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Man survives after paragliding into 240k volt power lines

They have to shut that power up. There’s a glass bottle over there by the way, that’s crazy. I can’t even imagine being the one that like got hooked up in that you go on a fricken. Oh my god. This video is going to be soon what? If someone was freaking in that like right now, don’t even think to have phone service, but really they have somebody monitoring them. I witnessed a home right. You’re handling this, like a hundred percent better than me why I oughta, and you can see my hands. I am shaking like a leaf. I’ve never shook like this before my life whoa.

We just came around this corner and we saw freaking what looked like a parachute or a chute plane or something wrapped in the electrical lines, and I was totally chill about my first thought was whether balloon when I very first I thought weather balloon just because the Shape of I knew I could see the parachute and the course, but the shape of what it was underneath. Yeah we’ve had a lot of the weather balloons before I could totally see how you thought that, but when we got closer then we started saying. Is that a shoe plane because of the design of everything – and I pretty much just put my by nose on it – and I said that looks like somebody’s armed babe and so we got in the truck and we moved to a better spot to get closer.

And there is a guy like a big bag or something I don’t know what he’s in his face coming through that fridge to the left y’all. I have never seen anything like this got me freaked out, so what we did is we drove a one-way and then we had to turn back around because we couldn’t get close enough to really decide. Is that a really a person in there – and we didn’t hear anything we weren’t close enough, so we went back down the road and drove up and we don’t have the cell service, so we were driving to get serviced and this is a super rocky road. Luckily, the guys got first response, GPS, locater, and so he said he just sent out a message emergency that he’s stuck in power line. So he wanted to be Alison. What he wanted me to do.

He said just drive self until we find something to try to guide them in the right direction so know about where we are. I do, oh, I’m so glad actually yeah, because you’ve hunted. I grew up in this area. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, like my heart, is seriously just on the tread lake. I have never seen anything like that and I was terrified that he was going to be dead. That’s what I was like. I cannot see a person like I just don’t even know. I don’t know so scary, but he’s like totally keeping in school, so he’s like a seasoned jumper he’s by himself. He has to be he’s a he’s, not somebody that just paid for a jump like that guy’s doing something like smokejumper he’s, not there’s no reason for anybody to jump. Nobody nobody’s paying to jump out here. Therefore, this guy’s wildlands or or so I don’t know, there’s something he’s doing or it’s just this hobby well, his wife is going to change.

A hobby did some shed hunting you’re safer during write that probably the weirdest thing you’ve ever found out in the medicine yeah. Pretty sure that’s gon, na top our list ruin, have a story to tell yeah that that in itself really helped me calm down. Obviously we’re not going to sleep something hanging. It’s like. Oh yeah. We got stuff going on sorry, you’d, literally laughed and Pagan. We did leave them hanging, though, but we’re coming back: [, Music ] rose just hanging in there. He is going to have a lot to be grateful for city with cutting himself down. What did he say?

He was really hurt, he was getting shocked, so he started cutting himself down and he’s really high. It stopped so he quit cutting, but he said he’s a third of the way through one of his campus board Jing. So he’s just hanging like he’s already taken one of his lifelines away himself: wow, that’s terrifying! So what do you think was making it? Why was he getting shocked cuz? He was using his knife, just cuz the while he was swinging so he’s good. Did he say like I, how would it shock him? It seems like it was like zoom through his body like fry. If it wouldn’t be just a light, little shock, maybe it landing can explain this to us.

Yeah I’ll have to ask him I’ll. Do a little interview with the professional to finish this up all right back to our a date night and putting some gratitude out there. I said a very deep prayer standing out those kind of surreal watching somebody like dang bowling literally, he could drop at any minute. His shoe is sprayed on the top and they weren’t sure how many layers are really holding it up there and he was moving around a lot of like dude hold still every time you move. Your weight is bouncing on those game.

Sure you’re uncomfortable but like totally freaking us down on the ground power, but he was literally going to just let himself hit figure out and if he fell from that, I highly doubt that’s a long way and it’s all rock the ground. There’s raw God has a plan for him and we wish you the best. Maybe he’ll see this video yep god you’re , okay, God you made it definitely put some spice in the evening . Oh, that is sofreaking pretty. I always am like nothing. Can top the beauty of this place, or that like there are so many one-of-a-kind places that my eyes have seen on this earth that each are like so beautiful in their own way, like it’s hard to rank anything because everything has its that’s freaking gorgeous like how Beautiful and so many people don’t get to see anything like that in their lifetime. I personally could not.

I fill it if I haven’t been in the hills for a little while I’ve been working and stuff and I’ve been doing it a lot lately. I can totally feel it in my mood and my spirit and just everything in a lot better mood. If I have been able, I wonder how many other people really? How could you not your heart, is singing and happy being out in this there’s some raspberries: are they just the others, still immature dude? Well, there’s a spot. There’s thousands of them Grayden would be trippin out. Yeah ELQ track is a swimming pool too. Then you look at guys they just caught me a little Bowl chopped a nice bull, try to come here, stud fish title in the play: heck yeah,


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