll get out of the road, if they’re messing with us yo come on guys you’re getting really far away from the herd. Oh now we got banks they’re teenagers and like yeah, like landlords, is one of them that they brought up like if you decided my money yeah. The video, the Turk bouncing. So excuse me the best footage, but these roads are wild. They are so torn up. I’m going to hate to have been over here when the mountains.

Honestly, the water came down this. We must be the first ones up there, yeah that’s what I was saying. I bet a wheeler could get past it. , [, Music, ]. It’s like the people is like anyway, to keep these animal life or also the ones who want to shoot getting a drink, you’re good size back from bucks, big frame he’s just crabby: oh yeah, a good friend yeah. She was in the habit all right, hi, guys it’s about 3:30. In the morning we are stopping from running cameras, we’re going to get some sleep got Britt set up and her canvas cutter. My Kim is good right here, I’m falling into bed right now, yeah, I’m ready to be comfy. I’m tired me too, and I was driving now, I’m just kidding. Yeah go to bed, see you guys tomorrow, good morning, it’s beautiful today in the neighborhood a little bit that that’s what happens when you don’t go to sleep till 4:00 o’clock. We were pounding them out. How many did we get done? Do we got a lot of cameras, then, on the way down and now Josh looks like his claiming his territory who’s all staying right here, just you and Travis missplanit. This is where tisha in them are coming yeah all right, so don’t warm rolling in some thunder. Be quiet if you can hear it therapeutic, we were just talking about how just being out here on the strip is therapeutic. Like you do. I definitely work through some stuff when I’m out here, because you’re sitting and the vehicle first excuse me I’m talking you’re sitting in the vehicle just with a quiet, mind, time to think and yeah you do you process some stuff. That’s also why I like shed hunting.

So much is it’s a time where it’s quiet, there’s nobody around you there’s nobody for miles around you! It’s just you and working through stuff that you’re going through whatever it May be good or bad you. We got alright check-in that you camera really quick and we are listening to podcast getting our brain, smarter. Listening to Joe Rogan right now, with the Obon trying to stay right. Yeah, where you got yeah, see he’s telling me bring it on back girl, bring it on back you’re getting too far really hard time or self-control want Matt. Do you that’s a good question? I have that question. Do you like stay close if you’re out shut hunting with a buddy, or do you guys stay close? You go the exact opposite way: stay within a few yards, a hundred yards to be able to still see each other and yell back and forth. And I guess it depends on where you’re at to the area and how how far you can really get from each other, but I like to have my space time. You go back, you got him. Why do you think ?

What does happen so you show your phone off after holding that for 20 minutes waiting and this big old, long bolt of lightning just come down split. Stayed there lighting up for like ever. Thank you I just like it was still dinging the shut off. You know you got occasion a good videographer, just never stops videoing look at the dumb cow speaking lost all Trina God, and look to see cow get bored you’re like [, Music, ] hi, guys we are on the second night. It’s been a long day, it’s been a training day, just driving and doing with these bumpy roads and changing out SD cards. We are 3/4 of the way done will be done by the probably late afternoon tomorrow, so productive day, very very productive day. Anyways got camp number to set up figured I’d. Try to show you guys how we got it. All setup got cams cutters out on top of cars, nice, quick, simple, easy!

That’s what I love about these things hundred percent waterproof and will sleep good, no matter what the weather does and it’s that fast campus setup BAM get in bed, go to sleep, wake up morning; pack, it up just as fast get on the road good morning, guys. Alright, they stood done packing everything up, loaded up dumped about 10 gallons of fuel on the truck and Brits making us some breakfast sandwiches right now: peanut butter and honey for breakfast deliciousness. What do you got? First babe I like excessive amounts, especially with my peanut butter. Yes, it’s my favorite. I love honey. That’s so two things that go great together,my bread. I was too much to lick. Well, it’s not too much. That’s not what I meant. That’s peanut butter! Oh there’s, there’s more! Okay, good, find any sheds! It’s a roast! Beef, that’s roast beef. Oh, I thought it was ham not into them. So is it just mushed up like? What’s in it? Just a rose be good the gate, it’s so hot. So hot yes, Barry hands too



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